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Best Spare Tire Subwoofers 2024

The spare tire subwoofer is intended to deliver thunderous bass without taking up valuable trunk space. This is ideal for music fans who wish to increase the bass in their songs without sacrificing important storage capacity. With all the required gear and installation instructions, the subwoofer is simple to install. You can tune the bass to your preferred level, and the remote that comes with the system lets you do so while still sitting comfortably. You may get a flawless sound without any distortion thanks to its many features, including phase control, low pass filter, and subsonic filter.

This subwoofer’s sensitivity is 87 dB, and its frequency response spans 20 Hz to 150 Hz. The astounding feature of this subwoofer is its 1000 watt peak output capacity. It is built to last and will bring years of delight because it is made of high-quality materials. It contains a built-in amplifier for more performance and power, and its impedance is 4 ohms. This is the same size as most spare tires, being 13.5 inches in diameter and 12 inches deep. This best spare tire subwoofer is a great option whether you enjoy music or simply want to give your car a little more bass.

JBL Basspro Hub – 11″ powered subwoofer system

JBL Basspro Hub - 11" powered subwoofer system,...
  • Deep, powerful bass with power output of 200W RMS with Bass Boost ranging...
  • Dimensions (D x H): 14-3/16" x 6-1/2" (D360mm x H165mm)
  • Frequency Response 30Hz – 150Hz

You can’t go wrong with the JBL BassPro Hub if you love bass as much as you love your automobile. If you have the money to invest a little bit more than you would for a typical spare tire subwoofer and amp. Your needs will be met by the BassPro Hub’s powerful, clear bass. without occupying any room. It is made to provide a strong punch without the risk of overheating by using a Class D amplifier.

One of the original spare tire subwoofers on the market, the JBL Basspro Hub Spare Tire Sub comes from one of the most reputable audio brands. For reasons you’ll soon learn, it’s also among the best. The 11-inch subwoofer has a fibreglass cone and a robust rubber surround, which ensures good performance and a long lifespan. Additionally, it includes a 200-watt Class D amplifier. Given that they compliment one another and that the subwoofer has an RMS power of 700 watts, you can anticipate it to break some glasses—sometimes quite literally.

With a maximum power output of 300 watts, this subwoofer is perfect for use with aftermarket head units or stock stereos. Additionally, a wired remote control is provided, making it simple to modify the bass volume from your dash. Your music will sound fantastic and get an extra lift from this subwoofer. This system also comes with a wiring kit and all the installation-related components for added ease.

Your automobile audio system can benefit from more bass thanks to the JBL BassPro Hub. The BassPro Hub is tuned to deliver low frequencies and up to 300 watts of power from the spare tire area on your car. An 11″ subwoofer with an integrated amplifier, a high-performance woofer cone, a robust steel basket, and an injection-molded polypropylene cone surround are all included with the BassPro Hub.

The JBL Basspro Hub’s ability to dip down to 30Hz further enhances its performance value by enabling it to deliver realistic and distinct bass notes that really bring out the detail in your music. Additionally, it aids in removing noise abnormalities and interference. This is one of the greatest options available right now for people with little space. Use the connected remote to customise your audio experience. It has a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee, but given how well-reviewed this subwoofer is, you probably won’t even use it. We always advise purchasing extended protection when it is available for the best defence. This is the Best Spare Tire Subwoofer in 2023.

Cerwin-Vega VPAS12ST Spare Tire Subwoofer

Cerwin Vega 12 Inch 150W RMS 2 Ohm Active...
  • Revolutionize Your Car Audio: Upgrade with Cerwin Vega's VEGA 12" 150W RMS...
  • Enhanced Bass Experience: Experience deep, resonant bass with the 12-inch...
  • Plug-and-Play Operation: This powered subwoofer car audio is all about...

Looking for a subwoofer that is effective and simple to install? The CERWIN Vega Active & Passive Spare Tire Application Subwoofers Series is the only option. With its Auto Power Circuitry, Adjustable Input Sensitivity, RCA high and low-level Inputs, and Passive Radiator Design, this 12″ 4 Ohm subwoofer is made to deliver precise and tight bass.

The 12-inch low-profile subwoofer in this particular spare tire subwoofer is driven by a 250-watt fully integrated amplifier that is housed inside a cast aluminium heat sink. This gives you a considerably larger range than you’d anticipate, producing heart-pounding bass that can go as long as 20Hz (and as high as 150Hz).

