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Rigid Audio Ambience Bundle Review

In recent years, numerous developers have demonstrated that Kontakt libraries don’t have to be monotonous. Away from static libraries and toward extremely sophisticated instruments with powerful engines. Rigid Audio is one of my favorite producers, creating innovative Kontakt instruments based on synthesizers that are capable of much more than just playing back samples. frequently using crazy sequencers, granular synthesis, or a variety of sample playback options.

128 granular morphing textures and soundscapes make up the collection Grainstates. It has two sequencers and four separate levels of 4×64 source waveforms that can be randomly played back. The core provides three “states” for each patch, four distinct engines, two granulators, a wavetable, and time-stretching (snapshots). They also provide advanced playback, editing, and blending/morphing capabilities. The major settings, 264-step modulation tables, and several randomizers are all controllable. There are many aspects that give the sounds deep motion. Moreover, you get reverb, a phaser, and flanger effects.

Perception features 128 cinematic soundscapes. There are three sample playback engines included with it, each having 64 source waveforms. You may adjust a number of variables, including volume, filters, and effects, using the three XY pads. Every XY pad has pre-recorded movements that are particular to each setting. You can also record your own pad gestures in addition. It also includes full randomization and effects like a flanger, phaser, and reverb.

128 high-resonance textures and soundscapes make up the collection Resomonia. It operates by adjusting a filter’s cutoff frequency such that it can be performed melodically. Multisampled soundsets, top-notch onboard effects including reverb and a so-called “chime” effect, as well as special interference and fluctuation effects, are all included in Resomonia. The presets are divided into soundscape, wind, pad, plucked, ambient, hybrid, and pad categories. Five distinct settings for sound modification are available in Resomonia, including fluctuation, interference, and chime (tuned delays). Moreover, you have distinct control over the multimode filter, space (reverb), and amplifier envelope.

256 enormous cinematic pads and soundscapes make up Viego. Wavetable synthesis and sampled waveforms are both used in each instrument. I believe Viego is excellent for PADs. There are many good hazy and spherical pads in here.