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Best P90 Pickups 2024

Single coils and humbuckers are the two most common types of guitar pickups. The issue with this classification is that the P90 pickup is frequently forgotten. Despite being a single-coil pickup, the P90 is in a league of its own. It has a striking design and produces a distinct tone. Many players believe the P-90 to be the best all-around guitar pickup of all time, as it sits somewhere between a humbucker and a single-coil pickup in terms of sound and feel. The P-90 was first introduced by Gibson in 1946 as a single-coil pickup that combined the bite and brightness of a standard single-coil with the extra power and richness of a humbucker.

This is why P-90s were so popular, because of their high output, which allowed guitarists to get the powerful, rock guitar sound they wanted without too much twang. From 1946 to the late 1950s, the P-90 was the standard pickup in Gibson guitars, until the humbucking PAF emerged on the market.

Seymour Duncan Antiquity P-90 Dog Ear Pickup

Seymour Duncan Antiquity P-90 Dog Ear Bridge...
  • Authentic Vintage Tone - Our Antiquity P-90 Dog Ear bridge pickup captures...
  • Period Correct Construction - Utilizing two specially calibrated Alnico 2...
  • Gritty Midrange - In the bridge position, chords have a gritty midrange,...

Picking up a pair of Seymour Duncan’s Antiquity P-90s is the next best thing to prying the P-90s out of an original 1959 Gibson ES-330. The same hand-fabricated bobbin, Alnico II bar magnets, simple enamel mag wire, and flatback tape can be found beneath the impressively aged black plastic dog-ear cover as on the original.

It’s no wonder, however, that this modern-day P-90 (available in bridge and neck varieties) sounds remarkably similar to the original! It has a wonderful roughness and balance, and it has a smooth vintage tone. Single notes are clear but well-rounded, while chords sound bright and sharp. The Antiquity is one of the most costly P-90s on our list, but it’s one that’s well worth the money.

If you’re seeking for a genuine P90 tone, look no further. Most critics agree that Seymour Duncan’s humbucker size is the closest thing to the original pickup from the 1940s. As a result, it’s no surprise that many guitarists are willing to pay a premium for one of the most costly P90 pickups on the market. This is the Best P90 Pickup in 2023.

Seymour Duncan SHPR-1n P-Rails

Seymour Duncan SHPR-1n P-Rails Pickup - Neck
  • Electric Guitar Pickup Neck Pickup with P-90
  • Single-coil Sounds - Black
  • Humbucker

Purists of the P-90 may disagree with this item, as the SHPR-1 by Seymour Duncan isn’t your typical P-90. However, if adaptability is what you seek, this ingenious hybrid pickup is well worth your time.

The SHPR-1 is a humbucker that splits into a P-90 and a Strat single-coil, and is available for both bridge and neck. This pickup produces a big, authentic P-90 tone with loads of vintage character after installing a three-way mini-switch (on-off-on) — the P-90 is clearly the highlight.

The humbucker has a lot of body and is well-balanced, while the single-coil has a lot of twang and sharpness (albeit it’s a little thin). From country and surf to classic rock and metal, this guitar is ideal. With so much variety, it’s a wonderful deal for just under $100. This is the Best P90 Pickups in 2023.

Seymour Duncan SPH90-1N Phat Cat Humbucker Neck Pickup

Seymour Duncan SPH90-1n Phat Cat Pickup - Neck
  • P-90 Pickup f Humbucker-equipped Guitars - Neck

It’s easy to see why players flock to Seymour Duncan’s PhatCat for a real P-90 snarl. This real single-coil P-90 soap bar pickup is handcrafted in California with Alnico II magnets and a nickel-silver baseplate, and fits in normal humbucker slots in the neck or bridge positions. The PhatCat is an excellent rhythm and lead guitar, with loud, ringing chords that have a mix-cutting brightness and excellent sustain for soloing. When a little gain is added, it produces stunning clean tones as well as plenty of traditional P-90 grit.

They’re a lovely single-coil soap bar choice with a high-quality metal casing that helps to eliminate hum. They’re a long-lasting option with a decent weight and a modern, polished appearance. They have Alnico II magnets, which soften the attack and brighten the tone overall. They have P90 thickness and are a perfect option for guitar players who seek a crisper vintage sound for their leads.

It’s also a little quieter than other soap bar style pickups, thanks to wax-potting, which keeps things squeal-free. This nice pickup provides excellent value for the money.

Tonerider Hot 90 Soapbar P90 Bridge pickup – black

Tonerider’s Hot P-90 is one of the best sounding pickups on this list, despite being one of the more affordable options. As a real P-90 should, it has a lovely balanced tone with superb bass response, articulate mid-range, and brilliant high-end that cuts through the mix beautifully.

This Tonerider has a wax-potted Alnico V bar magnet that is overwound for a hot output and strong tone that holds its clarity as the gain and loudness increases.

Cream or black coverings are available for these P-90s. These are terrific value for the sound they provide – ideal for rock or blues performers who are just getting started with P-90s.

Lindy Fralin P-90 Soapbar Pickup Set

Lindy Fralin may not be as well-known as Seymour Duncan, but the Virginia pickup manufacturerknows how to produce a good pickup, as their P-90 demonstrates. These soap bars are described as a “P-90 on steroids,” and we have to agree. The output is massive, with a lovely tone, thanks to Alnico IV magnets and plain enamel wire. When played cleanly, it’s well-balanced with a prominent mid-range, but as the overdrive is increased, it really shines with a gritty snarl.

Despite the snarl, these P-90s are a picture of clarity. They’re available separately as neck or bridge pickups as a budget option, but they also come as a pair. The P-90s aren’t the cheapest, but they’re well worth the money and playing style.

This is the pickup for any guitar player if you’re looking for vintage P90 sound qualities. The Lindy Fralin is loaded with features that distinguish original P90 pickups. Butyrate P90 bobbins, alnico IV bar magnets made in the United States, and 42-gauge plain enamel wire are the same as those used in Gibson’s P90 pickups from the 1950s.