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Artistry Audio Monolith

An infinite bass engine, Monolith is poised to take your music to new heights. Use thousands of powerful presets to instantly cut through your mix, or delve deeply into the parameters to create your personal bass tones. For endless inspiration, choose from any of the 85 groups of high definition basses, subs, orchestral, and synth samples or import your own samples.

Monolith, which was created for the Free Kontakt Player and is completely NKS integrated, loads as a single NKI and has hundreds of presets for virtually infinite instrument and FX combinations. With just a few clicks, incredible bass tones may be created from two layers of pure raw samples that have been manipulated with macros, motion, and layer fx chains. Your music can reach new heights because to Monolith! To swiftly cut through your mix, use hundreds of earth-shattering presets, or go deeply into the parameters to create bass tones uniquely your own.

The fully functional browsers with onboard tagging for master presets, cores, and source sounds are the brains of Monolith. Quickly navigate the presets to find a dynamic bass line that works great for your project. Use the presets for sequence, arp, motion, and FX to create a superior bass sound that is prepared for dancefloor or widescreen dominance.

Despite the dual-layer instrument’s straightforward design, Monolith has a tonne of choices for rhythmic automation. Multiple parameter layers can be adjusted, ranging from complex arpeggio and motion sequence programming to tempo-synchronized FX macros. You can easily apply these potent mutations to any bass sound thanks to dynamic playback, a number of playback modes, and preset banks.

Utilize the thorough randomization engine of Monolith to discover new audio horizons. The dice buttons let you to control sound, playback, FX, macro assignments, and more. By employing randomization filters, you can change only the components of the sound that you wish to alter. The outcomes will be melodious and motivating, ready to be dropped into your subsequent track.

If you want to add some deep bass or 808 into your tracks, Artistry Audio Monolith is what you need.