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Audiofier Pragmabeat Review

Although Pragmabeat has a lot of capabilities and may be a very complex library, using it for its most basic purposes is extremely simple. There are 4 HITS layers (also known as KITS or KIT PIECES) and 4 LOOPS layers in the Pragmabeat sound structure. Snare hit, cowbell hit, etc.) are examples of single sounds that can be sequenced, whereas loops are examples of pre-recorded rhythms that can still be altered and sequenced.

The automatic sound combining and pattern/sequence generating features of Audiofier Pragmabeat are its key feature. Drum kits and multi-structured patterns can be created practically literally at the press of a button. Because of the enormous selection of sounds (HITS and LOOPS) and the randomization engine’s capabilities, PRAGMABEAT offers an endless supply of rhythmic ideas for every music composer or producer.


Combinations of Loops and Hits sequences.
At the touch of a key, new rolls and fills are generated.
There are seven user-recallable items.
Mod Wheel’s real-time groove intricacy and sparsity.
Automated Generating of Sounds and Rhythms.
Progressive Patterns are built in 24 scenes (from simpler to more complex).
Effects from individual layers for each scene (build a different mix per scene).
Chain Randomization of Scenes (let Pragmabeat choose the scenes sequence and change at a given rate).

How does Pragmabeat work?

The 4 HITS sequences and 4 LOOPS will be activated simultaneously by pressing C3 on the midi keyboard (or triggering it with a DAW). Tom/SNARE fills, DRUM ROLLS, and SNARE FILLS are all respectively triggered by the key switches C#3, D3, and D#3. Selectable Crash Cymbals sounds are triggered by the key switch E3. The 4 Key-switches C1, D1, E1 and F1 trigger the 4 HITS sounds that can be played like with a regular drum hits library. The four key switches C2, D2, E2, and F2 individually activate the four loops.

The SCENES shift will be initiated by the key switches from C4 and B5. Pragmabeat mixtures of sounds and actions make up scenes. These Key-Switches have undergone PROGRESSIVE sequence randomization if they are presented in multiple colors, ranging from yellow to red. The yellow keys will in this case activate less active HITS sequences and LOOPS combinations, and each key will activate a more complicated scene, culminating in scene 24, which will be the busiest and most complex.