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Best LCR Speakers 2023

Best LCR Speaker (Left, Center, Right) are ideal for creating a great Home Cinema system in rooms up to 320ft2. The LCR speaker can be set up horizontally for the center channel or vertically for the left and right channels. This in-ceiling loudspeaker is perfect for wide open areas with no back wall. All five uses are front left, center, or right channels, as well as rear left and rear right channels.

Monolith THX-LCR THX Ultra Certified 3-Way LCR in-Wall Speaker

Monolith THX-LCR - THX Ultra Certified 3-Way LCR in-Wall Speaker, 1in Silk Dome Tweeter, for Home...
  • Premium drivers high excursion woofers. Silk dome midrange. Silk dome tweeter. Featuring carefully selected drivers that deliver a flat frequency...
  • The 6. 5in high excursion Woofers feature a long fiber pulp cone, NBR Surround, and are designed with shorting rings to keep distortion at a minimum....
  • The THX speaker series feature carefully selected fourth order Linkwitz-Riley crossover network acoustic filters. This sophisticated crossover...

The Select-certified 2-way THX-265IW, the Ultra-certified 3-way THX-365IW, and the THX-LCR are the three models in Monprice’s THX-certified Monolith speaker series for home theaters. The Select-certified 2-way THX-265IW, the Ultra-certified 3-way THX-365IW, and the THX-LCR are the three models in their THX in-wall series at this price range.

That’s the essence of what the Monolith THX-LCR can accomplish in an in-wall form factor that some audiophiles and cinephiles reject as a poor compromise in terms of aesthetics. Fantastic dynamics, power handling and spatial replication, combined with the flexibility to manage practically unlimited capacity, result in a genuinely pleasurable home theater system experience that, unexpectedly, does not suffer at all when listening to 2-channel music. This is the Best LCR Speaker in 2023.

BIC America FH6-LCR Formula Series FH6-LCR Dual 6-1/2-Inch 175-Watt 2-Way LCR All-Channel Speaker

BIC America FH6-LCR Formula Series FH6-LCR Dual 6-1/2-Inch 175-Watt 2-Way LCR All-Channel Speaker,...
  • 175 watt, 2-way, 3 driver all-channel speaker
  • Dual 6-1/2 in. injection-molded woofers with butyl rubber surrounds enable extended bass output.
  • 6-1/4 in. mid/high frequency aluminum dome horn tweeter with neodymium magnet delivers high efficiency output to 116 dB (live rock band levels)

The FH6-LCR all-channel speaker is an excellent choice for individuals looking for a cost-effective speaker that can play up to 116 dB-live rock band settings. Any music listening position can use this speaker for the center, front main, back, and surround channels. This speaker is designed to be used as front speakers as well, with mounting cuts on the back that are both flat and vertical.

There are better-looking speakers that cost significantly more, but this speaker delivers where it counts with its flawless sound and ability to project through the entirety of the chaos that today’s films will invariably mix in, making it appear home theater experience. It’s in a class with no one else at this value. These are the Best LCR Speakers.

OSD Audio 6.5” Trimless in-Wall LCR Speaker – Dual Woofers & Dome Tweeter

OSD in Wall LCR Center Channel Trimless Speaker 6.5" Dual Carbon Woofers & Aluminum Tweeter, 3db...
  • WOOFERS: The OSD Trimless In-Wall LCR Speaker has BIG dual 6.5" black Kevlar woofers, putting out powerful sound and more bass.
  • DESIGN: This speaker has a trimless grille thin bezel that blends with the decor of any room when mounted in a wall. It can be painted to appear flush...
  • LCR SYSTEM: In any room, this in-wall speaker can be used as left, right, and center to timbre match the front channel/system.

The OSD Trimless In-Wall LCR Speaker is a great solution to update your home theater setup with dual woofers, titanium dome tweeter, and Dolby Atmos audio. The LCR is designed to match the front channel system for optimal left, right, and middle function. Optimal Speaker Architecture designs, manufactures, and delivers high-quality residential and commercial audio solutions in your living room.

This speaker has a timeless grille with a thin bezel that blends well with any room’s decor when mounted on the wall. It can be decorated to complement the rest of the decor in your home. To complement the timbre of the front channel/system, this in-wall speaker can be used as a left, right, or middle speaker in any room.