Speaking of vast range, this spare tire subwoofer is simple to customise. It contains a connected remote control that you may use to change everything, including the gain, the bass boost, the low pass crossover filter, and even the phase. The fact that Cerwin Vega VPAS12ST is at the top of our list of the finest subwoofers for spare tire applications shouldn’t come as a surprise. It caused a lot of controversy when it first came out, but it has since established itself as one of the most effective subs of its kind.

Its built-in amplifier is what gives it its power. Cerwin Vega doesn’t fall short when it comes to blasting the decibels at you (or anyone nearby, for that matter). Remember that purchasing additional protection through Amazon to cover replacement should the need arise over the following few years is the best way to deal with the warranty. It does work if you put it just in your spare tire to get the optimum sound, though. You won’t notice the amazing effects, though, until you use it without the spare tire. This has also made it the perfect option for those looking for a slim subwoofer that may easily fit beneath their seat.

The Cerwin Vega VPAS12ST, which is one of the most potent spare tire subwoofers with an amplifier built in in, ultimately won us over. Being supported by one of the top companies in the sector is just the cherry on top that we all like to see. This is without a doubt the ideal course of action if you desire the finest and are willing to spend a few hundred dollars to improve your audio experience. It’s not just us saying it either; many people have shared their excellent experiences with it for you to see in a top-rated product on Amazon. This is the Best Spare Tire Subwoofers in 2023.

Rockville RockGhost Active Powered 8″ Hidden Car Subwoofer

Rockville RockGhost Active Powered 8" Hidden Car...
  • Features: Rockville RockGhost Powered Car Subwoofer (Amplifier built in)....
  • For Full Size Spare Tire Wheel Sizes of 15"/16"/17". Extremely loud (loud...
  • PWM MOSFET power supply amplifier built in. Low level RCA inputs. 8” high...

You may purchase the RockGhost subscription for less than $200 (at the time of writing). Given that a spare tire subwoofer setup may easily cost several hundred dollars, it’s a fantastic price. The drawbacks include dealing with the manufacturer directly for returns and complaints of defective items being delivered out. If you can afford to take the chance of having to return your Rockville Rock Ghost, you can save some money. However, these usually get addressed without a hitch.

Rockville takes pride in providing clear, clean sound that is backed by the essential bass without extraneous noises or vibrations. Additionally, it has an air-ported design that advances the situation more than some of the other spare tire subs could. Remember that it has a wired remote that is 20 feet long. It’s quite simple to change the sound emanating from your subwoofer. You won’t experience worn-out ears at the end of the day.

Without a question, this is the best option for a cost-effective solution. Even though it might not receive as much praise as some of the other spare tire subwoofers on our page, it is far less expensive than most of the others. Of course, you can experience some difficulties along the way, but this is to be expected when you’re attempting to go the affordable option.

This spare tire subwoofer is easily the least expensive of our suggestions and provides strong bass without burning a hole through your wallet. The fact that it accomplishes this without too many concessions is the finest part. In actuality, the 200 watts of RMS output and 800 watts of peak power are available from the 8-inch high-excursion speaker. Surprisingly, this subwoofer can reach frequencies as low as 20Hz, and thanks to a 20-foot wired dash remote, you can adjust it while sitting comfortably in your car. The device itself has overload and short circuit protection.

Seismic Audio – Hide-A-Bump88 – Hidden Dual 8 Inch Powered Car Subwoofer

Seismic Audio - Hide-A-Bump88 - Hidden Dual 8 Inch...
  • Model: Hide-A-Bump88 | Dual 8 Inch Active Hidden Car Audio Subwoofer for...
  • Power Rating: Peak Power - 400 Watts | Built-In Class D Amp | Sealed...
  • Dual 5x8 Aluminum Woofers | Impedance: Dual 2 Ohm | Frequency Response:...

Looking for a subwoofer for your automobile that is both effective and covert? The Seismic Audio Hide-A-Bump88 is the solution. With two 8-inch drivers and a 400-watt power rating, this subwoofer can provide a lot of thunderous bass. Additionally, it is made to accommodate 15″ /16″ / 17″ spare tires, freeing up your trunk room for other items.

This 8-inch powered subwoofer has a 400 watt peak power output and is designed to fit in your spare tire space to provide earth-shattering bass. The two 5×8 woofers deliver lots of power, and the aluminium cone and highly treated foam surround ensure precise sound reproduction. You can fine-tune the sound to your preferences using the variable crossover frequency.

