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Best Jackson Guitars 2024

You’ve probably seen or heard of Jackson guitars if you enjoy hard rock and metal music. They have been utilised by everyone from Randy Rhoads to Megadeth to create devastating riffs and lofty solos. Perhaps you’ve been considering Jackson highly if you’ve been wanting to get an electric guitar. Well, you’re where you need to be. We’ll examine the top 10 Jackson guitars available right now in our thorough evaluation and buyer’s guide. We’ll look at Jackson guitars for every taste and price range and assist you in selecting the right instrument.

Grover Jackson founded Jackson Guitars in 1980. In the late 1970s, Jackson acquired a portion of the ownership of Charvel’s, a California-based company that makes and repairs guitars. Randy Rhoades, a local guitarist, approached Jackson about creating him a signature guitar, which is how Jackson Guitars was established. The Concorde, a novel interpretation of the Gibson Flying V design, was the outcome. Grover Jackson chose to market this guitar under his own brand rather than the Strat-like guitars Charvel was producing since it was so distinctive from those instruments.

Jackson then continued to create novel designs that hard rock shredders coveted throughout the 1980s. Jackson guitars are made to stand out in a crowd, from the angular headstock to the slim, streamlined body shape. Although the Jackson brand was later sold, it is still producing guitars in California as well as more affordable models in China and Indonesia.

Jackson Pro Series Soloist SL2Q MAH Electric Guitar

Jackson Pro Series Soloist SL2Q MAH Electric...
  • Solidbody Electric Guitar with Mahogany Body
  • 2 Humbucking Pickups - Transparent Purple
  • Ebony Fingerboard

The Pro Soloist SL2Q MAH is a pro-level instrument that is yet fairly priced if you have a little extra money to spend. The Pro Soloist SL2Q MAH features a great tone base thanks to its patchwork maple top and warm mahogany body. Additionally, you will stand out from the crowd because to the clear purple gloss finish and gold hardware!

The maple neck on the Pro Soloist SL2Q MAH is likewise one piece across the body, which is ideal for solidity and sustain. The 12- to 16-inch compound radius ebony fingerboard allows for simple playability around the neck.

A set of Seymour Duncan Distortion humbuckers will provide the hot-rodded rock tone you’re looking for. For lots of crunch, clarity, and sustain, these high-output “buckers” are ideal. You can get Les Paul-style tone and control in a Strat-style body thanks to a 3-way switch and master tone/volume knobs. Another feature of the Pro Soloist SL2Q MAH is a Floyd Rose 1000 series Double Locking Tremolo system. You won’t have to worry about singing out of tune while you dive-bomb and squeal to your heart’s content.

For guitarists looking for an affordable, dependable gigging guitar, the Pro Soloist SL2Q MAH is a perfect option. The Duncan Distortion pickups will pique certain ears, while the purple and gold aesthetic is guaranteed to draw attention. You can’t go wrong if you’re looking for an electric guitar in the Jackson style for under $1,000. This is the Best Jackson Guitar in 2024.

Jackson USA Select Randy Rhoads RR1

If money is no object and you’re a Randy Rhoads fan, you’ve got to check out Jackson’s USA Select Randy Rhoads RR1. The Randy Rhoads RR1 is based on the original Jackson guitar’s first design. The late, great Randy Rhoads, who contributed to the first two legendary Ozzy Osbourne albums, had it constructed for him. However, other notable musicians, such as Marty Friedman of Megadeth and Kirk Hammett of Metallica, have developed a love for the guitar.

The Randy Rhoads RR1’s incredibly distinctive appearance will catch your attention right away. It’s a more severe variation of the Flying V shape, therefore purists of jazz and blues might not prefer it. This guitar’s all-black finish and black hardware confirm that it is made of metal, and Jackson’s distinctive shark fin inlays and angular headstock complete the now-iconic appearance.

The Randy Rhoads RR1 stands out mostly because to its premium components rather than just its aesthetic appeal. A neck-through quartersawn maple neck is attached to an alder body to produce a very sturdy foundation. An ebony fingerboard with a compound radius makes playing easy and quick. Premium Seymour Duncan pickups are also used on the Randy Rhoads RR1, including a Jazz SH2N in the neck and a JB TB4 humbucker in the bridge. To maintain the highest level of quality in the electronics, CTS pots and switchcraft switches are also utilised.

If you’re really serious about your art and don’t mind paying a premium price for a premium instrument, this would be a terrific guitar to buy. Lovers of old metal in general, as well as those who are fans of Randy Rhoads, will undoubtedly adore this guitar. There are no rules, and if you can buy this instrument, you can afford to do whatever you want, even though I wouldn’t expect to see it at a blues jam!

