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Best Car Audio Equalizers 2024

Engine noise, road noise, wind, glass reflectiveness, seat absorbency, and the size and form of the car’s cabin are all aspects that might affect the sound system. The best car audio equalizers (EQ) provide you the ability to raise or lower the tone of your system in ways that basic treble, mid-range, and bass controls don’t allow. You can obtain better sound quality with an upgrade.

Clarion EQS755 7-Band Car Audio Graphic Equalizer with Front 3.5mm Auxiliary Input

Clarion EQS755 7-Band Car Audio Graphic Equalizer...
  • 1/2-DIN chassis graphic equalizer with built-in low-pass filter6-channel/...
  • 3.5mm Front aux input2-channel RCA aux input with variable gain adjustments...
  • Blue illumination independent master volume and subwoofer level Control...

The Clarion EQS755 7-band car audio graphic equalizer has a front 3.5mm auxiliary input, a rear RCA auxiliary input, and high-level speaker inputs. The Clarion EQS755 lets you control 50 Hz, 125 Hz, 315 Hz, 750 Hz, 2200 Hz, 6000 Hz, and 16000 Hz fixed frequencies. This includes all frequencies from the mid-bass to the upper treble.

The car amplifier equalizers has both RCA and high-level speaker inputs, so you can connect it to almost any stereo system, old or modern. It also has two auxiliary inputs: a conventional 1/8′′ AUX in the front and RCA jacks in the back. The latter has a variable gain control that allows you to increase or decrease distortion as desired. Because 1/8′′ AUX does not support video, RCAs are extremely useful for connecting a video device or gaming console.

This car amplifier equalizer also has a low-pass filter with a cutoff that can be toggled between 60 and 90 Hz. This can assist you in controlling the bass and preventing it from sounding harsh in the lower and upper frequencies. The Clarion EQS755’s outputs are all powered at 8 volts, which is quite normal for automobile equalizers. This ensures that a strong but clear signal reaches your amplifier and speaker.

BOSS Audio Systems AVA1210 7 Band Pre-Amp Car Equalizer with Gold-Plated Front Rear and Subwoofer Outputs

BOSS Audio Systems AVA1210 7 Band Pre-Amp Car...
  • Front Adjustable EQ Band Frequencies: 125 Hz, 500 Hz, 3.5 kHz, 12 kHz
  • Rear Adjustable EQ Bands Frequencies: 50 Hz, 600 Hz, 6.3 kHz
  • Switchable Subwoofer Filter 32 Hz – 128 Hz, Frequency Response 10 Hz –...

If you don’t want to mess around with so many frequency adjustments, the AVA1210 7x car equalizer is also available in a 4-band version. The 50Hz, 125Hz, 500Hz, 600Hz, 3.5kHz, 6.3kHz, and 12kHz equalization bands in the 7 band graphic equalizer span the entire spectrum from sub-bass to extended highs. The AVA1210 can cut or amplify these frequencies by up to 18dB, putting it on par with the Rockville R7EQ.

You may change the level of the frequencies between 32 and 128 Hz with the integrated Subwoofer volume control. This car stereos allows you to turn up the bass frequency spectrum when you want it and turn it down when you don’t, all without fiddling with the frequency controls.

By raising the cutoff on the subwoofer frequency slider, exclude incredibly low sub-bass frequencies. This head units is especially useful if you find your speakers are struggling to process extremely low frequencies, resulting in a muddy low end equalization range for your car speakers. If you don’t want to have to take your car equalizers out and clean its terminals on a regular basis, gold-plated RCA terminals are the way to go. The AVA1210’s maximum output voltage is 8 volts, which is quite normal.

Sound Storm Labs S4EQ 4 Band Pre Amp Car Equalizer with Gold Plated Front Rear and Subwoofer Outputs

Sound Storm Laboratories S4EQ 4 Band Pre Amp Car...
  • Dual Color Illumination
  • Variable Subwoofer Filter, Subwoofer Level Control, Master Volume Control
  • Switchable Phase Selector, Fader Control, Input Selector, 2 Source Input

The S4EQ 4 Band Pre-amplifier Car Equalizer from Sound Storm Labs comes with a detachable digital AM/FM receiver and gold-plated front, rear, and subwoofer outputs. It is one of Sound Storm Laboratories’ most valuable and most sought-after goods. In addition, this budget-friendly equalization incorporates a variable subwoofer filter, dual color illumination, subwoofer level control, master volume control, switchable phase selector, fader control, 2 source input voltage, input selector, and more.

There’s a master volume control, a subwoofer filter and level control, and a fader control on this best car graphic equalizers. There’s an input selection, two sources input, front, rear, and subwoofer outputs, as well as gold-plated outputs. The output level of the pre-amp is 7 volts. 150 Hz, 20 kHz, 1 kHz, and 40 Hz are the EQ band frequencies. At the middle frequencies, there’s also a boost/cut.

While this is a fantastic product, it may not be appropriate for everyone because it does not fit all automobiles. Sound Storm S4EQ is a wonderful option for users who want to feel safe. This one comes with a one-year warranty that is rather easy to obtain, but you should (hopefully) have little trouble with it because it is quite reliable.

Massive Audio EQ4 Car Equalizer with 4 Band Graphic Equalizer

Massive Audio EQ4 Car Equalizer with 4 Band...
  • TOP RATED CAR AUDIO EQUALIZER | The EQ4 Massive Audio Car Stereo Equalizer...
  • MORE TUNING CONTROL | With Stellar features such as: Adjustable Master...
  • SAY GOODBYE TO WHITE NOISE | Don't waste your time or money on cheap...

