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Best Heart Rate Headphones 2024

Your workout might benefit from music in a variety of ways. Among other things, it can energize you, divert your attention from exercise-related suffering, and control your tempo or body rhythm. Given this, it is not unexpected that demand for sports headphones has grown significantly over time. The need for more features also continues to grow.

Brands quickly created heart rate monitor headphones. By enabling users to check their heart rate through their earpiece, they combine the greatest features of both smartwatches and sports headphones. It’s crucial to keep an eye on your heart rate, especially when exercising. This makes sure that you aren’t exerting yourself too much and risking injury. Additionally, monitors will greatly assist in ensuring that you are meeting your goals if you need to exercise.

But when more companies start using heart rate monitors, it gets harder to pick the optimum model. You should take note of a number of important considerations and inquiries to aid in your decision-making.

Jabra Elite Sport True Wireless Waterproof Fitness & Running Earbuds

Jabra Elite Sport Earbuds – Waterproof Fitness &...
  • Note : If the size of the earbud tips does not match the size of your ear...
  • True wireless earbuds – Jabra Elite Sport earbuds offer superior sound...
  • Secure custom fit – Enjoy custom-fitting workout earbuds thanks to the 3...

One of the more well-known sports headphones on the market right now are the Jabra Elite Sport Earbuds. It has a full range of features in addition to additional exclusive Jabra-developed capabilities. These headphones, like the Vi Sense, are powered by a robust and helpful app.

These TWS earbuds contain a heart rate sensor on each one, and they can voice-announce real-time cardiac alerts or send them via the app. At 4-5 hours, the battery life leaves much to be desired, but the charging case more than makes up for it. The highest rated item on this list, it has an IP67 rating. The greatest grade for dust resistance that a device may receive is 6. On the other hand, it can be submerged for 30 minutes in water up to 1 meter deep thanks to its water resistance rating of 7. The item comes with a 3-year warranty against sweat damage, which gives us a sense of how confident Jabra is in their offering.

In addition to all of those, the Jabra Elite Sport is loaded with intelligent features via the Jabra Sport Life App. It contains functions like activity analysis, pace calculator, automatic repetition counting, and personal coaching, to name a few. This strong app is quite beneficial.

These are the Jabra Sport Pulse’s replacements. The Elite Sport is superior to the other in terms of IP rating and has more of the unique features we highlighted, including the auto rep counts. With the Elite Sport, Jabra eliminated the cords as well and included a charging case to extend battery life.

The durability is the sole weak spot in its defense. The device itself appears to be a touch more brittle than we’d like, despite the astounding IP rating. Numerous individuals have already criticized them for doing this. Despite that, these sports headphones from a well-known fantastic brand are excellent. This is the Best Heart Rate Headphones in 2023.

Bose SoundSport Pulse Wireless

Bose SoundSport Pulse Wireless Headphones, Power...
  • Built in heart rate sensor makes it easy to track your performance....
  • Bluetooth and NFC pairing so you can connect to your devices wirelessly
  • StayHear and Pulse tips provide a secure and stable fit for your most...

The Bose SoundSport Pulse has received favorable reviews for its performance and longevity. The AmazFit PowerBuds are simply superior in some ways, but these headphones pretty much feature everything you could ask for in a pair of heart rate monitors.

In the audio sector, Bose has long been recognized as a household name and is well-known for its headphones and automotive audio systems. Since the introduction of their first in-ear headphones in 2006, Bose has joined the market for sport headphones, and many customers are drawn to their products because of the higher sound quality they provide while exercising.

In-line controls are located on the neckband of the NFC-capable SoundSport in-ear headphones. This makes it possible for users to access specific features without having to unlock their phones, which is incredibly practical for heart rate sensors. Additionally, it has StayHear+ ear tips, which keep the earbuds in place and improve heart rate readings because they are sweat- and weather-resistant sport ear tips.

SoundSport just has a shorter IP certification and battery life than the PowerBuds. The battery life of the headphones is 5 to 6 hours, which is still not too bad. While PowerBuds’ IP55 rating is one notch higher than its IPX4 classification. The gadget has not been tested for dust resistance, as shown by the X next to IPX4. The device can survive splashes for 5 minutes if it has a rating of 4, on the other hand.

