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Best DiMarzio Pickups 2024

DiMarzio produces some of the most well-known pickups in the world and has a great artist roster that includes Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and John Petrucci, among many other extremely skilled guitarists and bassists. We’ll feature a couple of our favourite DiMarzio pickups in this article.

DiMarzio DP100 Super Distortion Bridge Humbucker Pickup

One of DiMarzio’s first pickups, the Super Distortion is made to immediately put your tube amp into overdrive thanks to its extremely high output. I’m blown away by the strength and tone the DiMarzio Super Distortion pickup produces; both single notes and chords have enormous volume, with humbucker-signature thick, boosted mids, fat highs, and killer lows. The DiMarzio Super Distortion was created to get the most out of solidbody guitars and is often a bridge-position pickup, but it works excellent in the neck with lower output guitar amplifiers. Is it too fat? The DiMarzio Super Distortion should be picked up.

One of the first aftermarket pickups manufactured, the Super Distortion was released in 1972 and basically launched Larry DiMarzio into the spotlight. Hard rock, metal, and shred players love it because it offers roughly twice the power of a standard PAF-style pickup, which is enough to drive the input stage of any guitar amp harder. Adrian Smith, Phil Collen, Paul Gilbert, and Zoltan Bathory are just a few of the prominent people that have used it over the years.

The Super Distortion can be spoken for either the neck or the bridge, however we only advise using it on the bridge because the reaction is a little too forceful for the neck. In addition to the Tone Zone, it is another “fat-sounding” bridge pickup that has a lot of weight and a smoother response thanks to ceramic magnets. Simply because of the pickup’s high output, you’ll definitely notice some additional breakup in your amp, especially if you’re using an ancient tube preamp.

The Super Distortion will work well for those looking for a thicker, more aggressive bridge tone. A fun aspect we noted is the absurdly large selection of colours and pole pieces you can select from, which is fairly typical with DiMarzio pickups. This is the Best DiMarzio Pickup in 2023.

DiMarzio DP155 Tone Zone Humbucker Pickup

DiMarzio Tone Zone DP155FBK Mic
  • Tone Zone DP155F BK
  • Features:
  • Splitable Dual Coil Pickup

You can get even more tones out of your guitar thanks to the DiMarzio Tone Zone’s wonderfully high output and incredible dynamic range. If you choose softly, the sounds are clearer and quieter; if you choose hard, you’ll receive a lot of fat strength. More than expected from a pickup this fat-sounding, the DiMarzio Tone Zone’s distinctive dual-resonance coils deliver killer overtones, enormous chords, and even single notes have depth. In your bridge position, do you need power? With the DiMarzio Tone Zone, step it up.

Among all current humbuckers, the Tone Zone from DiMarzio is reputed to have the largest tonal curve. The first to realise its potential was Joe Satriani, who exploited it to produce a distinctive sound.

It has a strong pickup and a lot of output. However, it still manages to provide you with a wide range of tonal alternatives. It responds to your personal style, just like almost other DiMarzio pickups do. It can be fairly gentle if you play it carefully. But if you hit it with a stick, it will immediately return the favour and then some.

You will receive a lot of overtones from the two resonance coils. Alnico 5 magnets are functioning nonstop. Strong and fatty chords are used. Each note is richly sounded and has a lot of depth. This might be the best option if your bridge pickup needs a little extra help. It consists of two noises together. Gibson started using the PAF, an early humbucker design, in 1955. It was mounted on the most advanced variants. In 1962, they ceased utilising it. a sound that is desired and longed for. This will be known as “Sound One.”

‘Sound Two’ was produced by FRED, Satriani’s preferred bridge pickup. Powerful compared to PAF prototypes, but with more sonic variety. And far more of what he refers to as “growl.” When you combine them, what do you get? The Tone Zone Humbucker Pickup by DiMarzio (DP155). a strong contender for the title of Best DiMarzio Pickup.

It has a sound that impacts forcefully since the lows, highs, and mids are all amplified. In fact, it somewhat resembles that you have turned up the EQ on your amplifier. This can enhance the tone of an ordinary guitar. Consider the possible effects on your sound. These are the Best DiMarzio Pickups in 2023.

DiMarzio DP173 Twang King Tele Bridge Pickup

DiMarzio DP173BK Pickup
  • Twang King Bridge Black
  • Conductor 2
  • Magnet Humbucker 5

Meet the DiMarzio DP173 to demonstrate that the brand is more than just roaring overdrive. the truck they refer to as the Twang King. You will be interested in this replacement for the Bridge pickup if you are a Telecaster enthusiast, because there are many of you out there.