The EQ-7X by Massive Audio has seven equalization bands, each of which may be adjusted from -12dB to +12dB. A low-pass crossover with cutoffs ranging from 60Hz to 90Hz is included in the EQ-7X. This enabled me to tame those rogue upper-bass frequencies while also preventing the low-end from becoming unpleasant. If you enjoy EDM music, this is quite handy since it allows the low, thumping drone beats to be heard as clearly as possible without being overpowered by white noise.

The subwoofer and RCA outputs of the Massive Audio EQ-7X are powered at 8 volts, ensuring that the signal delivered to an amplifier is powerful enough to generate a sharp and clear sound output. A selectable 12dB low-pass crossover (60Hz/90Hz), nickel-plated terminals, adjustable master volume and adjustable subwoofer levels, two-channel RCA aux input, and adjustable gain are all included in this half-diner four-band equalizer. The LED color can also be changed from red to blue.

The equalization from Massive Audio truly pulls out the sound of your amplifier. It’s powerful and clear, with a separate sub output for fine-tuning the bass. It boosts your subwoofers, adds just the proper amount of amplification, and transforms an excellent sounding system into something spectacular. If you’re stuck with OEM speakers, it can even bring a stock audio set to life.

The lights are a touch too bright and may start to fail after a short amount of time, which is one concern about this device. At high volume, the equalizer may distort a little, and the knobs can be a little difficult to operate the best car equalizer.

Power Acoustik PWM-16 Pre-Amp Equalizer

Power Acoustik PWM-16 Pre-Amp Equalizer, Standard...
  • 2 selectable balanced inputs & front panel aux input
  • 4 bands 18Db parametric equalizer
  • Independent volume & fader control

Two selectable balanced inputs and front-panel AUX inputs, independent volume and fader controls, and an isolated power supply are all included in this four-band, 18dB parametric EQ. It has a maximum output of eight volts. This unit can control up to four full-range amplification channels (two front and two rear) as well as a subwoofer amplifier independently.

You may change the volume of the subwoofer independently of the loudness of the full-range speakers with the Power Acoustik device. It allows you to manage the output of your low-, mid-, and high-range frequencies. You can increase the volume of the entire system by adjusting the bass boost frequency. Despite being a low-cost brand, it offers a lot of value for money. For a clean sound, the seven-volt preamp output offers ample of signal to noise ratio to the amplifiers. It is free of Bluetooth and cell phone interference.

It is powered via the head unit and does not have a power button. Because it only controls the front and rear outputs, the volume control is limited. The knobs are small, difficult to grasp, and difficult to turn. Finally, the machine may become extremely hot when in use.

Rockville CAR-EQ-Oke Car Audio 7 Band Equalizer w Bluetooth + Mic Input Karaoke

Rockville CAR-EQ-Oke Car Audio 7 Band Equalizer w...
  • Features: Rockville CAR-EQ-OKE 1/2 Din 7 Band Car Audio Equalizer EQ w/...
  • 7 adjustable bands of equalization (50Hz, 125Hz, 315Hz, 750Hz, 2. 2KHz,...
  • Includes mounting brackets and screws for easy installation, Amazing...

The equalizer from Rockville contains seven adjustable bands, as well as a built-in crossover and subwoofer settings. Bluetooth audio streaming is also supported. The frequency response of the unit is 20Hz to 20KHz, with a 10K input impedance. The microphone volume and microphone echo are also adjustable on the device.

The seven bands of this equalizer make it easy to fine-tune different songs without having to utilize the head unit, which might be inconvenient. It’s also tiny enough to attach and/or hide in your vehicle. The sound quality and adaptability are both outstanding. It’s also crafted of high-quality materials, so it’ll last a long time.

Bluetooth connectivity, on the other hand, isn’t the best. It’s slow, takes a long time to connect, and has a limited range. The unit’s logo is also readily rubbed off, and it may arrive without the required mounting hardware.

Planet Audio Half-DIN, Band Car Equalizer, Subwoofer Output with Adjustable Filter

Planet Audio PEQ10 Car Audio Equalizer - 4 Band,...
  • Four fixed bands (high, mid, low and sub) with 12dB of boost / cut...
  • 4 Band Adjustment, Subwoofer Output with Adjustable Filter
  • Subwoofer Level Control, Auxiliary Input

The Planet Audio equalizer is a high-fidelity signal processor/preamplifier that lets you change the relative amounts of frequencies within the audible spectrum. Furthermore, its gain control adds flexibility to your bottom end and clarity to your audio system sound output, allowing you to flexibly modify its controls to fit your taste and listening situation. Each center frequency can be tweaked by up to 12 dB.

This gadget is designed to cover the audio spectrum from subwoofer frequencies to treble frequencies using boost and cut settings that depict a range of frequencies surrounding a center frequency. Planet audio half-DIN automobile equalization with adjustable filter and four fixed bands of high, mid, low, and subwoofer output, as well as a night illumination device.

In addition, there are unique features including input sensitivity adjustment, PWM power supply, control knobs, 12dB boost and cut adjustment, adjustable subwoofer crossover, auxiliary output, master volume control, fader control, and subwoofer level.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to set car audio equalizer?

First and foremost, you must decide where the unit will be mounted. This should ideally be at a convenient location, such as under the dash. You might instead put it in the center console if your car has an extra DIN slot. Place the mounting bracket against the installation location and mark the screw hole locations. Drill through these holes, but be careful not to overdrill with the drill bit. After that, insert the mounting bracket in place and fasten it with screws.

Finally, we must connect the wiring, beginning with the input wires. Follow your speaker lines and cut them near the equalizer, then connect the right and left positive and negative wires to the equalizer’s correct input wires. The output cables are the same way. All that’s left is to connect the equalizer’s live wire feed to a good ground point and disconnect the battery earth lead.