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Best 2.1 Speakers in 2024

Stereo speakers have only a left and right speaker, “2.1” speakers have two speakers plus a subwoofer, and surround sound requires at least five speakers plus a subwoofer. The subwoofer’s function is to cover deep bass frequencies below 100Hz. A good sub at a respectable volume may give kick drums, bass guitars, analog synths, orchestras, and other sounds more rumble and depth. Some stereo speaker pairs, on the other hand, sound terrific even without a subwoofer, owing to the fact that their woofers (low-mid and low-frequency drivers below 1KHz) are more than capable of handling the bass response.

Stereo pairs make up the vast majority of desktop speakers. Some come with subwoofers, but you’ll probably just have two or three satellites to contend with. Some gamers and cinephiles may prefer a 5.1-channel (or greater) surround sound system, but for most users, the added cost and hassle of installing all those speakers around the room isn’t worth it.

Edifier S350DB Bookshelf Speaker and Subwoofer 2.1 Speaker System

Edifier S350DB Bookshelf Speaker and Subwoofer 2.1...
  • TITANIUM DOME TWEETERS – Listen to clear highs with fully titanium dome...
  • 8-INCH SUBWOOFER – Achieve massive booming sound with the 8-inch...
  • BLUETOOTH V5.0 APTX WIRELESS SOUND – Other available inputs are AUX, RCA,...

That black front and wooden enclosure have a retro feel to them. The Edifier S350DB has a classic, elegant design that is packed with modern capabilities. Titanium dome tweeters in the bookshelf speakers offer a crystalline high to offset the 8-inch subwoofer’s robust bass wallop. Titanium is a hard but light metal that works incredibly well to vibrate a tweeter’s high frequencies, resulting in the accuracy displayed by these speakers.

The mid-ranges are clean, and the bass from the subwoofer is smooth and free of distortion. The volume can be turned up to fill a room. The S350DB’s sound quality more than meets its price. Another advantage of these Edifiers is the diversity of input options available. Aux, RCA, optical, coaxial, and Bluetooth are all supported. That’s a lot of possibilities, and the LCD screen on the right bookshelf speaker will let you know which one is active right now.

These speakers seem to emphasize control, which is a good thing. The main power button, as well as all of the physical input jacks, are located on the subwoofer. The bass and treble controls and volume/input are located on the right bookshelf speaker. The volume controls also function as an input selector, which you can use by pressing it in of the audio system.

Playback buttons, volume, power, and input selections are included on the remote control. The only minor drawback is that it is circular. To get the remote signal transmitter to aim properly when sending a command, you must spin it around. The Edifier S350DB is an excellent multipurpose speaker that is suitable for music, movies, and gaming. If you’re ready to spend the money, these elegant speakers are a no-brainer. These are the Best 2.1 Speakers in 2023.

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX Certified Computer Speaker System

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX Certified Computer...
  • KLIPSCH MICROTRACTRIX HORN TECHNOLOGY makes a major contribution to the...
  • POWER & ATTITUDE - The two-way satellites’ 3” midrange drivers blend...

The Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 computer speakers live up to their name in terms of sound quality. Clean, precise audio with powerful, vibrating bass is produced by the speakers. It won’t be difficult to fill a space with sound. The highs and mids are distinct but not irritating, and the bass is beautifully balanced. Because the bass distorts at maximum level, it’s recommended not to push it too far. THX is a cinema audio industry standard that you’ll often notice. If you buy speakers that are THX-certified, you have every right to expect them to work flawlessly.

In any case, you can modify the bass and loudness of the computer speaker with control knobs to get the best balance for your system. There is no power button, which is unusual for speakers at this price point. The Klipsch ProMedia 2.1, like most decent speakers, requires some burn-in time. Continue to play them until the drivers relax up and you get that warm tone. You should also keep in mind that decent audio requires a good input source. If you’re running low-quality audio, don’t blame the speakers. It will sound terrible.

A headphone jack and a 3.5mm auxiliary jack are included. This makes it easy to connect a supplementary audio source, such as your MP3 player or smartphone. The supplied wires are pretty long, so situating the speakers shouldn’t be a problem. In terms of placement, the subwoofer’s port is facing front and the speaker cone is on the side. You might wish to leave enough space between those two items. Avoid cramming your subwoofer between two things.

The Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 is a fantastic set of speakers that are deserving of your best audio rhythms and high-definition movie formats. You can’t go wrong with these unless the price tag makes you uneasy.

Logitech Z625 Powerful THX® Certified 2.1 Speaker System with Optical Input

Logitech Z625 Powerful THX® Certified 2.1 Speaker...
  • THX Certified audio is designed to deliver the most accurate audio...
  • The 200 Watts RMS/400 Watts Peak power of Logitech Z625 2.1 speaker system...
  • Z625 Powerful THX Sound 2.1 speaker system provides a versatile setup by...

It’s not merely a ‘thing’ to be THX-certified. It means that computer speaker systems must undergo extensive testing to verify that they fulfill THX sound standards. You may expect an amazing speaker performance from that. And the Z625 performs admirably. The sound quality is excellent, with crisp trebles and punchy bass. It’s powerful enough that you may need to turn it down to avoid drowning out the higher registers. These speakers have a commendably loud volume. You won’t need to do much to get them to blare. There is no distortion even at high volumes.

To be honest, the Z625 shines in movies and gaming. The voices are distinct, as are the sound effects. The soundstage is large enough for good gaming positional precision. This is most likely where the THX logo has the greatest influence. You can use all three input options on the subwoofer at the same time: optical, RCA, and 3.5mm jack. If you’re using the speakers with various devices, this is quite useful.

Additionally, the right speaker has an auxiliary input that serves as the control center. The power, volume, and bass controls, as well as the headphone jacks, are all located on the right speaker. The Z625 has a sturdy and substantial build quality. They’re a lot heavier than they appear. They do have a clumsy design, in our opinion. The satellite speakers could have been more attractive, but that’s just our opinion.

Regardless of appearances, the Logitech Z625 is a nice set of speakers to consider for movie evenings or gaming sessions. These speakers perform extremely well within their budget range, with a price tag under $200 and THX accreditation. These are the Best 2.1 Speakers for Gaming in 2023.

Creative Pebble Plus 2.1 USB-Powered Desktop Speakers with Powerful Down-Firing Subwoofer and Far-Field Drivers

Creative Pebble Plus 2.1 USB-Powered Desktop...
  • POWERFUL DOWN-FIRING SUBWOOFER | The Creative Pebble Plus features a newly...
  • 45° ELEVATED DRIVERS | Featuring 2” mid-range drivers that are elevated...
  • HIGH GAIN MODE | Bring out the most of the Creative Pebble Plus! With a...

The USB-powered component is unexpected given that this system includes a subwoofer. Is it a powerful subwoofer (we all know USB ports have power restrictions)? It doesn’t sound great at long distances, but it does provide a little thumpy bass to your music. Near-field listening is what these speakers are made for. From 10 feet away, do not rattle your windows.

Even at low volumes, the audio output exhibits pleasing clarity for something so compact. At high volumes, there is slight distortion, which is to be expected. More intricate music sounds a little jumbled, but these Pebbles do an excellent job with slow, basic melodies.

If you want additional bass, plug the USB into a 5V 2A power adapter and select “high gain” option on the subwoofer. This increases the total volume capability while also increasing the bass. Note that this package does not include a USB adaptor. However, there is no bass control, which is a disappointment. It would have been nice to be able to alter it considering there is a subwoofer. The volume controls are conveniently located on the satellite speakers. There is no auxiliary input or headphone connection, and the wires are short and hardwired into the speakers. As a result, it’s difficult to replace or extend.

Despite its flaws, the Pebble Plus is a stylish piece of audio gear with pleasing appearance and clear sound. The Pebble Plus is a good option to replace your internal PC or laptop speakers if you’re searching for something simple and around $50. These are the Best Budget 2.1 Speakers in 2023.

Harman Kardon SoundSticks III 2.1 Speaker System

Harman Kardon SoundSticks III 2.1 Speaker System
  • Compatible with all devices with a stereo minijack output
  • Outstanding bass performance
  • Touch volume and mute controls. Satellite Height (inches) 10.

