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AVA Eminence

AVA’s Eminence Trailer Sound Effects is a virtual tool for contemporary film composers. A virtual instrument for the contemporary film composer is called EMINENCE. With your own distinctive signature sounds, create your own forceful and strong audio creations. Users have access to a variety of powerful trailer sound effects that they may employ to immediately increase the impact of their productions.

With distinctive sound effects and characteristic noises, AVA Eminence enables you to easily produce your own aggressive and strong audio productions. It transforms into a useful toolkit thanks to its innovative design, especially for quick turnaround trailer productions. The instrument’s approximately 250 carefully chosen contemporary trailer sounds were created by one of the industry’s most prominent sound designers, Karél Psota, with a focus on quality above quantity.

When first opened, Eminence exudes quality. Eminence establishes itself within seconds, from the excellent sound design to the “huge knob” dominating the clear and sharp GUI. It is obvious that both composers and sound designers contributed to this. This is a one-stop shop for anything orchestral for trailers or hybrids, from the removal of keyswitches to the stacking of many samples within one NKI file. Eminence has left me speechless on multiple occasions, which is a testament to how incredible, enormous, and inspirational this library is.

In addition to a variety of distinctive Signature Sounds, the featured sounds include sound categories including Hits, Booms, Whooshes, Drones, Rolls, Pings, Downers, Drones, Riffs, and Pulses Drum Loops. The Kontakt instrument includes 7 NKIs with a total of more than 250 royalty-free sounds:

Drum Loops
Hits, Whooshes, Risers, Downers, etc.
Signature Sounds

AVA Eminence raises the ante considerably. This virtual instrument, which has been in development for more than two years, offers brand-new sounds and ideas that are distinct, punchy, and as aggressive as you choose. The attention to detail, high caliber, and accuracy employed to create these samples are very audible. The whoosh hits, for instance, are incredibly powerful and forceful, yet they don’t all sound the same. You may utilize them in a variety of scenarios since there is a decent balance between tight and punchy and boisterous. This is the situation in every patch, as you will discover. Since the developers also work as sound designers, they understand the value of adaptability and variation. Eminence makes it simple to swiftly and painlessly generate bespoke, contemporary-sounding tension, build-ups, and any kind of transitions that are required in today’s context of rapid-turnaround trailer production.

To use Eminence Trailer Sound Effects, you must have Kontakt 5.8.1 or later in its full version (the patches will not run in the free Kontakt Player). You can also download all of the samples, as an alternative. WAV files that are key- and BPM-organized.

AVA Eminence Trailer Effects raises the bar for virtual sound design by including only the necessities for top-notch trailer productions. It features everything you need to come up with your own distinctive sounds.