Given that Bose Connect is the company’s own app, it should go without saying that the SoundSport pairs with it the best via bluetooth connection. However, the fact that it is also compatible with other fitness applications is one of its main advantages over PowerBuds and other gadgets. To be more exact, you can use MapMyRun, RunKeeper, and Runtastic to use SoundSport to track your heart rate.

The Bose SoundSport has excellent build quality and sound, but some people may find the short battery life and low IP rating to be deal breakers. Additionally, the absence of speech notifications for your heart rate is a negative. Additionally, the fact that they are nearly twice as expensive as the AmazFit PowerBuds does not help. But this would be the best option if those factors weren’t there. This is the Best Heart Rate Earbuds in 2023.

Philips ActionFit SN503

PHILIPS ActionFit SN503 Wireless Bluetooth...
  • IPX5 waterproof. Waterproof and sweat-proof. Sweat hard, train in the rain,...
  • Heart-rate monitor built in. A sensor in the earbud tracks your heartbeat...
  • Soft rubberized wing tips. Secure and comfortable fit no matter how hard...

One of the most well-known audio brands is Philips. A company with such a reputation might be expected to have products that are mutually exclusive. Given that, it comes as a bit of a surprise that the ActionFit SN503’s greatest perk is its app compatibility.

The right earpiece of the headphones has a heart rate sensor, and you may use them right now with almost any fitness app of your choice. Top fitness applications like Strava and Runkeeper are also included, in addition to the Philips Headphones Applications. Additionally, you can obtain real-time alerts with a click if you require any stats updates while exercising.

In addition, the ActionFit SN503 has a respectable selection of functions. It may be used for 6 hours and charges completely in just 2 hours. It has the same IPX5 classification as the AmazFit PowerBuds, making it equally water-resistant.

These headphones are the Philips ActionFit SHQ6500’s replacements. Philips was able to increase the IPX2 durability and the 4.5-hour battery life with the SH503. While this version now supports Bluetooth 5.0, the preceding still only has Bluetooth 4.0.

Philips, who are proponents of high-quality audio, have also added 12.2 neodymium drivers for sharper middle and deeper bass. Apart than that, there isn’t anything that distinguishes these headphones from the competition. Despite this, we can still claim that Philips did a great job designing headphones for the general public. This is the Best Headphones for Heart Rate in 2023.

Amazfit PowerBuds True Wireless Earbuds

Amazfit PowerBuds True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds...
  • LISTEN TO YOUR BODY: Amazfit PowerBuds wireless Bluetooth earbuds are...
  • QUICK AUTO-PAIRING & IN-EAR DETECTION: It can automatically connect after...

The AmazFit PowerBuds are a versatile pair of headphones that do it all and then some. You simply cannot go wrong with this since it was created by one of the leading experts in sports wearables.

The Motion Beat Mode on these headphones is a special function. By boosting the bass, Azamfit’s feature enables customers to get the most out of their music while working out. Additionally, it has a Thru Mode that improves alertness, which is crucial for runners and joggers. The right earbud of the AmazFit PowerBuds houses the heart rate sensor. The earphones will alert you verbally and the app will also alert you when your heart rate rises a little too much.

Speaking of the app, you can set a specific heart rate, space, time, and other exercise warnings on AmazFit’s companion app to help you keep track of your activities. The PowerBuds have one of the longest battery lives on this list at 8 hours. Additionally, it boasts quick charging, which may provide three hours of playback after only 15 minutes of plug-in time. Additionally, the charging case for the earbuds can extend their battery life by an additional 24 hours.

These earphones also offer wearing detection and dual microphone noise reduction to improve communication in case you’re still unimpressed. In order to ensure the PPG measures accurately, it also comes with magnetic sport ear hooks that you may wear for increased stability.

Only the AmazFit app can use the AmazFit PowerBuds. Apart from that, this fantastic product doesn’t appear to have any other significant flaws.