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Best 8 Inch Guitar Speakers 2023

The 12″ size range has the biggest selection of guitar speakers, but they are frequently too loud, big, and expensive for home use. The 8″ range is great for jam sessions at home or on the fly. They are affordable, compact, and still have enough power for a fun jam.

You won’t need to play as loudly as possible when practising at home. So it is frequently inappropriate to use a 4×12 speaker cabinet. There are other smaller speaker kinds that produce excellent sound at significantly lower volumes. We’ll discuss about 8-inch speakers today. They offer better sound than 6-inch speakers and are more affordable than their 10-inch equivalents. However, compared to 12-inch speakers, their model range is sadly much smaller.

Jensen Vintage C8R8 8-Inch Ceramic Speaker

Jensen Speaker, Green, 8-Inch (C8R8)
  • Overall Diameter 8"
  • Impedance 8 ohm
  • Rated Power: 25 watts

Based on the original 1961 Jensen C8R, the Jensen C8R Vintage Ceramic was easy to distinguish during our tests. The speakers had a real antique flavour to them, and everything was housed in a practical and small modern design. It is also fairly reasonable, costing just $42.

While examining the speaker’s tone, we detected an assertive mid-range that gave it a commanding presence in any mix. Balance is created by the mid-range not suffocating the low end. The frequency response curve, which had peaks in the middle of the frequencies that fall within the range of human hearing, supported what we had experienced.

The strong mids handle distortion effectively. Even with the most severe genres, note quality and minimal noise were maintained. We tried pushing our crunch and fuzz effects to the very limit, but we heard no stray sounds. We did not anticipate such a tiny speaker to handle metal and hard rock music so nicely.

This is not to say that the Jensen C8R cannot perform with clean tones, as it provided us a clear and bright feeling without any distortion, suitable for blues, jazz, or even country music. Considering the speaker’s prominent presence, we continued to detect a trend toward heavier genres. In fact, we discovered that taming the mids on our amp resulted in superior tones. Given how loud the speaker is and how important a role it can play in a small band or studio, the Jensen C8R’s diminutive stature is deceiving. This speaker is our favourite due to its extensive adaptability and the mobility and simplicity of an 8″ speaker.

The Jensen C8R Vintage Ceramic produces a rich tone with a generous bottom end. Its tone may be distorted without trouble, and given its affordable price, it won’t break the bank. This is the Best 8 Inch Guitar Speaker in 2023.

Eminence Patriot 820H 8″ Guitar Speaker with Hemp Cone

Eminence Patriot 820H 8" Guitar Speaker with Hemp Cone, 20 Watts at 4 Ohms,Black
  • 4 ohm hemp cone speaker with rich warm full bodied tone
  • Fat punchy lows smooth and defined highs and a nice break up
  • Prominent mids but with a warm smooth texture

The best 8-inch speaker that we could find is the Eminence 820H. The 820H is the only speaker we tested that could compete, despite costing twice as much as the typical 8-inch speaker. It has a pressed steel chassis and a hemp cone speaker. 820H has a warm, full-bodied clean tone. We noticed a more neutral trend in the frequency response graph than most other speakers. Clean tones provide great note definition over the whole frequency range. Even with the flat response, the 820H has its unique personality.

Most 8″ speakers typically lack warmth, bite, and loudness, making them unusable for anything other than practise. However, we discovered that the 820H excels in each of these aspects, making it a powerful speaker for performances while being lightweight and incredibly handy. The 820H proved to be quite adaptable thanks to its wide full-range approach as we tested it out in a variety of genres. We used distorted tones without any problems, and the clean tone was unaffected. With this speaker inside, even a generally thin-sounding amp may sound larger than life.

The mids are clear, and the bottom end makes everything sound bigger and dominates anything else in the 8″ diameter area, according to our research. With the 820H, Eminence guarantees longevity and dependability in addition to a Premium American tone. All Eminence speakers are equipped to travel and withstand the demands of performing.

