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Best Lap Steel Guitars 2024

One particularly American instrument is the lap steel guitar. Not to be confused with the larger, leg-equipped pedal steel. To adjust the tune and modulate the sound, it also features levers and “pedals.” Although the two phrases are frequently used synonymously, they refer to separate instruments. Compared to the pedal steel, the lap steel is more similar to the Blues bottleneck guitar. There is frequently terminology confusion because of the similar sounds.

Three different models of lap steel guitar exist. On your lap is the widely known instrument that we can all recognize. There is also the Dobro, which features a cone to increase volume and a larger square neck. The sound that we are all familiar with as being “Hawaiian type” is the electric lap steel with pickups.

widely utilized in music styles like country, folk, Americana, Hawaiian, and blues. One of the most full-bodied sounding stringed instruments is the lap steel guitar. By mastering this instrument, you can use a wide range of tonal options to create original music or just for fun.

Asher Guitars Electro Hawaiian Junior Lap Steel Guitar – Tobacco Burst – With Gig Bag

Asher Guitars Electro Hawaiian ® Junior Lap Steel...
  • Great cross over instrument for guitar, Dobro and Weissenborn players
  • High performing electronics, and flat-radius wrap-around bridge design
  • 24 fret lines for access to the 3rd octave, amazing sustain

Many people will be familiar with Asher if we mention his name. William Asher one of the most sought-after guitar artisans, or luthiers. Paul Simon, Jackson Browne, and Fleetwood Mac are just a few of his amazing list of clients. In 1982, he founded his own business to produce high-quality instruments. His Los Angeles-based boutique guitar business currently serves customers all around the world.

Although it is a great instrument for beginners, this guitar is a little bit more than that. This guitar’s quality indicates that professionals can use it as well. It boasts a solid mahogany neck-through-body construction with a scale length of 25 inches. It also has 22 frets. The guitar has plenty of resonance thanks to this design. Mahogany makes up the neck, however the fretboard is made of rosewood. The nut has a width of 1 and 7/8″ inches and is constructed of micarta. The bridge’s aluminum wrap is 2 and 3/16″ wide. It is simpler to play thanks to the larger spacing that this width enables for the strings.

There are two high power humbuckers installed, providing you with a variety of tones. The controls have a straightforward layout with a three-way toggle for picking up items. One master control is for tone, while the other is for volume. On the main body and headstock, a lovely tobacco sunburst finish is applied. It includes a reliable gig bag. Asher Lap Steel strings have been installed.

It seems a little misleading to describe this guitar as a beginner or entry-level guitar. Everything about it, even the tobacco finish, is of the highest caliber. It is manufactured in China, transported to the US, then assembled in Los Angeles. This is the Best Lap Steel Guitar in 2023.

SX Lap 2 Ash NA Electric Lap Steel Guitar

SX LAP 8 NAT 8 String Lap Steel Guitar w/Free...
  • This full size 8 string American swamp ash body lap steel features 36 frets...
  • The strings are spaced widely, with 3/8" between each one. This makes it...
  • It is perfect for Blues, Rock, Hawaiian, Country, Bluegrass, and Western...

SX Lap 2 is a beginning lap steel guitar in the lower price category. It is perfect for beginner players because it is made to be simple to play. It has 36 frets and is 33 inches long in full-size. American Swamp Ash is used to make the main body’s neck-through construction. A maple fretboard has been added to it to increase its charm. With a weight of about 10 pounds, it is incredibly lightweight. Diecast chrome tuners, a volume knob, and a tone knob are located at the headstock.

With this instrument, they went for a crisp, single-coil P90 sound that is cleanly pushed. It includes a carry bag, a retractable stand, and a glass bar for playing. The stand, the instrument, and all will collapse to fit inside the bag.

It may be used in many different fashions and was not just created for beginners. Though it may be most popular in Hawaiian and Country music, it also works well in Bluegrass, Rock, and Blues. You have the choice of using the stand, setting it on a table, or holding it in your lap. It offers an easy playing position because of the neck-through construction. For the new player, this is helpful.

The tone of this instrument is a plus. It has the “twang” that many players desire thanks to the single-coil, but to its credit, the infamous “single-coil hum” is scarcely discernible. The cost, which makes this a very accessible instrument, is another significant benefit. a P90 at a terrific price, well-made, attractive style, and high-quality materials. What more do you require? possibly a contender for the title of best lap steel guitar. This is the Best Lap Steel Guitars in 2023.

