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Best Chairs for Music Festivals 2023

Even if you finally got a day pass to one of the many music festivals this summer, that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to get good seats. You can arrive early, look for a spot of grass, or park it beneath the cover of the closest merchandise tent, but you might want to think about bringing a portable chair.

The best portable chairs allow you to kick back, unwind, and stay comfy for hours while taking in an outdoor event. They are very similar to folding or camping chairs. Additionally, they come in handy for picnics, barbecues, and even day visits to the beach. They won’t add a lot of bulk to your already minimal festival packing, allowing you to pick them up and go swiftly if your view of the show is obstructed.

The newest chairs for festivals also have convenient extras like cup holders, hideaway pockets for valuables, and even little coolers that keep beverages cold that you wouldn’t think you’d need until the day of the event. However, they ought to be able to collapse at the conclusion of the performance, allowing you to pack up and beat the crowds leaving the arena.

The festival experience also includes hanging out with your pals while lounging on a grass, camping out, or in an amphitheater. Here are some qualities to look for in an excellent portable chair if you don’t want to spend hours (or even days) sitting on the ground.

Helinox Incline Festival Chair

Helinox Incline Festival Chair Adjustable Outdoor Folding Chair for Events, Black
  • Lightweight, portable, low-back chair for all-day comfort at festivals features adjustable sliding supports for different seating angles
  • Advanced proprietary DAC aluminum alloy frame for maximum strength and minimal weight
  • Comfortable, supportive seat made from durable UV-resistant polyester; fast set-up with self-assembling poles and intuitive seat attachments

Check out this specially crafted Festival Chair from Helinox if you’re seeking for the most portable choice. If you’re searching for a chair with a frame, this one of our lightest selections packs up to be about six inches long and about three pounds. It’s perfect for camping at festivals when you already have a tent and a ton of other gear to tote, as well as for concerts with dispersed stages.

This year, festivals may have events in diverse locations (such as parking lots instead of broad lawns), so you’ll need a chair that can handle a variety of surfaces in addition to being compact. Both are met by the Helinox Festival Chair, which has movable legs that can be adjusted to take into account the slope of the surface you’re sitting on or just to achieve the ideal viewing angle. Along with supporting up to 320 pounds, it has a strong DAC aluminum frame.

GCI Outdoor Everywhere Chair

GCI Outdoor Everywhere Portable Hillside Chair, Mercury Gray
  • Patented Hillside Adjustment system adjusts to slopes or terrain
  • Back Comfort Technology adjusts backrest to a position of personal comfort
  • Auto-Fold shoulder strap for easy opening, closing and carrying

The GCI Outdoor Everywhere chair is low enough to fit into most festival requirements while still providing the high back support you’ll need to sit through an hour-long set. The chair has a sturdy steel frame and a patented strap and buckle system that ensures your stability whether you’re sitting on flat ground or a slope.

With an adjustable backrest that few other festival chairs have, GCI Outdoor also thinks about your comfort so you can take a power nap in between acts. On a hot day, the mesh panel panel will also keep you cool under the sun. The stool is also surprisingly portable for a chair with a high back; simple “Auto-Fod” shoulder straps make opening, closing, and carrying the chair a breeze. Although it only supports 250 pounds, the cup holder earns it extra points because it is genuinely just as necessary as the other comfort features that are crammed into this collapsible chair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Bring Chairs to a Music Festival?

The quick response is both yes and no. Find out if the front of the stages at your local event are standing-only or if you can spread out and open a folding chair. You might need your chair to meet certain specifications. For instance, hard back chairs and chairs that are large enough to be deemed “lawn furniture” are not permitted at the Governor’s Ball.

Therefore, festival-goers should generally search for chairs that are lighter and slimmer—ideally, fewer than six pounds. The majority of festivals mandate that chairs have less than six-inch-wide legs and must be at least one foot above the ground. The main practical justification for this is that you don’t want to obstruct anyone’s view who is lying on a blanket behind you. You’ll need chairs with carrying straps or that can be folded up and packed into a suitcase. Some locations might permit folding chairs but not larger camping chairs. Know before you go once more.