Jackson Dinky Arch Top JS22 DKA

Jackson JS Series Dinky Arch Top JS22 DKA - Satin...
  • JS Series Solidbody Electric Guitar with Arched Basswood Body
  • Bound Amaranth Fingerboard
  • Tremolo - Satin Black

Are you just getting into electric guitar and searching for a reasonably priced, comfortable instrument? You may want the Jackson Dinky JS22. Lightweight arched basswood poplar is used in the body and maple in the neck of the Dinky JS22. The arching appearance is unmistakably distinctive and exudes a lethal attitude.

The compound-radius fretboard of the Dinky JS22 is one of its best features. This translates to a rounder fingerboard for better rhythm playing as you get closer to the nut. The radius flattens out as you move up to solo on higher frets, enabling greater bends and faster runs. Additionally, the jumbo frets let you get down deep.

The high-output humbucker pickups on the Dinky JS22 are yet another fantastic feature. Aggressive, contemporary hard rock styles are ideal for Jackson’s specially made ceramic humbuckers. A 2-point tremolo system is also included for dive bombs and whammy bar effects. Die-cast tuners round out the set.

A beginner who wants to play hard rock styles with an electric guitar will do well with the Dinky JS22. It is quite reasonably priced at less than $200, and the compound-radius fingerboard makes it easy to play all the way up and down the neck. Its arresting appearance is ideal for the theatre.

Jackson SLX Soloist X Series Electric Guitar

Jackson Soloist SLX X Series Electric Guitar -...
  • Series: X Series
  • Body Shape: Soloist
  • Body Wood: Basswood

The X Series Soloist SL5X might be for you if you’re searching for a reliable, all-purpose guitar that embodies many of the qualities that make Jackson guitars excellent. The SL5X has a poplar body and through-body maple neck for a streamlined appearance. Both Blue Burst and Purple Burst are available in the gloss finish. For further strength, the neck also has a scarf joint headstock and graphite reinforcing.

A compound radius laurel fingerboard is used on the Soloist to ensure consistent playability across the neck. The 24 jumbo frets and shark fin inlays give the Jackson guitar its distinctive design, and they are ideal for quick runs and wide bends. Additionally, the SL5X is the first Jackson guitar with an HSH pickup arrangement. With this special setup, you get a middle pickup called the HR-101M Hot Rails in addition to a pair of Seymour Duncan HB-103 humbuckers in the neck and bridge positions. You may dial in a wide selection of tones with a 5-way selector switch.

The Floyd Rose Special double-locking tremolo bridge system, which offers improved string stability and unique whammy bar effects, is another fascinating feature of the Soloist. The distinctive pointy headstock comes fitted with die-cast black tuners.

For someone looking for a flexible Jackson guitar at a reasonable price, the X Series Soloist SL5X is the ideal instrument. For less than $700, you can receive a Floyd Rose, a strong through-body neck with a compound-radius fingerboard for excellent playability, and a range of tones from the HSH pickup configuration. The Soloist is our Editor’s Pick thanks to all of these qualities combined!

Jackson Pro Series Soloist SL7P HT Northern Lights

Jackson Pro Series Soloist SL7P HT - Northern...
  • 7-string Solidbody Electric Guitar with Mahogany Body
  • 2 Humbucking Pickups - Northern Lights
  • Ebony Fingerboard

The Pro Series Soloist SL7P is a 7-string guitar that will light up the stage.The SL7P has a magnificent “Northern Lights” finish on its mahogany body, which is topped with a poplar burl. This purple and blue colour scheme has a distinctive appearance. The maple narrow “U” neck has a through-body construction that is excellent for sustain.

Any 7-string instrument must be easy to play due to the added string’s longer neck. The ebony fingerboard of the SL7P has a compound-radius to account for that. This provides you more space for rapid runs higher up the fretboard and makes low-register chords more comfortable. The SL7P has two Duncan Designed Distortion pickups as its pickups. These humbuckers are capable of playing everything from gritty chords and riffs to glassy cleans.

The SL7P’s HT7 string-through hardtail bridge is another amazing feature. Tuning stability and excellent sustain are guaranteed by this style of bridge. Piranha tooth inlays and a reverse pointed headstock are two additional unique additions.

For someone searching for a high-quality 7-string around $1,000, the SL7P would make a fantastic guitar. It is undoubtedly road-worthy, and the distinctive finish will look awesome on stage. It has the trademark Jackson sound in a 7-string package.