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Best DJ Facades 2024

A DJ Facade is a front board that covers and sets up your DJ tables. A DJ Façade is made out of a scrim and a metal frame. The fabric material that is stretched across the foldable panels or frame booth is known as the scrim. The scrim is frequently transparent, allowing light to shine through and create stunning lighting effects to create stage presence. Many DJs utilize them to create the ideal illumination to go with their music. A DJ façade is ideal for those looking for the ultimate lighting arrangement and has become an industry standards. Taking your entire “appearance” to the next level is extremely helpful in busy events.

Choosing the correct Best DJ facade can provide you with the perfect illumination to complement your music. If done correctly, you won’t need to bring a Standard (Explanatory Reflector) and wash setup that’s too big for the field instead of a scrim facade star rating. A simple facade with a significant light impact might alter your audience’s perception of you and show you as an DJ authority. Interestingly, you may also light up your DJ facade so that your audience can see you in stunning light from your dj table or dj booths.

Rockville RFAAW DJ Event Facade

Rockville RFAAW DJ Event Facade Light Weight Metal...
  • Rockville RFAAW DJ Event Facade with White Scrim and Travel Bag.
  • (4) Panels included – each are 27.5" W x 47.2" H. Light Weight Aluminum...
  • The entire product weighs 7 LBS, around a third of the weight of our...

A metal casing stall (which forms the DJ’s façade), a bag, and a dark scrim are included in this mobile dj setups. The Rockville RFAAW DJ Facade is comprised of flame-resistant scrim and lightweight metal outlines and comes from a well know brand name. The scrims can be connected together with a 3m long velcro that is easy to wash with water.

It weighs in at around 7 pounds in total and is easy to carry for your dj setup. The dj booths can be moved in any direction and the boards can be adjusted freely. The material used in this garment has excellent stretch properties that customers like. Overall, this product is light, making it quite portable. The product is said to be more durable than steel-based products. This is the Best DJ Facade in 2023.

JMAZ Event Facade Booth

JMAZ Event Facade Booth Adjustable Size...
  • Event Façade Solutions – Conceal your equipment and create a visually...
  • Lightweight Façade – Build of strong, yet lightweight aluminum, this...
  • Durable Carrying Bag – Rugged and durable, the Event Façade Booth comes...

The JMAZ DJ Facade Corner conceals your equipment while providing a great stall setup. The occasion facade weighs only 14 pounds and can be broken down into smaller pieces. It comes with a sturdy carry pouch for easier portability. The scrim may be taken off and reconnected without difficulty. The setup allows you to add as many boards as you want while leaving the others out. The scrim material is completely washable and fire resistant. The dimensions of the item are 47′′ x 27.5′′ x 1′′ inches.

It is generally simple, therefore transportability is never an issue. It’s set up is customizable, so you can add or remove as many boards as you want. The size can be changed depending on the amount of space available. This is the Best DJ Facades in 2023.

CedarsLink DJ Event Facade

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In terms of convenience, the CedarsLink DJ Events Facade is the best option because of its revolutionary design, which makes it much easier to use when performing whether united states or europe. This DJ Occasion Facade comes in two color options: white and dark. Inside, there are four lycra boards, two of which are white and the other two are dark. The use of pre-mounted velcro makes it easier to connect these boards. The dimensions of each board are 44′′ x 19.5′′.

Under the frames are adjustable non-slip pads that may be screwed or unscrewed to level the height of the frame when on stage. The borders of the frames have velcro on them, allowing you to attach the scrim. Scrims from CedarsLink are composed of high-quality Lycra material, which offers a variety of features like as stretchability, durability, and resistance. The scrim is machine washable and dries rapidly.

The total weight of the package is around 14 pounds (6.5 kilograms). A sturdy satchel is also included in the package. CedarsLink DJ Facade is an excellent choice for individuals looking for dependability due to the high-quality metal casing and pivots used. CedarsLink has clearly built its identity as a quality manufacturer with customer service in a market where people hunt for the best DJ facade for beginners.


With its straightforward design and comprehensive functions, the ProX XF-4X3048B speaks straight business. The facade frame is constructed of high-grade aluminum that is resistant to impacts and shocks. It’s also scratch-resistant, so you won’t have to be concerned about the aesthetics being ruined at any time. Each panel is scratch-resistant and comes in an all-black finish. The scrim panels are 47″ x 3″ x 31″ inches in size and weigh around 92 pounds.

You can clean the panels and switch them around in different configurations to make your facade more appealing. The scrims can be washed by hand to keep the facade looking nice and clean, but they must be dried flat to avoid becoming distorted.

For a lasting impact, ProX DJ façade is one of the preferred alternatives for DJ nightclubs or venues. It is both sturdy and lightweight, as well as foldable. It conceals wires, protects equipment, and aids in crowd management during events, making it an appealing work cover.

DJ Facade/DJ Booth by Dragon Frontboards

DJ Facade/DJ Booth by Dragon Frontboards: Naga 3...
  • DJ Facade/Booth to cover your musician/bar set-up
  • Covers an X-stand or maximum 4' table
  • Three Large Panels: 36" wide X 45" tall

This DJ’s facade is built of wood and is eye-catching. It is portable, lightweight, and foldable. It is approximately 45 pounds in weight. Frontboard’s DJ Corner provides a protective shield for your music setup.

Each board can be illuminated with LEDs, given lighting effects, or kept blank, depending on the situation. The regular screens can be mounted freestanding and connected to the facade to create a seven-board variety exhibition. The set includes 7 boards, 5 large standard size base boards (36′′ x 45′′ inches each), 2 standard size lycra boards/screens (36′′ x 45′′ inches each), and 2 board connections to cover an 8-foot table.

