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Best Plugins for EDM 2024

After you have entered the desired sounds and samples, you might not know where to go if you are new to EDM. Although you are aware that the mixture can be enhanced further, you are unsure of what further can be added. The best method to enhance your outcomes is with some assistance in the plugin choosing process. You may take each track you have and enhance its placement in the overall mix by using these EDM plugins. Professionals in the field employ the top EDM plugins in addition to beginners and part-timers. Learn why these EDM plugins are so fantastic.

Native Instruments Massive X

Massive X is the eagerly anticipated follow-up to the renowned wavetable synth of the same name that Native Instruments published in 2007. Massive returns with a more robust feature set after being overshadowed by more contemporary and potent plugins like Serum.

It appears to be a downgrade from the three oscillators in the original Massive that Massive X only offers two. But don’t be fooled by that; the two oscillators contain 170 wavetables, including updated versions of classics like Scrapyard and Crusher. The possible wavetable modes have increased from 5 to 10. In addition, three “analog” oscillators are offered for more modulation options in addition to the two basic oscillators. You can utilize these oscillators as insert effects.

Additionally, there are two noise generators that can generate over a hundred different types of noise samples. Additionally, the Voice section allows for the stacking of up to six voices. There is only one primary filter in Massive X, but it can be switched to any of the other nine varieties.

The architecture of this plugin is its most noteworthy feature. Its parts can all be routed to one another, giving it nearly infinite capacities. Additionally, the signal path can be implemented in parallel or in series.

Massive X is obviously a heavyweight. Any ambitious producer, whether they specialize in trap music or electronic dance music (EDM), should desire this plugin because of the sheer range of its musical power, which includes oscillators, filters, sequencers, and effects. This is the best EDM VST Plugin in 2023.

FabFilter Pro-Q 3

The FabFilter Pro-Q 3 provides you with a comparable visual experience to the FabFilter Pro-C 2, but on an equalizer plugin. The Pro-Q 3 is a great plugin for helping you make those modifications when your main melody occupies too much of the audio spectrum or when you need those powerful kicks following a drop.

The plugin lets you choose the EQ you wish to apply to your sample and is best suited for mixing and mastering your sound. Additionally, it provides features including spectrum grab, enhanced filter shapes, and Dolby Atmos 7.1.2 audio support. The ability to select the precise region of the audio spectrum you like and change it freely in real-time is the key feature of the FabFilter series. Since this function provides far more information about what you are doing, it is preferable to utilize sliders.

Sometimes you want to decrease some frequencies slightly so your snare can pop, and other times you want to cut all frequencies behind a certain range. The Pro-Q 3 addresses this by providing you with a number of filter shapes to choose from, including flat tilt, bell, high/low cut, notch, and high low/shelf. You might need to perform some short work and completely remove a frequency band from your sample when utilizing the FabFilter Pro-Q 3. It is advisable to select the greater display ranges because they enable you to detect differences rapidly. However, as it enables you to make little modifications more precisely, try using the 3db range when managing the mastering of your music.

When you want to ensure any frequencies you don’t want to pass through, the plugin also provides a steep “brick wall” filter shape. Both the Low-pass and the High-pass filter types are compatible with this feature.

FabFilter Pro-C 2

Most compressors on the market don’t provide much visualization, allowing you to accurately understand how the soundwave alters as a result of your choices. The Fabfilter series, with its large line of fantastic mastering tools and comprehensive possibilities to adjust your sample, primarily focused on delivering that visual experience.

With 8 distinct compression types, low-pass and high-pass filters, audition triggering, and many other capabilities, the Fabfilter Pro-C 2 is no exception. These features will help you find the ideal sound for your song. The Fabfilter Pro-C 2 offers 8 distinct compression techniques in addition to the conventional compressor experience. The sounds range from a Clean, general sound to more specialized alternatives that improve the pleasure of mixing bus channels or vocals. Use the Pumping style, which provides your kicks and bass lines an extra deep flavor, for your EDM/Future Bass tunes.

The plugin’s low-pass and high-pass filters are fantastic additions since they let you eliminate some extraneous frequencies that could otherwise conflict with other components of your music. Applying your side-chain to the sample may reveal that the bass is producing a strong pumping sound, which can be great for EDM, but the high frequencies may be interfering with the sound you are trying to get. In this case, the filters do an excellent job of assisting you in getting the sound you are going for.

With the additional side-chain function, the Pro-C 2 has your back when you need to add a pumping effect to your sound. A “wave” effect or anything akin to a repeated “whip” effect is produced by side-chaining by changing the sample volume. You can adjust the strength with which you want this effect to affect your sample, and you can even add low-pass and high-pass filters to remove some extraneous frequencies.

For producers who are unsure of how compression affects your sample, Fabfilter is a great compression plugin. To apply the compression in the best way possible, use the additional 4x oversampling and auto gain and release options.

XLN Audio RC-20 Retro Color

The creative FX unit RC-20 (Retro Color) has a lot of punch. It’s the kind of plugin that can introduce audio flaws that are frequently missed in modern digital music recordings and give off the warm, fuzzy vibe of vintage equipment. If you enjoy discordant, warping, and changing sounds, the RC-20 from XLN Audio will do the trick.

The RC-20 is a creative FX unit made to give your electronic music audio the warm, homey feel of old analog equipment. The RC-20 contains all the necessary effects modules, including Noise, Wobble, Distort, Digital, Space, and Magnetic, to give your music the ideal amount of warmth and flaw.

SoundToys Decapitator

Try the SoundToys plugin when you want to give your song some personality. On any DAW you have on your PC, saturation enables you to simulate vintage circuitry. We’ll delve into some of The Decapitator’s standout attributes to see how effectively it does that. The Decapitator provides you with a Tone knob so you can modify the saturation if necessary for some of your samples. Turning the tone knob to the right will provide a brighter sound that is often utilized after choruses, while turning it to the left will produce a darker sound ideal for building up your drops.

You might discover that a track you’ve made lacks a certain analog vibe, but the Decapitator rapidly fixes this. If you don’t want to fiddle with the controls too much, it also offers you a choice of 5 distinct saturation types in addition to its lovely old hardware design.