Rogue RLS-1 Lap Steel Guitar with Stand and Gig Bag

Due to its affordability and high quality, the Rogue RLS-1 can be readily regarded as the best lap steel guitar for beginners. This lap steel guitar has a single-coil pickup and produces a clear, bright tone with a hint of twang. Even though it might not have the finest tone of any lap steel guitar on the market, it can hold its own and even be a suitable option for seasoned guitarists who require a reliable, reasonably priced steel-string guitar without significantly compromising tone.

This is a fantastic example of the robust designs that Rogue guitars are known for. They are renowned for creating a good selection of entry-level instruments with reasonable prices. This guitar serves as an entry-level instrument in that context. However, it has a quality that seasoned players will value.

This is a full-size instrument with a length of 31.5 inches and a weight of somewhat more than ten pounds. The fingerboard includes position marks, while the body and neck are made of hardwood. The metallic red finish on the body completes the style and design. By providing screw-in legs, Rogue has given you the option of how you want to play.

Additionally, the Rogue RLS-1 lap steel guitar is quite easy to use. You can quickly and effectively change your sound with just one volume and tone control. Roman number markers are also included on the fretboard to help you learn where the notes are. The length and weight of this full-sized instrument are around 31 inches and ten pounds, respectively.

The body features a metallic red finish and screw-in legs so you can use a stand instead of having to prop the lap steel guitar up on your legs. This basic lap steel guitar is an excellent choice for beginners and comes at a very reasonable price.

You may anticipate a sharp, crisp, and very bright tone with a twang because a single-coil pickup is installed. Tone and volume controls are used to manage the sound. Rogue has made an effort to give the guitar a little more solidity. To make tuning easier, they also added chrome, geared tuners. The stainless steel pickguard finishes off the appearance. For transportation, a gig bag is provided that may also accommodate the legs.

This instrument has a lovely appearance and is therefore excellent for a novice. Its applications will cut across genres as well. That single-coil will emit traditional Hawaiian and country tones. Blues and bluegrass are also well within its range of performance. This is the Best Lap Steel Guitar for Beginners in 2023.

Recording King RG-32-SN Lap Steel Guitar Sunburst

Recording King RG-32-SN Lap Steel Guitar, Sunburst
  • Solid Mahogany Body
  • Single EMG-Designed P-90 Pickup
  • Volume and Tone Constrols

An entry-level lap steel guitar from Recording King, which has been on the market for a while, provides a great, consistent sound at a very reasonable price. One would not anticipate solid mahogany construction from a less expensive lap steel guitar like the Recording King RG-32. This is most likely the lap steel guitar’s strongest suit, and it might help you make a choice.

This model would be a great choice for guitarists looking to purchase a low-cost yet high-quality lap steel guitar. It is not only incredibly inexpensive, but it also provides a fun playing experience. It seems costly because of the appealing aesthetic and sturdy construction, which is built to last for a longer time. There are 6.6 pounds in all. Additionally, the dimensions are 33.8 x 10.5 x 2.2 inches.

Additionally, a perloid fretboard and metal button tuning mechanisms are included (which is quite pretty). To give you a mid-range tone with clarity and presence, this lap steel guitar has a single EMG-designed P90 pickup. Although there isn’t much tone control, the instrument’s natural sound is fairly decent, making it a great choice for beginners.

The play is made more enjoyable and enables a more expressive and effortless performance by the addition of volume and tone control knobs. Additionally, the body has open geared tuners and a string-through construction. There is only one pickup, and it makes a lovely tone. It is intended to provide a stronger and broader sustain. Try this if you want to improve your playing skills quickly and cheaply.

Imperial Royal Hawaiian Limited Edition Weissenborn Style Lap Steel Guitar

For years, imperial guitars have been renowned for their sturdy wood construction and superb playability. You can rely on its reputation for dependability, quality, and longevity. For those who are prepared to spend a good sum for remarkable craftsmanship, responsive performance, and high durability, the Royal Hawaiian Lap steel guitar from the Weissenborn limited edition is an excellent choice.

It has a cutting-edge design, and the deeper body is intended to provide a richer sound. It weighs only 4 pounds, which is quite little. The actual measurements are 42 x 15 x 8 inches. Let’s examine its structural layout. The sides and back of the guitar are built of laminated sapele, while the top is made of solid sapele mahogany. Traditional Weissenborn rope binding adorns the top, back, and neck.

Additionally, it includes a rosewood fingerboard with inlaid pearl and diamond position marks and a rosewood mustache bridge. Other features include a fantastic pickup system and gold-sealed tuners with ebony buttons. A custom hard shell carry bag with extra depth is included for a perfect fit. For a more enjoyable playing experience with improved tone, try this.