KEF HTF8003 Sound Bar Speaker

KEF HTF8003 Sound Bar Speaker Black
  • Sized perfectly to complement flat panels 42-Inch or larger both in width and depth
  • Attractive design and thin profile to match depth of most flat panel televisions
  • The soundbar's stylish aluminum enclosure contains dual 2-Inch woofers, a 3-Inch bass/midrange

The KEF HTF8003 doesn’t provide anything that sets it apart from the competition, with a long tubelike shape and a glossy black finish. While viewing movies, it offered some of the best sound quality we’ve ever heard from a soundbar. Supporting bookshelf surround speakers are available from KEF; their modest weight makes wall mounting easier. KEF offers matching bookshelf surround speakers; relatively lightweight makes wall-mounting easier. Single-speaker soundbar; amazing sound on movies for a soundbar; elegant exterior design; KEF offers matching bookshelf surround speakers; relatively lightweight makes wall-mounting easier.

The KEF HTF8003 is one of the most expensive soundbars we’ve heard when you take in the cost of an AV receiver and subwoofer, but it boasts some of the best sonics we’ve heard from a soundbar. The HTF8003’s overall sound is extremely simple and succinct, making it one of the best best lcr speakers for home theater.

Polk Audio 265-RT 3-way In-Wall Speaker

Polk Audio 265-RT 3-way In-Wall Speaker - The Vanishing Series | Easily Fits in Ceiling/Wall |...
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR SOUND WITH A DEEPER BASS for a true cinematic experience. Powered by Dynamic Balance, Distance Toggle & Polk's patented Power Port...
  • BUILD A HIGH-PERFORMANCE HOME THEATER SYSTEM THAT DELIVERS, Designed to offset reflective surfaces with no sound distortions, use this 3-way speaker...
  • EASY TO MOUNT AND INSTALL - PERFECT FIT TEMPLATES, a precision flange, (available) pre-construction brackets and the PATENTED ROTATING CAM system...

The Reserve Series R350 2.5-Way LCR Speaker from Polk Audio offers a variety of positioning and setup choices. It contains a 1′′ Pinnacle Ring Radiator tweeter and four 4′′ turbine cone woofers that can take up to 200W of power from your amplifier. Break-up modes are less of an issue with this style because it is so small that it can easily play at very high frequencies.

The center channel speaker, when utilized in conjunction with the rest of the home theater setup, can primarily provide on-screen speech rather than sound effects from the other speakers. Two R350 speakers will be used in the front left and right speakers. It’s a hybrid of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X sound with Hi-Res Audio certification.

NHT C Series C LCR Premium Home Theater 3-Way Center Channel Speaker

NHT C Series C LCR Premium Home Theater 3-Way Center Channel Speaker - Clean, Hi-Res Audio | Sealed...
  • Include this 3-way center speaker in home theater systems for broad dispersion in both horizontal and vertical planes and more comprehensible and...
  • Combining both the previous 2C and 3C centers into a single product, NHT redesigned the cabinet to stand vertically or horizontally to create a...
  • The C-LCR uses the same 6/5-inch aluminum cone woofers as the C-3 and C-4, as well as the aluminum dome 2-inch midrange and 1-inch tweeter.

The NHT Classic C-LCR 3-Way Center Channel Speaker – Great Gloss Black reproduces lifelike sound in your house with high quality and outstanding detail. This 3-way central speaker can be utilized in home theater systems to produce more intelligible and accurate sound in the seating area, as well as broad horizontal and vertical dispersion.

NHT redesigned the cabinet to stand vertically or horizontally in a limited-space high-output theater setup, effectively merging the earlier 2C and 3C centers into a single product. Combine with other NHT C-Series components for a high-end home entertainment system in a gorgeous high-gloss black container for the best in wall lcr speakers.

Definitive Technology Di 6.5 LCR in Wall Speaker

Definitive Technology Di 6.5 LCR in Wall Speaker (Single)
  • Easy to install
  • Pivoting pure aluminum dome tweeters
  • Lifelike sonic performance

Definitive Technology designed this unobtrusive in-wall speaker for outstanding sound quality in home theater applications. Install one on each side of your television and use the other as a center tube, either below or above it. The speakers are flush with the wall on each side. Because of its paintable, low-profile grille and concealed flange, it practically disappears in your room.