A recognisable guitar is the Fender Telecaster. Definitely a legend in the country and rock music scenes. But the mist has occasionally descended, exactly like their fiercest rival Gibson. A Although not always, the bodies and the necks were in good condition. However, the sound was lost. DiMarzio made the choice to provide those Tele players with their primary needs. some authentic Tele twang They couldn’t simply repeat what had already been done, though.

They employed manually calibrated Alnico 5 magnets with two conductor wire. It’s crucial to consider the amount of winds around the bobbin. The pickup will create more output the more you have. This dimarzio pickups review has a controlled-tension coil-winding that produces a lot of output. It is quite unique for a single coil.

Have you have a Tele that either doesn’t have a twang anymore or, in some circumstances, never had one? This is effective. a fantastic, aggressive sound with a wide dynamic range that is precise in the lows as well as the highs.

Your playing style will determine how this pickup reacts. If you lightly strike the strings, you will get a soothing tone. If you strike them a little harder, the Telecaster’s signature sound will result. It might not be the simplest to fit for certain people, nonetheless. An excellent purchase for a fair price. It is a fantastic alternative to the Telecaster bridge pickup. Unquestionably a candidate for the title of Best DiMarzio Pickup for Telecasters.

DiMarzio DP158 Evolution Neck Humbucker Pickup

Dimarzio 200538 DP158BK evolution neck guitar...
  • Evolution neck black
  • 4-Wire – Magnet Ceramic – Performance 294 MV
  • Easy to use

You can get a lot of volume and a rich tone from the DiMarzio Evolution humbucking pickup. The Evolution is a guitar originally designed for the great guitarist Steve Vai. It has ceramic magnets, 4-conductor wiring, and DiMarzio’s proprietary dual-resonance setup, which generates more harmonic overtones than traditional humbuckers. This pickup offers lots of definition for the studio as well as high-octane live performance applications, making it a superb choice for pushing your amp to its full sonic potential. The Evolution will boost your axe’s performance to a new level.

At the same time, it offers a rich and sensitive pickup that emphasises your right hand’s movement and pick scrapes while also pushing out harmonics. Despite its versatility, we would still classify the pickup design as more modern because it performs particularly well when subjected to high gain and significant distortion.

DiMarzio’s Evolution bridge and neck pickups are the culmination of two years of research to find the ideal tone for Steve Vai’s guitars. They are made for maximum impact and power. The neck pickup is powerful, loud, and fat. The bridge pickup is more tense, hostile, and loud. Due to the dual-resonance design that DiMarzio has invented, both pickups may create more harmonic overtones than traditional humbuckers. Evolution pickups are not friendly-sounding and are not recommended for beginners, but if you have the skills and a powerful amp, your sound will ignite. Evolution pickups were first created with live performances in mind, but because of their immense presence and clarity, they also work well as recording pickups, cutting through even the most complex mix.

Nearly all solidbodies and the majority of semi-hollowbodies are compatible with evolution pickups. Even the lowest bass notes really pop out of the amp when using Evolution pickups, and feedback happens easily with a wide spectrum of harmonic overtones. Evolution pickups work excellent with bolt-on neck guitars and can give a lot of punch and definition to Les Pauls and comparable set-neck guitars.

DiMarzio DP223 PAF Bridge Humbucker 36th Anniversary Electric Guitar Pickup Nickel

The DiMarzio PAF 36th Anniversary bridge pickup combines remarkable power with precise articulation to produce a tone that is exceptionally sweet and has the perfect balance of warmth and clarity. PAF 36th Anniversary is a sensitive pickup that you can quickly turn nasty by making a small adjustment to your pick attack. The PAF 36th Anniversary’s magnetic field matches that of a 1959 Les Paul’s humbuckers, allowing your strings to vibrate longer and producing incredible definition akin to a single coil. The frequency response of this pickup is perfectly balanced thanks to its 42-gauge custom-coated wire. The bridge pickup on the DiMarzio PAF 36th Anniversary has all the qualities of the renowned humbuckers of the past.

We prefer the PAF humbucker’s extreme pick attack sensitivity for older playing styles rather than in a contemporary setting. This also improves its suitability for lead guitarists and produces some quite rewarding responses when a compressor is engaged.

There are two versions of it: one for the neck and one for the bridge. The bridge version has a little more heat and output. DiMarzio’s PAF series is most comfortable in a blues or classic rock setting, but it can work with a wide range of sounds and setups without sounding completely out of place. You’ll get some adaptability and a change of pace from DiMarzio’s typically contemporary style.