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Best Left Handed Bass Guitars 2024

Finding the best left-handed bass guitar for your particular needs can actually be a case of information overload. So, how about we try to ease your decision-making process a little bit? Sound good? Calling all left-handed bassists: Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the number of right-handed bass guitars available and wished there was a “Best Left Handed Bass Guitars Guide” to help lessen the pain? You’re about to read that guide right now, which is some astounding news I have to share with you. Even though this guide is mostly intended for beginning and intermediate bassists, more seasoned players will also find some more expensive basses.

Fender Player Jazz Electric Bass Guitar – Pau Ferro LH Fingerboard

Fender Player Jazz Bass, 3-Color Sunburst,...
  • Guitar Bridge System: Hardtail Bridge
  • Guitar Pickup Configuration: Single Coil

It’s a left-handed variant of the well-known Fender Player Jazz Bass, to put it simply. It boasts a sturdy alder body with a lovely gloss sunburst finish, and the 20 medium jumbo fret Pau Ferro Fingerboard is mounted on top of the ‘C’ shaped maple neck. The Player Jazz’s two Alnico 5 single coil pickups, each with its own volume control, adhere to the traditional Jazz Bass design.

Fender’s most affordable line of instruments is the Player Series, which is made in the company’s Mexican factory to help keep costs down. The value here is astounding; these are bass instruments of the highest calibre that will last you a lifetime. There is a good chance that one or more Player Series instruments will be on stage if a band is performing at your neighbourhood bar. Their popularity has nearly made them synonymous with the travelling musician.

The signal from each pickup can then be blended to your preferences in this way. One knob controls the overall tone, making modifications quick, simple, and efficient. The last touch is period-appropriate hardware, including a bridge with open gear tuning machinery and individually adjustable saddles. There’s no doubting the Fender Jazz Bass left-handed thump power or the air of ‘cool’ that surrounds it. Oh, and it also plays and sounds really decent. This is the Best Left Handed Bass Guitar in 2023.

Squier by Fender Classic Vibe 70’s Left-Handed Jazz Bass

Squier Classic Vibe 70s Jazz Bass, Black,...
  • 100% designed by Fender
  • Inspired by 1970s-era Jazz Bass models
  • Fender-Designed alnico pickups

One of the most recognisable bass models is Fender’s Jazz Bass. The Squier Classic Vibe ’70s model is a very reliable and competent bass that welcomes left-handed players into the fold and provides a decent feature set for the price. With a body that is an exact reproduction of the vintage design, but reversed for left-handed bassists, jazz bass mojo is in the house. Poplar, a gentler tonewood with a mellow sound, was used in its construction.

Each of the neck and bridge pickups has a master volume and tone control. Furthermore, for those who enjoy a more aggressive bass attack, these two pickups offer an intriguing sound. especially now that they have slightly repositioned the bridge pickup. This enables you to produce a variety of tones resembling the original versions from the 1970s. For the machine heads and the bridge with its four saddles, they stayed true to the original designs. Furthermore, it features a bone nut, which is a wonderful addition.

The neck is made of maple and has a ‘C’ shaped profile that many players find to be quite cosy. The fingerboard is also composed of maple, but the fret marks are block inlays rather than dots. Although the electronics on the Classic Vibe ’70s Jazz are very low-frills, they are nonetheless of high quality.

Fender’s own-design Alnico single coil pickups are used, and they are each given a separate volume knob (ideal for blending the two signals) as well as a master tone control. There isn’t any high-tech active material here, but you might not actually need it. Both the open geared tuning machinery and the saddle-style bridge include historical styling in the hardware section. Overall, the Classic Vibe ’70s Jazz left handed bass is quite excellent and more than deserving of a place in your collection.

Sterling By MusicMan 4 String Sterling by Music Man Ray34 StingRay Bass, Left-Handed

Sterling By MusicMan 4 String Sterling by Music...
  • The Ray34 in Natural finish pays tribute to the iconic, original Music Man...
  • Precision built with Ash body, Hard Maple neck, and Maple fretboard for a...
  • Sterling by Music Man design Alnico humbuckers coupled with a 3-band preamp

The Sterling S.U.B Ray4 was made by Music Man using an existing design and is intended to be a left-handed duplicate of the original while maintaining a manageable level of investment.

