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Best Melody Generator Plugins 2024

A music-production tool known as a melody generator plugin may quickly produce chord and melody patterns that are close to random. Melody generator plugins, which are frequently powered by artificial intelligence (AI) technology, are designed to assist musicians in developing fresh melodic and harmonic ideas.

The ability of melody generator plugins to alleviate writer’s block makes them beneficial. Melody generator VSTs give you the inspiration you’re lacking whether you’re struggling to start a new song or come up with an intriguing chord sequence. Phrases and patterns should only be used as a general guide because they can later be modified to suit the tastes of each producer.

EVAbeat Melody Sauce 2

EVAbeat’s Melody Sauce 2 is one of the most comprehensive melody generator VSTs available and has a distinctive UI. Both fresh melodies and new chords may be made using it, and it serves as an unending source of creativity. Importantly, it distinguishes itself from the competitors by being genre-based and having an integrated sound engine.

Melody Sauce 2 will expedite your workflow by providing you with an endless and immediate supply of original, high-quality melodies that can be made for you in a few clicks, if you’ve ever struggled to come up with melody ideas or needed some melodic inspiration in your music-making.

With Melody Sauce 2, you can effortlessly connect to any software instrument and produce MIDI melodies in your DAW utilizing the integrated Sound Engine and FX. Simply drag and drop your MIDI melodies into your DAW or use the new Advanced Editor feature to refine them further with this chord generator plugins.

Melody Sauce 2 gives music creators a respectable degree of control because it can generate musical phrases based on genre. Hip-hop, electronic dance music, and even reggaeton are some of the genres listed. Melody Sauce 2 is more than simply a MIDI-based plugin; it also has its own sounds (and a few built-in effects), making it simple to preview melodies and chords. This is the Best Melody Generator Plugin in 2023.

Plugin Boutique Scaler 2

Scaler 2 includes its own sounds and offers a limitless number of melodic and harmonic combinations, just like Melody Sauce 2. So what exactly distinguishes it as unique? It’s great for producing intricate MIDI articulations that can significantly alter the final product and is more focused on music theory concepts.

Small customizable automation called MIDI articulation, among other things, can greatly improve the expressiveness and realism of a virtual instrument’s sound. This is a game-changer if you only operate inside a DAW. In contrast to Melody Sauce 2, which was created to meet the needs of producers with no prior knowledge of music theory, Scaler 2 is incredibly thorough, even including an interactive circle of fifths.

Midi Madness 3

Using a straightforward set of probability weightings, Midi Madness 3 can generate an infinite number of melodies. Midi Madness can produce melodies, chord progressions, and sequences by only being given basic parameters, such as a chord progression and several MIDI controllers.