The subwoofer is always ready to rumble thanks to the auto switch-on feature. Thanks to the included mounting hardware and simple to understand directions, installation is a pleasure. The Seismic Audio Hide-A-Bump88 is the ideal option if you want to add some thump to your movies or more bass to your music.

Although the woofer (8′′) is smaller than some of the other subs we have evaluated today, this shows that size doesn’t always important. It will undoubtedly provide you bass at a balance you can be proud of with to its dual 58 aluminium woofers and built-in 400W amplifier (peak power). Remember to take a deeper look at the top choices that were highlighted previously if you’re searching for a more robust solution. However, this is a solid option if you simply want some extra bass when you jam while driving.

Gravity Warzone WZ10US 10″ Pro Audio Active Compact

Gravity Warzone WZ10US 10" Pro Audio Active...
  • 10" Compact SLIM Spare Tire Subwoofer
  • Power: 1000 Watts | Frequency Response: 30Hz - 150KHz
  • Phase shift to compensate for time alignment problem in the system

The 2-ohm voice coil used in the construction of this subwoofer provides more wiring possibilities when using amplifiers. The subwoofer can produce deep and reliable low-end extension from a small package with the highest level of efficiency thanks to the die-cast aluminium housing, which is made of quality high-density material. The 10 “The woofer cone is designed to provide deep bass quickly and tightly, with little distortion and almost no unwelcome second- and third-order aberrations.

The enclosure doesn’t take up any room in the cargo compartment of your automobile. For optimum dependability, this subwoofer is built with a cast aluminium chassis, which is incredibly strong and offers great heat dissipation. You can customise the bass level by using the bass remote control that is included with the subwoofer. With this subwoofer enclosure, you can easily install an out-of-sight sound system inside the spare tyre hub.

The 10 “Bass is produced by a woofer cone made of feather-light fibreglass with a rubber surround. For more reliable low-end extension performance, the subwoofer enclosure is constructed of die-cast aluminium with exceptional density and robustness.

Best Spare Tire Sub – Buyer’s Guide

When you’re in the market for the top spare tire sub, you’re looking at a unique niche of audio equipment. Spare tire subwoofers aren’t just a gadget you pick up on a whim, they are a statement – a commitment to superior audio quality without sacrificing space.

Space and Compatibility

The first question you need to ask is: will the subwoofer fit? Measure your spare tire compartment meticulously, noting the width and depth. Most spare tire subwoofers are designed to universally fit standard spare tire wells, but it’s always better to be sure. Compatibility is not just about dimensions; it’s also about acoustics. A spare tire subwoofer should harmonize with your car’s acoustics to enhance, not overpower, the listening experience.

Power and Sensitivity

Wattage is not just a number, it’s about how it translates to sound. Consider RMS (continuous power handling) over peak power. RMS gives you a clear idea of how powerful your spare tire subwoofer will be on a regular basis. Sensitivity, measured in decibels (dB), is also crucial. A higher sensitivity rating means more sound from less power, which is especially important in the confined space of a spare tire well.

Sound Quality

The core purpose of a spare tire subwoofer is to deliver deep and precise bass. Look for features like built-in amplifiers, high-quality cone materials, and advanced sound technologies that ensure clarity at all volume levels. Distortion should be minimal, and the sound should be pure, regardless of how loud you like your music.

Connectivity and Integration

In the modern age, connectivity is key. Your spare tire subwoofer should seamlessly integrate with your existing audio system. Whether it’s through simple RCA inputs or high-level speaker inputs, ensure that the subwoofer you choose can connect easily with the equipment you already have.

Durability and Build Quality

Your spare tire subwoofer is going to be in a place that might see a lot of movement and possibly even moisture. Look for a subwoofer with a sturdy build and materials that resist corrosion and wear. Features like rubber surrounds and treated cones add to longevity.

Additional Features

Consider if you want a passive or active spare tire subwoofer. An active subwoofer has a built-in amplifier, which simplifies installation and usage. Look also for subwoofers that offer remote controls for bass level adjustment and other settings that can enhance user experience.

Passive vs. Active Subwoofer

An active subwoofer has a built-in amplifier, which simplifies installation and usage.

Remote Control Options

Look for subwoofers that offer remote controls for bass level adjustment and other settings that can enhance user experience.

Brand and Warranty

A reputable brand often means a quality product and customer service. Check the warranty and support options. A longer warranty can be a sign of the manufacturer’s confidence in their product. By considering these key factors, you can make an informed decision and choose the best spare tire subwoofer that meets your audio needs and seamlessly integrates with your vehicle.