Odyssey CF5932 Carpeted Double Foldout Façade

The Odyssey CF5932 Carpeted Double Fold Out Facade is an excellent choice if you want to maintain your appearance low-key and avoid drawing attention to yourself. The front is all black and mixes in with the club’s atmosphere.

The entire facade is made of a single unit and has a black carpeted floor that gives it a luxurious appearance. It has a central handle that can be used to carry it when traveling. The facade may be folded into four sections: left flank, right flank, and two center flanks. The facade includes hinges linked to the flanks to allow for easy folding. To some extent, the facade can withstand shocks and abrasions.

The weight of this facade is the only disadvantage of possessing it. It weights an incredible 55 pounds, making it slightly heavier than the other selections on our list. Because of the black hue, you must be especially careful not to get the facade soiled. Because you won’t be able to wash the facade, you’ll have to clean it by wiping it down.

Gibraltar GRSDJ1-SCM-BK Radius Workstation Scrim Black

Gibraltar GRSDJ1-SCM-BK Radius Workstation Scrim...
  • Enhances Stage Presence
  • Quick and Clean Assembly for Instant Set Up
  • Great for hiding equipment and cables.

The item improves stage presence and is also beneficial for concealing equipment and wires from public view, allowing for rapid and tidy setup. A carrying case is included with the package. The measurements of the product are 15″ x 13″ x 11″ inches, and it weighs around 0.16 ounces.

The exquisite black hue of the Gibraltar GRSDJ1-SCM-BK DJ facade now available. This allows it to effectively hide your equipment while also providing a perfectly solid platform for the lighting to reflect off of and be seen. This is a good option for gatherings that are generally dark.

How to buy the Best DJ Facade (Buying Guide)

Choosing the impeccable DJ Facade can make the difference between a profound gig and a memorable one. The quest for the precise piece of gear that suits your style whilst synchronizing with your performance requirements calls for comprehensive knowledge and a keen eye for detail. In light of this, we explore three crucial factors: functionality, aesthetics, and budget.

Functionality: A Crucial Aspect

One must not overlook the aspect of functionality when selecting a DJ Facade. These constructs serve much more than a cosmetic role; they are the protective shield for your valuable DJ gear. Hence, the initial consideration should always gravitate towards robustness, durability, and build quality. A facade designed with metal frames, such as aluminium, accompanies sturdiness and longevity due to its resistance against wear and tear. Furthermore, material like plexiglass in façade panels, due to its resilient nature, ensures minimal risk of breakage, thus, promises a lasting lifespan.

Apart from durabiity, DJs should also factor in the ease of assembly and disassembly, based on their mobility needs. If you often perform at different locations, a portable facade that can be swiftly erected and packed down becomes an essentiality—saving you the effort and time during gigs.

Aesthetics and Design: The Performance Elevators

In the sphere of DJing, ‘look and feel’ carries immense significance. The DJ facade is more than just an equipment concealment; it acts as a DJ’s personal canvas projected to the audience. Therefore, it’s not just about choosing a stunning-looking facade, but selecting one that corresponds with your style, your DJ gear, and the ambiance you desire to create. The aesthetic variety in DJ Facades stretches from straightforward, elegant designs to cutting-edge dynamic models, including LEDs and custom-designed pieces. Opt for a facade that complements your identity and enhances the mesmeric light display during your performance.

Budget: A Prudent Balance

While it’s unwise to compromise predetermined budget limits, being primarily guided by pricing might lead to a mediocre purchase that lacks either in quality or suitability to your needs. Finding the facade that justifies its price tag by offering the perfect blend of quality, functionality, and aesthetics should be your endgame.

Consider the build quality and the design of facade offerings within your budget range. Look into the reputation of the makers, the warranty period, as well as reviews from other users. A comprehensive understanding of these particulars can assist you in tracking down a DJ Facade that integrates quality and value.

To summarize, take into account the functionality, aesthetics, and budget aspects while choosing your ideal DJ Facade. Adequate research and comparisons would surely lead you to the crown jewel that augments your performance, and stands in sync with your style and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a DJ facade?

DJ facades are a personal choice; if you want to perform with the backs of your equipment exposed, you don’t need one. The majority of people who utilize DJ facades want to keep their appearance fresh and stylish. You can make your own DJ facade if you don’t want to buy one. However, you should set aside a weekend to begin and complete the activity.

What is the best scrim material for a DJ facade?

The ideal scrim material for a DJ façade is lycra. In most cases, you’ll want something that’s light, translucent, and stretchy. If you’re going to be using your DJ façade a lot, you’ll want one that’s washable to make it easier to keep clean. Make sure you have a fireproof scrim if you’re on stage and want other effects (like fire).

How expensive are DJ facades?

The majority of DJ Facades cost around $100. The cost of a DJ facade is determined by the brand, features, and quality it provides. There are many DJ facades on the market at various rates, but investing in the one with the most features and high quality might be a wise decision.

Is it necessary to own a DJ facade?

If you feel comfortable playing with the backs of your devices visible, you don’t need a DJ facade. Most DJ facade users aim to retain a slick, polished appearance. You can create your own DJ facade if you don’t want to purchase one. To start and complete the project, you should set aside a weekend.

How to buy lighting for a DJ facade?

You must take several factors into account, but the following are some of the most crucial ones:

Your façade’s size and the number of lights that can be placed inside or around it Four-panel facades often employ either one or two lights.
Species of light: Options including spotlights, wash lights, PAR cans, or bar lights are available.
Venue: Spotlights or wash lights that should not be relocated can be purchased if the façade is going to be set up permanently. Bar lights and par can lights perform best for mobile setups.