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Best Opto Compressor Plugins 2024

An optical compressor is an analog compressor that modifies the dynamics of an audio stream using a light element and optical cell. The light element emits more light as the audio signal’s amplitude rises, which causes the optical cell to attenuate the output signal’s amplitude.

FabFilter Pro-C 2

Since Pro-debut, C’s a lot has changed, and Fabfilter has taken note by giving FabFilter Pro-C2 a makeover. The interface may now be resized to small, medium, or large sizes and now has a full screen mode. The SSL bus compressor also supports Retina and High DPI devices. No more straining to see the buttons and digits. It’s encouraging to see best compressor plugins developers abandon the outdated restrictions on interface size and give users the choice of taking up more screen space. For Pro-C2, fet compression couldn’t have arrived at a better moment, especially in light of the extensive redesign of the display portions. Version 2 has grown into a powerhouse with all aspects of dynamics at a quick glimpse in one window thanks to better background use and the adoption of FabFilter’s “floating main controls” found in Pro-MB and Pro-C2. You have to switch between the side-chain and level display in Pro-C1 because of this.

Pro-C 2 is undoubtedly the most complete opto compressors, but whether or not it will work for you depends totally on the type of job you’re doing. I couldn’t suggest this more highly for someone looking for surgical control with surprising ease of usage. On the other hand, if you’re someone who pushes your signal to the limit and uses “all buttons in,” you could find Pro-C 2 to be a little monotonous. However, I’ve actually used Pro-C 2 to shape a track before running it through an even more extreme compressor, so it’s possible that it’s appropriate for everyone. This is the Best Opto Compressor VST Plugin in 2023.

Softube Tube-Tech CL 1B

The collaboration between Softube and Tube-Tech has produced many outstanding plugins since 2006. This CL 1B is an absolute modern classic that reproduces the original’s powerful, warm analog tone. This optical compressor plugin is an exact replica of the CL 1B compressor from the ground up. This plugin is perfect, down to the software’s audio and visual user interface. To enhance the renowned character of this compressor, Softube has added more functions in addition to the original controls.

This opto compressor emulation has a ton of standard features. With virtual constantly changeable knobs, adjust the output volume, ratio, and threshold. Adjust the time constants using their respective virtual knobs after choosing one of three values for the attack/release controls. With the exception of the sidechain bussing switch, which has been replaced by a selector that lets you choose between external and internal sidechains, the interface of the plugin version is an exact replica of the interface of the hardware version for gain reduction. The plugin version of the CL-1B analog hardware does an amazing job of recreating the sound signature of the hardware mono Opto compressor, in addition to the interface.

Due to its superior performance and the appealing qualities of its attack and release, the CL-1B plugin is unmatched for both subtle and audible compression. The CL-1B is particularly adaptable when it comes to producing snappy compression for sounds like snares and over-compression for instruments like guitar, bass, etc. thanks to the flexibility of the attack and release times for producers and engineers.

Overall, Tube-CL-1B Tech’s is an excellent duplication of the hugely successful gear produced by the same firm at a quarter of the cost. This is the Best Opto Compressor Plugin in 2023.

Tone Empire OptoRed

OptoRed, an accurate hardware simulation with a transparent sound, is a great fit for voices and bass.

The foundation of OptoRed is a traditional American tube compressor. The leveling of a track is its primary application. You can use OptoRed to quickly create a clean, balanced sound, for instance, if your bass track contains a number of powerful transients and dips. Of course, it sounds fantastic on drums, percussion, synths, and other instruments as well. Because it lacks an attack or release parameter, you must use its wet/dry knob to regulate the tone.

The Sidechain section is located at the bottom of the compressor’s interface. It listens to a filtered input when it is turned on. You can choose a low-pass filter using the Freq parameter between 20 Hz and 200 Hz. Therefore, bass-heavy sounds like bass synths, bass guitar, or drums are best left out of this section. The “Comp/Limit” toggle converts the compressor into a limiter by switching between a lesser compression ratio and a massive ratio. Compressors have obvious purposes, but since bass synths and guitars frequently need a lot of compression, we also advise utilizing them on those instruments.

OptoRed simulates a hardware unit, but the audio isn’t colored—that is, saturated or distorted—in any way. Instead, it places a strong emphasis on transparency while retaining the tube Opto compressor’s compression characteristics.

Although the glue compressor lacks a few common characteristics, it makes up for it with a beautiful sound that can be used everywhere. Even if the digital compressor doesn’t introduce any noise or distortion in the name of colour, it still performs as expected. The price, which is a bit exorbitant for a non hardware compressor, might be the only issue. This is the Best Opto Compressor VST Plugin in 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Opto Compressor?

A light element and an optical cell are typically used in opto or optical compressors to modify the dynamics of an audio signal. The light element increases its light output whenever the audio signal’s amplitude rises, which leads the optical cell to attenuate the signal’s amplitude even more.

How to mix with opto compression?

Opto Compression, which is useful for addressing quick, abrupt transients while mixing, creates smooth compression at a very high ratio. Since opto compression won’t severely squish the signals, it creates a pleasing sound. To extract the greatest sound from an input signal, many music producers and audio engineer combine various types of compressor types with the audio signals.