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Music Box Suite by Frozen Plain

Music Box Suite offers a distinct collection of music box sounds that will broaden your sonic palette as a tool for both genuine music box creation and captivating sound design. Our VST/AU sample-based synthesis engine, Mirage, powers Music Box Suite. The two multi-sampled music boxes and the corresponding set of samples that make up Music Box Suite are housed in this engine. These sounds can be stacked, filtered, tweaked, and manipulated to your specific needs in Mirage, making it the perfect playground for them. This bundle includes 40 production-ready presets, including keys, ambient textures, and genuine music box instruments.

The samples from our previous Kontakt collection, Dual Music Box, are the foundation of Music Box Suite. Every sample has undergone new editing and mastering. Both new sounds and new presets have been created. You can purchase this item for less money if you already own a Dual Music Box. For every powered-by-Mirage product, a free sample-based synthesis VST/AU plugin for Windows and Mac is included. It serves as the central control point for the new sounds from FrozenPlain and provides a robust collection of parameters and effects for quick and versatile sound design, regardless of the sound source.

The 2 multi-sampled music boxes, each with 4 round-robin, form the heart of Music Box Suite. The Victorian music box comes first. The tone of this instrument is warm and vintage. The tiny music box comes in second. This sounds brisk and delightful. These 2 instruments can be used to create new, captivating sounds by subtly layering them. Some of the winding-up noises and the “whur” of the music box mechanism are also included in Music Box Suite. You may use these to make a completely realistic music box piece.

To complement the real music box sounds, this offering includes a number of supplementary samples. As a result, Music Box Suite‘s capabilities go beyond genuine music box simulation. This is demonstrated through the 40 supplied presets, which comprise keys, pads, and ambient textures. These complementary sounds mostly consist of altered recordings of real music boxes, but there are also a few more instruments including synth strings, a guitar pluck, and glockenspiel. Instruments can be stacked, reversed, looped, adjusted, and distorted using Mirage’s straightforward interface. It creates a special tool that is perfect for adding a beautiful melodic element to any composition, whether it be an electronic piece or a cinematic one. This coupling of Music Box Suite‘s samples inside Mirage’s engine.