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Barrage & Tranzform Bundle by Hidden Path Audio

The HIDDEN PATH AUDIO Barrage & Tranzform Bundle includes the heavy-hitting instruments BARRAGE and TRANZFORM, which will quickly become your new “GOTO” for cinematic sound thanks to their cutting-edge cinematic percussion and hybrid rhythmic sound design.

BARRAGE – Cinematic Percussion Designer gives you complete control over the composition of each hit while also producing a fantastic collection of gigantic drum sounds that are bigger than life. You also have total control over the most important parameters thanks to the BARRAGE user interface. You have complete control over the mix, as well as the ability to load/unload mixes and select mute/solo choices while adjusting your sound, thanks to an on-screen mixer with three microphone placements. With the inbuilt SLAM (transient shaping & compression), CRUSH (saturation), DELAY (with synchronised musical values for delay duration), and REVERB effects, the built-in FX section offers you a variety of sound shaping options.

TRANZFORM – Hybrid Rhythmic Synthesis is the result of years of sound design and synth programming with the goal of creating the best Hollywood film scores, trailer music, and sonic landscapes for video games. This instrument gives you immediate access to thumping tonal synth phrases and rhythms, each tempo synchronized and accompanied by their own set of “transformed” variations that you can easily morph into on the fly. It is presented in an exceptionally intuitive interface. The user has access to a system that offers a variety of expertly sound-designed versions of each fundamental synth beat, including MECHANIZE, VAPORIZE, METALLICIZE, and many more. A wide range of FX parameters making it simple to customize each sound to your track.

These instruments provide immediate access to thumping synth rhythms and phrases, each tempo-synchronized and accompanied by a unique set of altered versions that you can quickly morph into on the go. Check Hidden Path Audio out!