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Best Erhus for Beginners 2024

Due to the captivating melodic tones the Erhu, a native of China, can produce with only two strings, has become one of the most well-known instruments in the world. This musical instrument, which was originally constructed of snake skin, is now sold in a variety of styles, confusing purchasers as to which one is best beginner erhu to purchase.

WuYue Entry Level Brown Tracery Erhu

WuYue Chinese 2 Strings Violin Traditional...
  • ✔ BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: This Erhu is made of selected material: Whitewood,...
  • ✔ PATENTED PHONEME MARKS: There are marks on the neck to help people find...
  • ✔ TRADITIONAL CHINESE INSTRUMENT: The erhu is a national symbol of...

Having an erhu on hand is incredibly vital for anyone interested in Chinese music because it is an integral part of Chinese orchestras and ensembles. In a similar spirit, this WuYue erhu is an excellent alternative for beginning musicians. This erhu comes in a basic style, with one option including a carrying bag. You will, however, have to pay an additional fee for a carry bag. The erhu comes in a brown tracery tint that is quite attractive.

The erhu is made of whitewood, which ensures durability and an elegant appearance without breaking the bank. On the erhu, there are phoneme markers that guarantee accurate finger placement, allowing beginners to get a stronger hold on the instrument. As a result, you’ll be able to play traditional Chinese music on this erhu, which explains the distinctive sound. Finally, for the convenience of beginning musicians, this kit includes spare strings and rosin. This is the Best Erhu for Beginners in 2023.

LANDTOM Rosewood Erhu Chinese 2-string

LANDTOM Musical Chinese Erhu 2 Stringed Chinese...
  • Craft:100% handmade
  • Material: Selected Rosewood(花梨) erhu. Rosewood is one kind of the...
  • The sound of this violin is very soft and gentle,the sound has a sweet...

Every beginner out there who wants to improve their erhu talents needs to get the correct fiddle musical instrument. That is to say, this LANDTOM erhu is ideal for novices who are looking to develop their musicianship and finger agility. This erhu has a mahogany color scheme that is quite appealing. The erhu is constructed entirely by hand from high-quality redwood. The kit includes a variety of accessories, ensuring that beginners have everything they require. Two beginner-friendly bridges have been incorporated into the erhu.

There are also two paddings for comfortable playability, as well as a set of extra strings to assist beginner musicians in changing strings if one wears out. On top of that, this erhu bundle includes a pitch tuner to assist everyone in tuning the erhu to produce delightful sounds.

Above all, this kit includes a sturdy cover to safeguard the erhu from damage. The finest part about this erhu is that it has been thoroughly tested by experienced musicians, allowing you to understand all of the nuances. Finally, this erhu is appropriate for frequent practice sessions, making it ideal for novices. This is the Best Erhu in 2023.

Dunhuang Erhu Chinese 2-string Violin Fiddle Musical Instrument

Dunhuang Erhu Chinese 2-string Violin Fiddle...
  • Standard Dunhuang Erhu - Chinese 2-string Fiddle Model #1A
  • Soundboard: Standard Quality Snake Skin
  • We do not ship internationally on this item. Only within USA. Please do not...

Although music is not for everyone, if you are interested in learning the erhu, a Chinese musical instrument, this erhu by Dunhuang is here to assist all novices. Because it’s the standardized musical instrument with the two-string fiddle design, it’s a great choice for beginners. When it comes to the soundboard, it’s been wrapped in top-of-the-line snakeskin, which provides both durability and a luxury feel. As a result, beginners can practice for as long as they desire without fear of damaging their clothes. This erhu’s pegs are fashioned from hardwood.

The erhu body, on the other hand, is made of ironwood, which makes it light and easy to handle for beginners. This erhu has four bridges, including two pine bridges and two sandalwood bridges. Above all, three paddings and a bow are included for novices who require easy erhu practice. The bundle includes a DVD with training videos so that even the most inexperienced can learn the essentials. Finally, it comes with a pitch tuner so you may tune the erhu to your specific needs, which is useful for novices. This is the Best Beginner Erhu in 2023.

OrientalMusicSanctuary Beginner Chinese Violin – Erhu With Erhu Gig-Bag and Accessories

OrientalMusicSanctuary Beginner Chinese Violin -...
  • Study Level Painted Maple Erhu that actually sounds mellow and resonant
  • Comes assembled. Sounds mellow and traditional. Great Value for Erhu and...
  • By customers' request, we now provide a package with Padded Erhu Gig Bag...

Sure, you’re fresh to the music scene and want to pick up as many skills as possible. However, you’ll need to find the correct erhu for your needs as an amateur. As a result, this beginning Chinese violin is an excellent alternative for those who need to master basic skills.

To be honest, this is the erhu for beginners who want to play peaceful and appealing music. The nicest part about this erhu is that it comes fully completed, which is ideal for novices who don’t know how to put together an erhu on their own. This novice erhu is ideal for players who want to create both traditional and contemporary music. As a result, this erhu is an excellent choice for novices due to its pricing. When you acquire this erhu, it comes with a padded gig bag that protects the musical instruments more effectively.

There’s also rosin, string, and a bow for easier learning and playing the best erhu music. The erhu is covered by a warranty from the United States of America. In addition, the handbook has video instructions, all of which are in the English language, making it ideal for the vast majority of beginners.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the erhu?

The erhu is a two-stringed bowed musical instrument from China. It is often called the “Chinese violin” due to its shape and the way it’s played.

Is the erhu difficult to learn for beginners?

Like any musical instrument, learning the erhu can be challenging, but it’s certainly possible for beginners to pick up. With dedication and practice, you can make progress.

How do I tune the erhu?

The erhu is typically tuned to the pitches D4 and A4. Tuning the erhu requires adjusting the tension of the strings and fine-tuning with pegs. A teacher can help with this process.

What is the Erhu made of?


How to play erhu for beginners?

Before you purchase the product, read this part for an overview of erhu playing.

Look over the list above and order an erhu based on your needs.
Install the tuner on the erhu and rosin the bow. You may play in tune using the tuner. The bow will first require a lot of rosin.
Between the two strings, place the bow. Throughout the session, avoid removing it from the strings. The strings will break if you put too much strain on them or the bow.
Prepare your erhu for optimal performance. Maintain a clockwise outer string and a counterclockwise inner string. Both strings are supposed to be held together by the qianjin. Check to see if the strings are fastened to it.
Place the damper underneath the bridge after sliding it to the middle.
The top of the erhu should be 45 degrees away from your upper body. Before starting, place the bottom on your laps, close to your stomach, and keep your hands at ease. The hand cannot rest on the neck.
Start honing your erhu skills.