Tired with the same old solid black speaker boxes? Want something that can be a conversation starter even when it’s not playing music? The Harman Kardon Soundsticks are a good place to start. Bluetooth connectivity is included in the version we’re looking at. Let’s start with the Bluetooth difficulties. It’s all about connectedness, which is fantastic in and of itself. It’s simple to pair with your Bluetooth-enabled gadgets. The problem is that if the SoundStick is turned on and not paired, it will connect to anyone within a 60-foot radius. That means your neighbor could mistakenly couple with it, causing your SoundSticks to come alive when they should be silent. This is a heart attack recipe. The answer is to turn them off.

Apart from the Bluetooth issue, these small speakers are fantastic. The satellite speakers include a total of 8 full-range drivers that produce crisp, clear sound. The subwoofer isn’t too loud, and it features a bass adjustment knob. They’re also quite noisy. No problems with volume. The satellite speakers‘ angle may be altered, which is a wonderful feature. The touch controls for volume and mute are situated on the right speaker. The mix of touch controls and the transparent appearance gives the entire system a futuristic vibe. I was hoping for the speakers to light up, but they don’t.

The construction quality is excellent, with high-grade plastic that appears to be glass. One thing to keep in mind: because the port on the subwoofer is pointing up, it will accumulate dust more than usual. There is also no headphone jack, which is a minor flaw. These are unquestionably elegant speakers. The SoundSticks are worth your money if you can live with the Bluetooth issue and the lack of a headphone connector. If you don’t want to deal with the bother of accidentally pairing with a neighbor, there’s also a non-Bluetooth version. The best 2.1 home theater in 2023.

2.1 Speakers Buyer’s Guide

An effective sound device has a variety of properties. Determining the qualities that set the best speakers on the market apart is crucial for this reason. Is this the moment when you feel the urge to upgrade your speakers? You might find the 2.1 speakers to be a better choice.

Given that there are so many options, you can still be unclear on how to pick a nice 2.1 speaker. Do not be concerned; our buyer’s guide will assist you in determining the characteristics of an excellent speaker. For additional information, continue reading.

Design and Build

Your speaker and subwoofer sound system’s design and construction quality should consider not just how it looks but also how easy it is to operate, where it should be placed, and how loud it should be. These speakers frequently serve as computer speakers as well.

The technology inside the speakers, not their size, is what determines how they sound. For a balanced sound, the dome tweeters and bass quality are to blame. Think about the location of your speaker and the intended audience. Do you plan to move it from device to device or are you planning to connect it to your home system?

The size of the woofer and satellite speakers will matter if you want to improve the sound coming from your computer speakers. Make sure the system you select can be installed in the space and that the electrical connections are placed in an accessible area.

Power Ratings

A speaker system’s power rating will have an impact on the loud bass response and other acoustic frequencies. Peak power and RMS power are the two different power ratings for a speaker system. The is always higher and more impressive, the peak receives more advertising from manufacturers. Our group advises paying closer attention to the RMS power, though.

The RMS power measures the amount of power your 2.1 audio speakers can output over an extended period of time, making it far more realistic. On the other hand, the peak is the reverse. It speaks to the maximum power your 2.1 audio speakers can produce briefly. If this number is played for an extended period of time, it is not safe and will harm your system.


Technology has advanced, and now there are speakers that you can link to other gadgets. There are two 2.1 speaker configurations: wired and wireless. The connectivity feature on the wireless speakers is unparalleled.

They are Bluetooth equipped, so you can use them with your phone, iPad, or TV. Because of this, you should determine if a speaker is wired or wireless before making a purchase and go with your own taste. The wireless ones, however, offer you much more because they don’t clutter your space with wires and don’t degrade the sound.

Sound Performance

There are many different tastes among people when it comes to sound quality. A price that seems reasonable to one person could be excessively low for another. The most precise feature, however, that aids in your selection of a good 2.1 speaker is sound quality.

There are a variety of models with various sound characteristics available on the market. The simplest method to decide which is finest is to give them all a listen or even take the time to watch a movie. Make sure you brought a selection of your greatest songs so that you can make an informed choice.

