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How to pair Cowin Headphones 2024

Amazing Bluetooth headphones from the Cowin brand are delivered to you in the finest way possible. They all have excellent sound quality and a wide variety of wireless connections. They operate wirelessly using Bluetooth, although certain versions also support NFC connections for Android users. Although connectivity and pairing are relatively simple to conduct, we are more than willing to assist you if you need it. You may find instructions on how to quickly pair Cowin Headphones with both Apple and Android devices in this page! So let’s get started with the Bluetooth settings right now.

How to pair Cowin headphones using Bluetooth?

The simplest way to connect Bluetooth headphones is over a Bluetooth connection, and your Cowin Bluetooth headphone is no exception. Any Bluetooth gadget you may have is essentially the same!

The instructions for doing so are as follows:

Find the Bluetooth option in Settings on both your device and the headphones. Make sure they have it switched on.

On your phone or any other device you are using the headphones with, check the list of Bluetooth devices that is displayed.

Tap on the Cowin headphones if they show up on the list to connect.

You can tell they are finally linked if the LED light on the headphones turns blue and remains that color.

Check your device’s notification bar to verify connectivity after finishing the aforementioned tasks.

Once connected to a device, Cowin wireless headphones let you move around within a 10 meter range while maintaining a strong and stable connection!

How to pair Cowin Headphones via NFC?

As previously discussed, some Cowin headphones come with an NFC pairing that is targeted at Android users. Near Field Communication, or NFC. It is a feature that was added to Android handsets and gives you connectivity. It permits short-range wireless connection with other NFC-equipped devices! When using it with Cowin headphones, all you need to do is tap your device on either of the earcups, and you’ll notice that the LED indication turns on right away. The headphones connect with the device and turn on immediately.

Sometimes a password is required when using these headphones with your smart devices. If that occurs, simply type 0000, and they will be connected right away. The Cowin headphones are quite simple to connect to your devices, as was already said. When switched on, the LED indicator performs a crucial function in this situation. Restart your device and the headphones if the issue reappears and they lose connection.

When the Bluetooth on your smart device is open or turned on after you pair any device with these headphones, the headphones connect to it totally automatically.