Instead of the more typical ceramic magnets, the 820H has a ferrite magnet. It was created from the ground up to stand out from all of its rivals and perform everything better. Neodymium magnets are not as heat- and corrosion-resistant as ferrite magnets, which makes them ideal for rugged speakers. In the end, we adored everything about this speaker. The tone and build quality of the Eminence 820H speaker are both excellent values for the premium pricing. It not only accomplishes everything you ask of it, but it also outperforms any other product in the 8″ category. This is the Best 8-Inch Guitar Speakers in 2023.

Celestion Eight 15 8″ 15W Guitar Speaker

CELESTION Eight 15 4 Ohm Guitar Speaker (T5903), 8"
  • General Specifications : Nominal diameter : 8", 203mm || Power rating : 20Wrms || Nominal impedance : 4Ω || Sensitivity : 95dB || Chassis type :...
  • Mounting Information : Cut-out diameter : 7.2", 183mm || Diameter : 8.1", 205mm || Magnet structure diameter : 3.3", 85mm || Mounting slot dimensions...
  • The Eight 15 is ideal for upgrading your bedroom blaster with authentic British tone. Well-balanced mids and highs complement a surprisingly meaty...

If you’re searching for a true 8-inch speaker on a tight budget, the Celestion Eight 15 is a fantastic choice. Our tests revealed some similarities between these speakers and the Fender Champ’s standard speakers. Therefore, it might even be a great replacement speaker for this awesome practise amp. The tone has a bell-like tinkling because to the powerful highs and superbly balanced mids. When we combined the findings on our workstation, the bottom end was not dominated by the highs or mids.

The Eight 15 combines a balanced bottom end and midrange with a strong high end. Our tests showed that, notwithstanding a possible minor high-end tilt, the speaker is largely neutral. Our findings are supported by the frequency response graph, which shows a generally flat response with a modest bump at higher frequencies over 8 kHz.

The Celestion Eight 15 more than makes up for its diminutive stature by having the loudest sounding speakers on our list, in our opinion. It has a warm, particularly British vibe thanks to the high-end tilt, which makes it perfect for rock and metal. However, it is not restricted to these subgenres. According to our examination, the Eight 15’s potent bottom end and mids also gave them the ability to compete against clean tones for traditional styles and light distortion for blues. It has a ceramic magnet that, although being a cheap speaker, performs effectively.

Practically anyone who might want a guitar speaker can purchase the Eight 15 for a reasonable price. It has sufficient power for modest performances within your home or at nearby cafes. In the event that your present speaker breaks or ceases working as well as it once did, it also works well as a replacement. The 8-inch powerpack Celestion Eight 15 packs a powerful punch for its size. It has a neutral tone and a distinctly British vibe. It is one of the most cost-effective 8-inch speakers that is worthwhile to get at just $32.50.

Eminence Alpha-8A American Standard Series

Eminence American Standard Alpha-8MRA 8" Midrange Pro Audio Speaker, 125 Watts at 8 Ohms
  • Recommended for pro audio and bass guitar applications as a midrange
  • Sealed basket makes this woofer independent of enclosure design
  • Designed for power and reliability

It comes close to matching the 820H’s quality but falls short. You might wish to listen to both of them before passing judgement because the Alpha – 8A differentiates itself from the 820H in terms of character. It is absolutely something to think about because it is also marginally more cheap than the 820H. During testing, a very neutral tone with very little upper-middle-range warmth was audible. This, in our opinion, contributes to the Alpha – 8A’s adaptability and elegant appearance. With this equipment, we enjoyed both the overridden and clean speaker shootouts. This essentially implies that you may use this speaker for any style of guitar playing and get consistently good results.

As usual, we saw an essentially flat response when looking at the frequency response curve, with a minor peak in the 2–5 kHz area and a strong decline after 5 kHz. This means that the sound is well-balanced but has less high-end. Eminence has consistently astounded us with their adaptability while maintaining a distinct personality for both the Alpha – 8A and 820H.

