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Can You Use Regular Speaker Wire For Subwoofer?

Any audio system needs a subwoofer, which is a crucial part. Bass frequencies are reproduced with accuracy and clarity. To ensure that a subwoofer performs well, the wiring process must be carried out correctly.

Can you use regular speaker wire for a subwoofer?

Your subwoofer will work properly if it is connected to a receiver using standard speaker wire. The cable picking up radio signals and sending them out through the subwoofer is the only thing that might go wrong if it is not sufficiently shielded.

Because subwoofer cables are shielded, interference cannot degrade the output. Conversely, speaker wire, which is intended to carry an amplified signal, is typically not shielded. Unshielded cables, especially those that are longer, are more susceptible to interference. I’ll address all of your inquiries about using standard speaker wire with a subwoofer in this guide.

Using A Subwoofer With Regular Speaker Wire

Subwoofers can function with speaker wire even if they are intended to be used with their own unique wires. However, because both speakers are built differently, this approach is probably less accurate than the first. The subwoofer’s active or passive nature will largely determine whether it is compatible with speaker wire.

If the subwoofer is active, it means that its own amplifiers are incorporated into it. On the other hand, if it is passive, it functions just like a typical speaker. A certain kind of connection is typically necessary for an active subwoofer.

Phono is the term for this. This is possible because phono connections can transmit a signal from the main receiver or amplifier of the audio system’s subwoofer-specific output terminal. There is only one wire needed for this low-level connection. A passive subwoofer, on the other hand, functions just like a standard speaker.

Subwoofers that are passive must be driven by an external amplifier. The vast majority of AV surround system receivers nowadays can only carry amplification for the channels designated for surround sound. The bass is transmitted through and driven by speaker cable rather than a separate subwoofer wire. Having said that, active subwoofers can still be powered by standard speaker cable. It is possible to use them as a component of a regular stereo sound system, though they perform best when connected to a dedicated subwoofer output using a specially designed phono wire.