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Best Drum Libraries for Kontakt 2024

Any modern production needs drums to function. Percussion is in charge of establishing the rhythm of your production, whether it be a single beat or a whole movie. Consider using some high-quality pre-recorded samples if you need any but are unable to record them yourself. The wide range of instruments that are readily available demonstrate how well-known Native Instruments’ Kontakt program is. Let’s look at several drum libraries created for the software nowadays that can help you produce music with superb sound quality and elevate your song to a higher level.

Heavyocity Damage 2

After ten years since the release of the original edition, Heavyocity Damage library, which was recorded at Skywalker Sound Studios. You can anticipate hearing a range of percussion instruments because Heavyocity made sure they would be present. Along with the three accessible engines, you can alter each of these sounds to create something particular for your project.

The “Damaged” SFX elements, which were one of the distinctive characteristics in the previous version, are back. The same transitions and drum strokes will appeal to sound designers. Although you could modify them as well, it’s wonderful that the staff chose to include their opinions.

Taiko drums, snare groups, bass drums, and special percussion kits are all included. At the scoring stage of the studio, they even recorded a moving trashcan! Due to the inclusion of 41,395 samples, the majority of percussion instruments will be available. You can design your kit with 16 voice slots, each of which can load several sound sources and separate FX chains to them (compression, reverb, saturation, and many more). If you wish to keep that ideal set of instruments, it’s beneficial.

There are numerous loops in Damage 2 that are ready to be used in your project and inspire your imagination. More than 850 of these are straight or triplet, with the benefit of having FX or modulation added to them via a Unique Send FX layer. Transitions, impacts, and visceral percussion effects are examples of hybrid-percussive effects that can be employed on both a complex audio track and a movie trailer. Similar to the previous edition, Heavyocity made them with the demands of the SFX designer in mind.

Although there are numerous drum libraries available, few of them do it as well as Damage 2 does in terms of audio quality, theatrical sounds, and distinctive customizability. This is the ideal library for you if you’re an SFX designer or simply need some fantastic cinematic sounds for your works.

Wave Alchemy Drumvolution

A very sophisticated and potent virtual drum machine, Wave Alchemy Drumvolution provides you with more than 25 thousand different percussive sounds and an extremely capable engine. It provides polyrhythmic sequencing, a powerful layering tool, a 12-track mixer, and complete MIDI controller integration.

Drumvolution is a cutting-edge Drum Engine that is really current and driven by a revolutionary library of more than 28,000 electronic drums and sound production tools. Drumvolution offers an intuitive Drum Layering Engine and Browser, X+Y Pad, extensive modular Macro System, Parameter-lock Effects, Polyrhythmic Sequencing, extensive sound design parameters, and over 400 exquisitely designed presets. Drumvolution also boasts a sleek design and an unmatched creative workflow.

When it comes to making unique drum grooves, Wave Alchemy Drumvolution is extremely outstanding. Even if this genre of music is not your cup of tea, there is something about this virtual drum machine that makes you enjoy creating electronic rhythms. Anyone looking for a new virtual drum machine might consider Wave Alchemy Drumvolution. It provides you with a very powerful drum engine along with a large number of samples of the highest quality imaginable for a fair price.

AudioThing Tank Drum

Steel tongue drums are meticulously sampled in the AudioThing Tank Drum library, which features 3 velocity layers and 5 round robins for each sample. Seven convolution reverb IRs and basic ADSR controls are also included. We think that nowadays, just in case, every audio producer should have a hang drum in their toolbox. The key of E minor pentatonic, which severely restricts the usability of AudioThing Tank Drum, is its only drawback. However, a hang drum with a whole chromatic scale is quite rare. If you’re an audio producer seeking for a hang drum library in particular, AudioThing Tank Drum is a great option. But there is no reason why the rest of us shouldn’t have one, given its incredibly low cost and convincing realism.