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Nordic Cello by Have Audio Review

Nordic Cello was recognized by Sample Library Review for Best Ethnic/World Virtual Instrument launched in 2022. The solo cello in this library, which is a part of the Arctic series, was recorded at Have Studios in Madrid utilizing unusual playing methods that evoke barren, chilly, and nordic environments. A number of sound design approaches are added to the sound via the Ice large knob, further immersing you in this setting. For underscore and cinematic music, it’s a terrific option. It downloads using Pulse Downloader and calls for Kontakt Full.

Nordic Cello is a brand-new sample library that delivers ultimate playability, hyper-realism, and plenty of FX and creative applications that will make every musician, film composer, and music producer incredibly pleased. It was deeply sampled and expertly performed by Parisian cellist Jean-Philippe Feiss. There are numerous articulations, ranging from the traditional real legato, various pizzicatos and staccatos, tremolo, and unique articulations, prolonged approaches, and dramatic textures. All of this is built into our brand-new Nordic Engine, which also features a ton of world-class FX, controls, and a Drag&Drop slot for importing your own samples, loops, and potential Nordic Cello sample extension packs to edit inside the engine for frozen, Nrdic results.

There are several common articulations used in this piece, including several pizzicatos, staccatos, legato, etc. However, a variety of texture patches can also be used to produce original sounds, particularly when coupled with the lovely Ice Blend FX tool. The Ice Blend Fx control, when activated, not only produces a cool visual effect but also a lovely ambience using an unidentified blend of reverb, delay, and probably additional elements. Nrdic Cello now features new effects in addition to a number of macro controls that let the user manage the effects from the home page. However, the presence of some distinctive articulations and sound design elements means that Nordic Cello can be used in both novel and some conventional applications. I did find that there were volume inconsistencies between some of the articulations (with legato being much louder than the others and the legato wasn’t quite as smooth and connected as I would have liked).

The Nordisk Kontrabass idea has been adapted by Have Audio for the cello and improved upon. When paired with the lovely Ice Blend FX, which is especially pleasing with its vast ambient combination of delay and reverb, Nordic Cello produces distinctive sounds. The follow-up library to Nordisk Kontrabass by Have Audio is Nordic Cello. In order to give the conventional cello a distinctive sound, Have Audio has incorporated numerous new features into Nordic Cello, including new FX, new macro controls, and drag-and-drop functionality. Nordic Cello is a worthy addition for anyone needing Cello sounds.