The basswood body of the S.U.B Ray4 is available in gloss black or gloss black. Although it’s terrible, there aren’t as many colour possibilities for left handed models as there are for right handed ones. A bolt-on hard maple neck, maple fretboard with 22 frets, and plain black dot inlays are features of the left-handed version.

Leo Fender also created the Music Man bass guitar, which is why it has an eye-catching, aesthetically pleasing, and ergonomic design. A list of bass guitars is available from Sterling by Music Man. Sterling by Music Muic Man Ray would be the most reasonably priced one. Basswood was used to contour the body, and maple was used for the neck and fingerboard. Pickup is a typical fat humbucker that is controlled by Volume, 1 Hi Cut/Boost, and 1 Low Cut/Boost. It is mounted on the bridge. Next up is Sterling the Music Man Ray34’s bass model.

The bass’s natural-finished swamp ash body has a lovely satin-finished maple fretboard and neck. A volume knob and a 3-band active preamp are used to control the Sterling alnico humbucker pick-up. Both basses have the heavy duty bridge, open tuners, and six screw bolt-on neck to body joints that made the Music Man bass models famous.

In the bridge position, a single humbucking pickup is managed by a master volume and 2-band active EQ. It’s a relatively straightforward arrangement that might not offer as many tonal options as a two pickup setup, but it’s more than sufficient. In terms of gear, what you’ll discover is typical for a bass at this price range. On the headstock, open gear tuners are mounted, and the bridge, which has adjustable saddles, has a die-cast metal base rather than a piece of steel that has been cut into it.

Despite this, none of it is “poor” or “substandard”; on the contrary, the hardware options are wholly useful. Many players adore the StingRay’s core characteristics, and the S.U.B Ray4 is an excellent method to do so without incurring additional expenses.

Schecter Stiletto Extreme-4 Bass Guitar (4 String, Left Handed, Black Cherry)

Schecter Stiletto Extreme 4 LH Left-handed Bass...
  • 2 Humbucking Pickups - Black Cherry
  • 4-string Electric Bass
  • Rosewood Fingerboard

When choosing and searching for a bass, especially one in this price category, we frequently choose the most obvious or well-known options, forgetting that there are other brands that produce high-quality basses, such as this pair of basses from Schecter. as a brand introduction for individuals who might not be familiar with it yet. Since its inception in 1976, Schecter has produced high-quality spare parts for guitars and basses made by renowned manufacturers. When it introduced its first range of completely constructed guitars and basses in 1979, that’s when everything really got going. Hisatake Shibuya, the creator of ESP LTD, is the current owner of Schecter.

Each bass has a unique body style. The wood double cutaway body of the Schecter Stiletto bass guitar boasts a see-through finish. A 24 fret rosewood fretboard with a maple neck is adorned with perloid and abalone vector inlays. The middle and bridge pickups on this bass are Schecter’s proprietary Diamond Bass pickups, which are managed by a single master volume, Blend, and an active 2-Band EQ. While the Shecter Diamond P Plus bass has an alder wood body with a retro appearance. Rosewood has a 20-fret fingerboard and a maple neck with MOP dots. Seymour Duncan’s Quarter Pound P SPB-3 and MM SMB-4D pick-ups are used on the neck and bridge, respectively, and are each controlled by a single master volume (Series-Parallel Push-Pull), a 4-way rotary pick-up selector switch, and an active Seymour Duncan 2-Band “STC-2S-B0” for EQ.

Rogue LX200BL Left-Handed Series III Electric Bass Guitar Metallic Blue

Rogue LX200BL Left-Handed Series III Electric Bass...
  • Basswood dual cutaway body
  • Bolt-on maple neck with rosewood fingerboard
  • High-mass adjustable saddle bridge

When it comes to making inexpensive bass guitars and entry-level guitars, Rouge is a well-known brand. Some seasoned players actually prefer to purchase bass models like this that are less expensive and then upgrade and modify the parts as a hobby for a custom-built instrument. The basswood body of the Rogue LX200BL bass is light and sculpted with a double cutaway, while the maple neck and rosewood fretboard. high-quality wood is used to make guitars and basses.

Bridge to tuners, everything of the hardware is sturdy. P/J bass pickups have independent volume and tone control knobs for the neck hum-canceling split single-coil P-Style pickup and the bridge single-coil J-Style pickup. Cheap instruments don’t always imply that they are difficult to play or have poor sound quality. They are simply manufactured particularly and kept at a reasonable price to be accessible to a larger market, so that anyone interested can learn to play and enjoy these wonderful instruments.