The Alpha – 8A is a strong choice if you want to replace the worn-out speaker in your vintage cab with something befitting of a legendary amp and have roughly $70 to spend. The Alpha – 8A’s construction impressed us as being strong and ready for travel. A ferrite magnet is also included with this speaker for added durability and weather resistance.

Only the 820H is a more expensive option in the 8″ speaker category than the Eminence Alpha – 8A. It produces a well-balanced, warm tone that works well for both traditional clean tones and bone-crushing metal chugging. Given the other products in the 8″ series, the price is logically reasonable. Even so, in comparison to the 820H, it falls short.

Jensen Vintage C8R4 8-Inch Ceramic Speaker

Jensen Speaker, Green, 8-Inch (C8R4)
  • Overall diameter 8"
  • Impedance 4 Ohm
  • Rated power: 25 Watts

The renowned speaker manufacturer Jensen was established in Chicago, Illinois, in 1927 by Peter Laurits Jensen, a co-inventor of the very first loudspeaker. The business became well-known in the 1950s and 1960s for making some of the top speakers for bass and guitar amplifiers. Even though the Jensen name is no longer in use, CE Distribution still manufactures and distributes Jensen speakers in the US and around the world.

A small but effective instrument in the Jensen line is the P8R8 model. For its size, this speaker generates a strong, clear tone. The item will be a fantastic match for beginners who are just beginning to search for their ideal sound, and it can fit your home amp well.

If you can place a microphone in front of the speaker, it will be able to record a sound with strong highs, muted mids, and rather loose lows that is incredibly powerful. It generates a warm and clear tone by placing focus on the heights, but it is not a bass speaker option.

Buying Guide for Best 8 Inch Guitar Speakers

In the world of guitar gear, the speaker is often an overlooked element. However, it plays a pivotal role in shaping the tonal characteristics of your sound. Selecting the right 8 inch guitar speaker can significantly enhance your musical expression. This comprehensive buying guide will help you navigate your options and make an informed choice.
Understand Your Musical Needs

Before diving into specifications and brands, it’s crucial to understand your musical needs. The right speaker for you depends on your playing style, preferred music genre, and where you’ll be using the speaker. For instance, if you mostly play at home or small venues, an 8 inch guitar speaker with moderate power handling might suffice. However, for larger venues or band practices, you might need a speaker with higher power handling.
Deciphering Speaker Specifications

When evaluating 8 inch guitar speakers, you’ll come across several technical specifications. It’s essential to understand what these mean as they significantly affect the speaker’s performance.

Power Handling: This indicates how much power, in watts, the speaker can handle without distorting. Ensure the speaker’s power rating matches or exceeds your amplifier’s output power.
Impedance: Measured in ohms, impedance is the speaker’s resistance to the electrical signal from the amplifier. Common values are 4, 8, and 16 ohms. The speaker’s impedance should match your amplifier’s output impedance.
Sensitivity: This specification, given in decibels (dB), relates to how loud the speaker can get per unit of power. A higher sensitivity means the speaker will be louder at a given power level.
Frequency Response: This shows the range of frequencies the speaker can reproduce, usually represented as a range (e.g., 70Hz-5kHz). A wider range indicates that the speaker can handle more varied sounds.

Considering Speaker Materials

The materials used in a speaker can significantly affect its sound characteristics. Most 8 inch guitar speakers use paper cones, which are lightweight and provide a warm, smooth tone. However, some models use materials like Kevlar or aluminum for a brighter, more aggressive sound. The choice of material largely depends on your tonal preference.
Evaluating Brands

Several reputable brands manufacture high-quality 8 inch guitar speakers. Among them, Celestion, Eminence, and Jensen have earned significant acclaim for their reliable performance and tonal quality. Listen to several models from these brands to identify the one that best suits your tonal preferences.
Assessing Price and Value

The cost of an 8 inch guitar speaker can vary widely depending on its specifications, brand, and build quality. While it’s essential to consider your budget, don’t compromise on quality for the sake of saving a few dollars. Remember that a good speaker is an investment that can significantly enhance your sound.
Reading Reviews

Before making your final decision, read reviews from other users. This can provide invaluable insights into the speaker’s performance, reliability, and value for money. However, keep in mind that everyone’s musical taste is different, so what works for one person might not work for you.
Trying Before Buying

If possible, try the speaker before you buy it. This will help you get a firsthand experience of its sound and performance. Bring your guitar and amplifier to the store and play some tunes to test the speaker’s capabilities.


