Best MMCX Cables 2021

Linsoul Tripowin Zonie 16 Core Silver Plated MMCX Cable

Linsoul Tripowin Zonie 16 Core Silver Plated Cable SPC Earphone Cable for TIN Audio T2 T3 UE900s SE215 SE425 BGVP Earphones(MMCX-3.5mm, Grey)
  • High Quality Raw Material. Since the Tripowin C8 earphone cable has received quite good feedback, here we are bringing you with the new budget HiFi cable, Tripowin Zonie, It features silver plated cable SPC wire, with 16 cores silver plated. You can truly explore the next music level with Tripowin Zoine IEM cable
  • Wide Application. The Zonie cable is designed with several connectors and plugs to suit for most devices and earphones, even the high-end earbuds. The wide range of application makes it ideal for any replacement. Simply choose the right style for your devices. MMCX, 2PIN and recessed 2-pin with 3 different plugs, pick anyone of them from your needs
  • Improvement on Sound Quality. With this Tripowin cable, you can easily replace your cable with a upgraded one. It offers more choices for your hifi earbuds. The sound quality is improved to be more real, brighter and less distortion. The three frequencies can be more vivid through this cable. Tripowin Zonie is aming to provide you with the best budget IEM that can explore the new stage of music sound
  • Soft Cable with Long-lasting life. The cable adopts special braiding technique. It looks sophisticated but also elegant and neat in look. It feels soft and easily be stored without any tangling. The earhook is also pre-shaped into a best angle to fit your ear securely. You can wear it no matter you’re enjoying music quietly or doing sports
  • What You Will Get? Linsoul Audio is the legal distributor for TRIPOWIN products. All products are authentic and genuine. Please rest assured that we will stand behind our product with 1 year warranty and if you have any questions or concerns, please contact our 24 hours easy-to-reach customer service

Starting with one of the Best MMCX Cables, which is also one of the most affordable and efficient. Linsouls are available in silver or gold (silver copper) stranded SPC wire. This is a follow-up to the Tripowin C8, which was popular and affordable too. There’s not much more to say here – if you have less than $ 20 to spend, this is highly recommended, almost just for thread count. It’s popular, affordable, and one of the best on the market today. It has a large number of features such as the following:

This is a 16 conductor silver cable.
It is suitable for most devices, including high-end headphones.
The flexible cable is durable and long-lasting. You can easily store it without tangling, which is often the number one problem with cables.
The length of the cable is 1.25 meters.

Shure RMCE-BT2 Bluetooth MMCX Cable

Shure RMCE-BT2 High-Resolution Bluetooth 5.0 Communication Cable
  • Premium, wireless audio performance. A dedicated, premium headphone amplifier provides superior, high-fidelity audio quality with wireless capability
  • Support for multiple codecs. Qualcomm apt audio, apt HD, apt Low Latency, AAC, and SBC enable superior digital audio
  • Featuring Bluetooth 5 wireless technology. Bluetooth 5. 0 is also backward compatible and will integrate with all Bluetooth sources
  • Up to 10 hours of play time. Battery allows up to 10 hours of play time with up to 350 hours of standby time and is rechargeable via USB microbe cable
  • Compatible with all Shure detachable earphones with MMCX cable connectivity

It would be our first pick for the Best MMCX Cables. aptX HD (with aptX compatible source device, eg Android) and AAC (perfect for iPhone owners) and SBC compatible MMCX bluetooth cable. This is Bluetooth 5 with backward compatibility (the RMCE-BT1 was Bluetooth 4.1). Battery life is around 10 hours, which is less than some, but to be honest I’ve never used a bluetooth cable long enough to flatten it out and if it’s flat you get a warning.

The bluetooth dongle comes with a shirt clip so that you can attach it to your tag, collar, or t-shirt to make it much more convenient to use in any situation. Compatible with the full line of Shure headphones: SE215, SE315, SE425, SE535 and SE846 and any other headphones with an MMCX connector. It has a built-in microphone for calls, but I have never found MMCX bluetooth cables with mic to be of the best quality, so don’t expect too much from any of the bluetooth models.

KINBOOFI 6 Core Silver Plated MMCX Cable

6 Core Upgrade Silver Plated Replacement Cable, Black MMCX Detachable Earphone Cable Replacement Earphone Wire for Shure 846 535 215 315 425 MAGAOSI K5 LZA4 A5 (3.5mm Audio Jack, MMCX)
  • ❤ SILVER PLATED COPPER MATETIAL REPLACEMENT CABLE: This 6 Core black upgrade cable use the the silver plated copper wire, total 6 core wires was included in this audio cord. MMCX 3.5mm Audio replacement cable, length is about 47inch .
  • ❤ SOUND & SOUNDSTAGE IMPROVED CABLE: Silver plated cable prevents distortion of sound quality, and it maximally duplicates the original sound. This upgrade earphone cable delivers a considerably more defined, articulate bass response through greater linearity and resolution. The greater mid-bass control of the SPC cable forms a cleaner bass presentation that enhances delineation between notes.
  • ❤ MMCX UPGRADE EARPHONE CABLE: This cable has MMCX earphone connector part suit for Shure 846 535 215 315 425 MAGAOSI K5 LZ A4 A5 earphone etc.
  • ❤ 3.5mm AUDIO JACK SUIT FOR MUSIC PLAYER LIST: This 6 core 3.5mm audio jack upgrade cable suit for Fiio M7, M3,X1 II, Pioneer XDP-100R, Sony NW-A45,NW-A45HN,NW-A46HN,AK Jr, Shanling M0, M2s, M1, M3 DAP, M5 DAP, M2 Music player etc. More models, please check the product descriptions for more info.

Stay cheap for a couple more. For less than $ 25, these are a simple option with a silver offering. This will fit the full Shure 215, 315, 425, 535 and SE846 range, and the Westone range and anything else that has MMCX connectors. 3.5mm or 2.5mm jack connector as standard, depending on the model you choose. It is an upgraded 6-core cable that serves as a replacement for Shure and Westone. It’s reliable and priced under $ 25. Features include:

The cable is available in 2.5mm and 3.5mm audio jack variants. Choose the one that suits your needs.
Use the silver copper wire.
The length of the cable is around 47 inches or 1.2 meters.
It doubles the original sound well and minimizes distortion to a great extent.
It comes with a 12 month warranty.