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Sonible pure:bundle

The Sonible pure:bundle plug-in bundle is a genuine rival for your digital arsenal, whether you need a hand mixing, prefer to spend more time recording, or appreciate improving the productivity of your workflow. You’ll be able to quickly and easily add reverb, limiting, and compression to any channel or track with the help of three AI-supported effects and mastering tools. The process is straightforward: select a style or genre profile, let your plug-in listen to your music, and reap the benefits of hands-off management without the artifacts and peaking frequencies that human fiddling frequently introduces to a mix. The best part is that, should you need to change your output, you’ll still have total control over the distinctive set of characteristics that each plug-in offers, allowing you to gently steer yourself toward the ideal end tone.

Sonible pure:limit

Having Sonible’s AI-driven pure:limit limiter plug-in stored in your studio’s production library will give you immediate access to quick and accurate limiting capabilities with the least amount of work. Choose from Soft, Normal, and Hard limiting intensities to provide dynamic compression to your tracks that ranges from smooth and natural to violent and hefty. Even a dropdown menu with a choice of genres to choose from is available to help pure:limit create the atmosphere you’re going for with your project. Pure:limit is the best option for those who want straightforward outcomes because it guarantees less time will be wasted on working out the nitty-gritty details and more time for you to concentrate on the creative direction of your project.

Sonible pure:verb

The entire tone of your mix depends on finding the right amount of reverb. The pure:verb plug-in from Sonible makes it simple to focus on the ideal effect. With Sonible’s cutting-edge AI design and parametrization intelligence, your input signal is automatically analyzed to create a unique reverb profile. You can use the built-in Inflate option to control the thickness of your effect once pure:verb provides the groundwork. Also, pure:verb will automatically adjust reverb levels to retain very clean low, mid, and high frequencies, so you won’t have to worry about muddying up your mix. The fastest and most convenient way to quickly create top-notch reverb is with pure:verb.

Sonible pure:comp

Experienced studio professionals and up-and-coming producers can simply overcome the challenging compression process using Sonible’s pure:comp plug-in. Pure:comp uses ground-breaking AI technology and only three straightforward controls (Compression Strength, Style, and Clarity) to automatically modify its parameters based on your style to achieve the ideal frequency balance in any mix, every time. The plug-innovative in’s Inflate setting, which enables you to push extra movement into your compression to generate a broader overall sound, is something we are very happy about. Can’t identify where the undesired artifacts in your mix came from? No issue: Pure:cutting-edge comp’s AI parameterization guarantees that your tracks remain perfectly clear throughout the process.