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Can You Wear Earbuds With a Tragus Piercing?

When fully healed, wearing a huge earring won’t cause you any problems. To reduce the amount of irritation and bacteria introduced to the region during the healing process, it is advised that you refrain from using the area while it is still freshly pierced.

Being patient is essential if you want to resume your music and entertainment demands after getting your tragus pierced because it is quite sensitive and you don’t want it to become infected. But once you’ve recovered, we have more information to share with you.

How Long After a Tragus Do You Need to Wit to Wear Earphones?

There is a typical amount of time for you to properly heal if no problems arise, but you should always heed the piercer’s recommendations as well as any sound medical advise from your doctor.

Four to eight weeks is the standard healing time. This allows the fresh piercing to heal, which can prevent an infection or other problem since your earbuds are usually contaminated in bacteria from being exposed to the air. It is best to observe this advise because bacteria can cause a variety of problems with open wounds.

By adding more germs straight to the area where the unhealed wound is, you have a significantly higher risk of causing an infection if you try to cut this short. Infections can result in a wide range of health problems, so please take caution.

How To Listen to Headphones with a New Tragus

When you’ve made your choice and finished the tragus piercing, you might want to play some games, listen to an audiobook, or listen to some music. If so, you should consider how you’ll use headphones while wearing a new tragus piercing.

While earbuds are not in use, you can purchase a set of on- or over-ear headphones that won’t press against the area or introduce bacteria that could infect you.