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How to stop Trunk Rattle from Subs?

Nothing can make your heart race like the bass pounding of a quality subwoofer setup. The killer bass, though, may also result in trunk rattling if you’re not careful, which can be both unpleasant and hazardous. Is there a method to lessen trunk rattle from the trunk, even if the degree of subs shaking relies on the subwoofer and the rest of the system? Let’s investigate.

Sound deaden all metal panels on the floor, walls, and lid in order to lessen or completely eliminate trunk rattle caused by subs. Additionally, use foam spacers beneath the subwoofer box to lessen vibrations that can cause rattling. Finally, adjust the LPF filter’s gain and best frequency settings.

Tips to prevent trunk rattle due to subwoofers

Inspect the panel for vibrations.

Utilize sound-absorbing materials.

Put a brace on.

Your subwoofer needs a high-pass crossover installed.

Seal the subwoofer box’s rear.

Maintain the appropriate enclosure size.

Purchase a good set of subwoofers.

How to Make Trunk Stop Rattling From Subs?

There are a few techniques to stop trunk rattling, but sound-deadening material is by far the best option. This will lessen the vibrations from the subwoofer and stop the trunk from rattling.

Make sure your subwoofer is positioned appropriately with a padded mat below to further decrease trunk rattle. The subwoofers are typically not placed on mats but rather on a thin carpet, which is unable to adequately absorb the vibrations.

You may use pre-made sound mats (link to Amazon) or any foam-based mat by cutting it to the right size. This includes workout mats. Additionally, you might need to increase the frequency of the LPF (Low Pass Filter) or decrease the amplifier’s strength. By adjusting this, you may lower the subwoofer’s output of bass or make it a little softer, which will lessen trunk rattling.

The aforementioned actions can lessen rattling in the trunk, but they won’t totally stop vibrations.

Can I Stop Vibration From Subwoofer in Car?

Change the music volume, tone down the bass, or take the subwoofer out of the car if you want to fully eliminate vibrations. But if you really want to appreciate your favorite music, is this the best course of action? I’m not certain about it.

Employing sound-deadening material and ensuring sure the subwoofer is positioned correctly may greatly lessen vibrations. Without turning a subwoofer off, it is impossible to entirely stop all vibrations from it.