Are 8-inch guitar speakers suitable for all genres of music?

Absolutely. 8-inch guitar speakers are known for their versatility and can handle a wide range of musical styles. Whether you’re playing blues, rock, or jazz, these speakers will deliver a sound that is true to your music.

Can I use 8-inch guitar speakers in a home setting?

Yes, you can. The compact size of these speakers makes them perfect for home use. They provide a powerful sound without taking up too much space, making them ideal for practice sessions or small performances.

How do 8-inch guitar speakers compare to larger models?

While larger speakers may provide more volume, 8-inch guitar speakers offer a balance of size and performance. They deliver a rich, full-bodied sound that is comparable to larger models, but in a more compact package.

What type of amplifier works best with 8-inch guitar speakers?

8-inch guitar speakers are compatible with a wide range of amplifiers. However, it’s always best to check the specifications of your particular speakers to ensure they match with your amplifier’s output.

Are 8-inch guitar speakers durable?

Yes, these speakers are built to last. They feature robust construction and high-quality materials, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of regular use.

Why would I choose an 8 inch guitar speaker over other sizes?

An 8 inch guitar speaker offers a balance between portability and sound quality. It’s compact enough for easy transportation and small spaces, yet capable of delivering a robust and clear sound. Moreover, it can efficiently handle a variety of frequencies, making it suitable for different music genres.

Can I use an 8 inch guitar speaker for genres other than rock?

Yes, 8 inch guitar speakers are versatile and can handle a wide range of frequencies, making them suitable for various music genres. Whether you play blues, jazz, country, or heavy metal, you can find an 8 inch speaker that complements your musical style.

What happens if the speaker’s impedance doesn’t match my amplifier’s output impedance?

Impedance mismatch can lead to poor sound quality and potentially damage your equipment. If the speaker’s impedance is lower than the amplifier’s output impedance, the amplifier might overheat. Conversely, if the speaker’s impedance is higher, it might not receive enough power, leading to weak sound output.

How does the speaker’s material affect its sound?

Different materials can influence the speaker’s sound characteristics. For instance, paper cones are known for their warm, smooth tone, while materials like Kevlar or aluminum can produce a brighter, more aggressive sound. The choice of material largely depends on your tonal preferences.

Can I replace the speaker in my combo amp with an 8 inch speaker?

Yes, you can replace the speaker in your combo amp with an 8 inch speaker, provided it fits in the amplifier’s cabinet and its power handling capacity and impedance match the amplifier’s output. Always check the compatibility before making a replacement.

Is a more expensive 8 inch guitar speaker always better?

Not necessarily. While price can be indicative of quality, it’s not the only factor to consider. The ‘best’ speaker largely depends on your specific needs and preferences. Always consider the speaker’s specifications, tonal characteristics, and user reviews.

How can I prolong the lifespan of my 8 inch guitar speaker?

Proper maintenance can significantly extend your speaker’s lifespan. This includes avoiding impedance mismatch, not exceeding the speaker’s power handling capacity, and protecting it from extreme temperatures and humidity. Regularly dust the speaker and store it in a safe place when not in use.

Can I use an 8 inch guitar speaker for a bass guitar?

While you technically could, it’s generally not recommended. Bass guitars produce lower frequencies that need larger speakers for accurate reproduction. An 8 inch speaker might not be able to handle these low frequencies effectively, leading to poor sound quality.