The DI 6.5LCR combines a pivoting 1′′ aluminum tweeter with two 6-1/2′′ motors for precision highs, full-bodied bass, and amazing dynamic range listening experience. The rotating tweeter allows you to fine-tune the sound of your device by directing sound directly to your hearing area. Your new headphones, on the other hand, would almost certainly sound better as a result of this.

Energy Speaker Systems 72-21168 RC-LCR Center Speaker

Energy Speaker Systems 72-21168 RC-LCR Center Speaker (Black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
  • Features include: Place horizontally as center channel for powerful effects, clear dialogue Vertical placement ideal for left/right front speakers...
  • Specifications System Type: Bass Reflex, Dual Rear Vented Frequency Response: 48Hz-23000Hz +/- 3dB Recommended Amplifier: Power Bass Reflex, Dual Rear...
  • Low Distortion and Resonance: No speaker system is distortion- or resonance-free, but Energy achieves a significantly lower "distortion level"; for a...

Given their cost, the RC Series speakers were great. These speakers are composed of high-quality materials and are long-lasting in design. To my ears, the sound is soothing and moist. Vibration is uniformly distributed via the RC-LCR. Because of this, using it on the left, centre, or right is effective. The neighborhood will talk about your home theater thanks to its powerful sound and stunning presence.

Every RC-LCR speaker comes with port connectors, enabling it to be installed in a cabinet or bookshelf because no two installations are ever the same. These plugs guarantee the most fluid frequency response while accurately capturing the feeling of any video. The no-compromise architecture offers the best performance, most dependability, and excellent aesthetics.

Earthquake Sound EWS-LA63 Edgeless Line Array in-Wall LCR Speaker

Earthquake Sound EWSLA63 In-Wall Line Array LCR Speaker - Hi-Res Audio, 1" Silk Dome NEO Tweeter,...
  • Line array LCR speaker combines (6) low-mass poly cone midrange drivers and (1) wide angle mounted silk dome Neodymium tweeter, all housed in an...
  • Professional line array technology consisting of identical drivers seated directly beside each other, efficiently transferring sound from the speaker...
  • Versatile with a slim, compact design, you can install this speaker as a center channel below a TV screen or use it as a left, right, and surround...

A line-array in-wall speaker system that virtually disappears into the wall and mixes in with most furniture is the Earthquake Sound EWS-LA63. The LA63 requires less power from your amplifier while yet providing wide ranges of sound quality and sound pressure level. This is made feasible by the line array configuration, which focuses the music on the seating area rather than the entire venue.

This system uses less input power to deliver a high sound intensity level to the listener since it directs sound. As the input power is decreased, wall reflections become less prominent. Frameless construction reduces visibility and creates a seamless mix, and Turn-n-Lock mounting technology makes installation straightforward.

Best LCR Speakers Buying Guide

Sound Quality

LCR speakers produce amazing sound that would make any mortgage holder happy. The length and thickness of the cable flowing to LCR speakers is another problem with the way they produce sound. The concept is simple: the greater the sound, the thicker the wire and the shorter the length. A tiny cable and long runs can fundamentally corrupt a signal.


When adding LCR speakers, safety should be a top priority. You should purchase specially constructed speaker wires designed for an LCR speaker. To comply with building and fire code requirements, these are proposed.


The size of LCR speakers depends on the size of the space in which they will be used. If you have a speaker that is correctly measured, it will provide a more powerful, fuller sound. Too few LCR speakers won’t produce sound of high quality and could even distort it.


A controlled subwoofer is unquestionably necessary whether you’re using LCR speakers for home theater or dedicated music listening. You hear a sound that is hotter and more logical as the low frequencies are rounded off. Several subwoofers can fold behind a love seat or table since they are sufficiently small. Subwoofers can be installed in your wall, floor, or ceiling for a beautiful arrangement while also saving space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there two woofers in the LCR speakers’ middle speaker?

The LCR speakers’ central speaker contains two woofers so that the tweeter may be positioned in the middle; if it were on one side, the left-right soundstage would be compromised.

Is it appropriate to mix and match speaker brands?

Mixing and matching speaker brands and aesthetics is acceptable. This suggests that the front speakers ought to be produced by the same business and designed to work together. The surround rear speakers, left and right speakers, and both can be comparable.

Will the LCR speakers’ central speaker be above or below the television?

The middle speaker of the LCR speakers should be placed directly beneath the TV for best results. It can more accurately simulate the sound from the television when it is at or near ear height. The next best place to put it is directly above the TV if you can’t put it below.