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Best Strat Bridges 2024

There are numerous companies competing to create the finest strat bridge. As a result, if you need a new bridge, you have a lot of options. The Fender Stratocaster is a well-known electric guitar model that gained popularity in the early 1900s. The excellent design gives customers more control over vibratos and other wicked riffs. Other makers built the same design bodies in response to public demand, kicking off the rise of electric guitar Superstrats.

The Fender Stratocaster has a unique body form that has set the standard for future electric guitars. It’s the first guitar that doesn’t look like an acoustic guitar, which is why its design is so legendary. The success of the release led to the trademarking of the phrases ‘Stratocaster’ and ‘Strat’ by the firm, with similar guitars being referred to as ‘S-Type’ or ‘ST-Type’ guitars.

It’s not always easy to take proper care of your fender standard stratocaster. Our days can start and end badly, and before you know it, your drums aren’t tight enough, your strings have shattered, and your bridge has broken. It’s a sad fact that all musicians must face, even the most conscientious who treat their instrument as if it were their newborn child.

Floyd Rose Rail Tail Tremolo – Narrow (Chrome)

Floyd Rose 711-1409A Rail Tail Tremolo - Narrow...
  • Narrow 2 1/16" (modern) string spacing. Fits Strat Style Guitars with 6...
  • Full contact, dive-only tremolo designed to retrofit your existing...
  • Computer designed and precision-machined

If you want to stay in tune for a long period, this bridge is a good option. When compared to other bridges, you can sustain it for a significantly longer amount of time, making it a great find and selection. If you’re searching for a hardtail bridge, this is the one to get. Floyd Rose’s latest design is the Rail Tail. Many players have fallen in love with the traditional Floyd Rose system over the years, but installing one on your guitar necessitates a lot of routing and drilling, which many of us are hesitant to accomplish.

Floyd Rose came up with the Rail Tail as a solution to this problem. Simply screw the fulcrum into your six-screw strat and place the bridge on top of it. This bridge has a lot of advantages, including the fact that it doesn’t have any wear and tear after years of use because it doesn’t have knife edges.

It also allows you to upgrade Strats with a six-screw bridge system without having to fill in the screw holes, which is required when installing a Wilkinson unit. One disadvantage of this bridge is that it must rest flat on the body, preventing it from being set up to float.

Fender American Series Stratocaster Tremolo Bridge Assembly

Fender American Series Stratocaster Tremolo Bridge...
  • Two heavy-duty pivot screws let you do vibrato work, with solid steel...
  • Set of six powder-coated steel block saddles with off-center intonation...
  • Includes mounting hardware, adjustment wrenches and tremolo arm with white...

This bridge assembly is available as a single unit, and it’s a significant increase over what you’ve got if it’s from the Standard Strat range. The entire item is built of exquisite steel and feels far superior to cheaper alternatives. It’s also always on the Fender website’s stock.

Everything in this kit is steel, and it seems a lot heavier than the cheaper bridges. The tremolo bar’s two hefty pivot screws make it far more durable and less likely to create tuning troubles. This is comparable (and in some cases identical) to the versions used in many of Fender’s most expensive guitars, the American Stratocasters. This bridge update is expected to be a major improvement in overall quality for any guitar in the Standard Strat line or lower.

You’ll see that instead of the six-screw vintage style configuration, this bridge has two larger screws going into bushings. If you’re switching from an existing two-point pivot bridge to this one, this is the best scenario. To put it another way, it’s a one-for-one boost. It’s a two-point game.

Wilkinson Vintage Steel Saddles Guitar Tremolo Bridge with Full Solid Steel Block

Wilkinson WVC-SB 54mm 6-Hole Vintage Steel Saddles...
  • It fits American vintage Strat like Vintage Reissue, Custom Shop Vintage,...
  • String spacing is 10.8mm, totally 54mm (2-1/8 "), Six mounting screws hole...
  • Genuine Wilkinson parts, made in Korea and distributed by Musiclily....

The Wilkinson six-screw bridge stands out among the competition by giving players with a bridge that feels robust, sounds excellent, and, most importantly, stays in tune. A solid steel tone block, a chrome-plated baseplate, and bent steel saddles make up the T-WVCS-C. This allows for better vibration transfer, resulting in a more solid-sounding tone.

The pop-in whammy bar is another major selling feature for this amazing bridge. You have to screw in the arm on a stock Fender bridge, which means you don’t have perfect control over the tightness of the arm, and it usually wiggles around in the arm socket. The Wilkinson bridge eliminates this problem by allowing you to tighten the arm with a grub screw in the tone block’s back. Simply insert the arm and tighten the screw until the arm feels comfortable when moved around. It’s also our value recommendation for individuals on a tight budget due to its inexpensive pricing.

The Wilkinson T-WVCS-C is another fantastic find, a finely built solid steel bridge that sounds great and remains in tune. This bridge, unlike others, has a pop-in bar. With a grub screw, you can easily fasten the arm to it. Simply adjust the arm’s tightness and feel until you’re satisfied with the result.

Hipshot US Contour Tremolo Guitar Bridge

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Hipshot has a lengthy history in the aftermarket parts industry. Their machine heads and bridges are well-known for their durability. Given the abundance of two-point strat bridges available, one might question what sets the Hipshot US Contour unique.

The US Contour bridge addresses the issue of knife edge wear and tear by using only one knife edge on the low E-string side and two locator pins where the high E string is.

The locating pins keep the bridge from sliding side to side, which reduces wear on the knife-edge, and the knife-edge continues to function as expected. This means that after hours of heavy use, this bridge is less likely to require repair. This bridge is great for the player who wants something current and sturdy, but doesn’t need a longer setup than the Vega-Trem.

Callaham Vintage S Model Strat Bridge Assembly

We’ve had to tweak our guitars to get near to the mojo of a vintage instrument because many vintage guitars are out of reach for us mere mortals. When it comes to replicating antique strat bridges, Callaham has long been the industry standard. Their bridges are made of top-grade steel, which produces a fantastic tone. Because all bridges are hand-inspected for flaws, the chances of receiving a faulty bridge are extremely slim. One of the bridge’s drawbacks, in my opinion, is the screw-in whammy bar, but that is to be anticipated from a true vintage replica.

This strat bridge is for you if you need anything for older guitars. When it comes to replicating ancient, vintage items, Callaham takes their time, hand-checking for the tiniest hint of flaws—perfect for your guitar. Because it’s composed of steel, it’s tough and durable, so you won’t have to replace it anytime soon.

Babicz Full Contact Hardware FCH Z Series 6 Hole Strat Tremolo

Babicz Full Contact Hardware FCH Z Series 6 Hole...
  • Patented eCAM saddle technology
  • Z-Series single saddle lock screw design
  • Individual string height adjustment

It’s as simple as removing the old tremolo and screwing in the new one to install this Babicz tremolo. The saddles are adjustable, allowing you to better manage string height than a traditional bridge. As an added bonus, this bridge boosts the sustain and adds some brightness to the sound.

This bridge will not only be very adaptable, but it will also stand the test of time. It keeps everything in good working order and, once installed, requires no further maintenance. You might receive a lemon, which will require some extra labour to install, but aside from that, this is a great bridge for anyone wishing to upgrade from the normal Stratocaster bridge.