Even though the testing may take a while, it is worthwhile. You don’t want to spend money on something that won’t live up to your reasonable expectations. You can tell the amazing sound from the rest by listening to live music. Power ratings and frequency response range are two elements that affect sound quality.


Depending on where they are placed, speakers can be effective. Some are intended for indoor use, while others are for outdoor. However, 2.1 speakers are typically used in living rooms, thus the size of your room should guide your decision. You don’t want to spend money on a speaker that will annoy you or hurt your hearing.

Therefore, it is wise to base your decision on the size and contents of the space.

Speaker type

Another important aspect to think about when purchasing 2.1 speakers is design. As was already said, there are many different types of speakers available on the market. Subwoofers, portable speakers, floor models, soundbars, and satellites are a few examples.

While some need to be installed inside the wall, others are intended to be fastened to the wall. The mode and simplicity of installation will be determined by these considerations, which include the fact that some speakers are wired while others are wireless.

Let’s talk about some of the possibilities to help you understand this.

Speakers that are built into the wall are known as in-wall speakers. They can have their grills painted to match the color of your room. The speakers are likewise rendered undetectable by the paintwork.
Wirelessly connected portable speakers are easy and enjoyable to transport from one location to another.
Floor-standing speakers: These speakers are unmatched in terms of sound quality. The sound is made possible via enclosed drivers. However, if you choose the floor-standing option, be prepared for the speakers to take up much of your room, which can affect how you want to arrange your space.


This aspect is often overlooked, yet it’s important. Technology is advancing every day, therefore you should be open to the features that the smartphone has. LED illumination, headphone connectors, remote controls, and bass knobs are a few of these special features.All of them significantly improve your gaming, watching, and listening experiences.


The last aspect, although being the most important, is this one. The 2.1 tv speakers are time to connect, install, and position the 2.1 speakers once you get them home in the locations you think work best. Although it is a sweaty task, this one is ordinary. You should be aware that some speakers offer excellent sound when mounted against walls. To provide you with the music you want, other people will require their own space. Therefore, it is sense to examine this aspect as you connect and set up your 2.1 speakers.


There are various prices for 2.1 speakers. However, the characteristics the smartphone offers will determine how much money you should invest on it. For instance, a speaker with more connectivity and functional features could be more expensive than one with less. Therefore, it’s crucial to decide which qualities you want most from a speaker. Because you won’t miss the features, this is the most secure approach to obtain value for your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are 2.1 speakers?

2.1 speakers are a type of speaker system that consists of two satellite speakers and one subwoofer. The two satellite speakers are designed to reproduce mid and high-range frequencies, while the subwoofer is responsible for producing low-frequency sound.

What is the difference between 2.1 speakers and other speaker systems?

The main difference between 2.1 speakers and other speaker systems is the number of speakers. 2.1 speakers consist of two satellite speakers and one subwoofer, while other speaker systems may include more or fewer speakers. Additionally, 2.1 speakers are generally designed for use with computers and other small devices, while larger speaker systems are often used for home theater setups.

What are the advantages of 2.1 speakers?

The main advantage of 2.1 speakers is their compact size and affordability. They are ideal for use with computers and other small devices, and they provide a good balance of sound quality and affordability.

Can I use 2.1 speakers with a TV?

Yes, you can use 2.1 speakers with a TV as long as your TV has an audio output that is compatible with the 2.1 speaker system. Some 2.1 speaker systems may also include RCA or other types of audio inputs that are compatible with TVs.

Can I use 2.1 speakers for gaming?

Yes, 2.1 speakers are a great option for gaming as they provide good sound quality and are often designed with gamers in mind. Some 2.1 speaker systems may include features such as volume controls, bass adjustments, and other gaming-specific features.

Can I use 2.1 speakers for music production?

While 2.1 speakers can provide good sound quality for listening to music, they are generally not recommended for music production. For professional music production, it’s best to use studio monitors or other high-end speaker systems that provide a more accurate representation of sound.

How do I set up 2.1 speakers?

To set up 2.1 speakers, you will need to connect the two satellite speakers to the subwoofer, and then connect the subwoofer to your audio device, such as a computer or smartphone. Most 2.1 speaker systems come with all the necessary cables and instructions for easy setup.