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Best Acoustic Guitar Amplifiers 2024

There will always be a time when you need just a little bit more volume, even if we are aware that acoustic guitars can produce some substantial loudness without any amplification. You can be busking on the streets on a Saturday morning or you might have a scheduled performance at your neighbourhood coffee shop. In either case, having an acoustic guitar that can be amplified is incredibly liberating. You’ll require one of the greatest acoustic guitar amplifiers available to accomplish this.

Although an electric guitar amp could be used, there is a subcategory of amplifiers specifically made for acoustic guitars. Here, we’ll highlight some of the top acoustic guitar amplifiers available and provide advice on how to pick the ideal one for you. An acoustic guitar amplifier must meet a few fundamental, essential needs, like having a clear, transparent sound that lets your guitar’s natural tone come through and being constructed to withstand the stresses of being transported from gig to gig. Additionally, each of the amps listed below has two channels for connecting a microphone, making them the perfect choice for singer-songwriters.

Fishman Loudbox Performer

Fishman Loudbox Performer 180W Acoustic Instrument...
  • The Loudbox Performer features 180 watts of transparent bi-amplified...
  • Each channel includes Fishman’s renowned 3-band EQ, feedback-fighting...
  • The dedicated midrange control provides enhanced detail and note definition...

The Fishman Loudbox Performer is the company’s most potent acoustic guitar amplifier, with an incredible 180 watts, and we’re very delighted with both its style and adaptability. This amp, which is among the most expensive on our list, is designed for players looking for a really loud, and powerful acoustic guitar amp that retains the acoustic guitar’s actual original tone even when amplified to extremely loud volumes. This two-channel amp and sensitive speaker system offers a lot of fun effects as well as a warm, well-balanced, and authentic acoustic tone. Finally, you can perform alongside and play a backing track wirelessly thanks to Bluetooth connectivity.

The Loudbox Performer is designed to help your sound penetrate a crowded room, and it does it fairly successfully. Its distinctive incorporated kickstand allows you to tilt it by 50 degrees for improved sound projection even at closer ranges. It includes two independent channels that can each be used for an instrument or a microphone and both of which take XLR and 1/4 inch inputs.

To accommodate the additional power requirements of a condenser mic, Fishman Loudbox Mini also includes a phantom power switch. Additionally, you have a headphone jack for solitary practise, and Bluetooth connectivity makes it simple to play your preferred backing track to jam to or perform with. It is a bit heavy at 25 lbs, but considering that it is a 180-watt amp, we are not bothered.

This amp, which has a power output of 180 watts, is not only among the strongest acoustic amplifiers on this list but also the strongest produced by Fishman. This amount of output makes it ideal for intimate performances in front of a large crowd, and it can also be connected to a PA system. The true test of a high-end acoustic amp’s quality is how transparent its tone is, even at the loudest volume settings, and this is what really pleased us. This amp’s two channels each include their own 3-band EQ settings, anti-feedback knobs, and a separate midrange control that you can use to give your tone more definition. We particularly liked the variety of effects it has, including a nice reverb, chorus, delay, flanger, and slap echo, and how they enhance the tone. This is the Best Acoustic Guitar Amplifier in 2023.

Marshall AS50D

Marshall, which was founded in the 1960s, is a well-known name in the music industry. They are known for making some of the best (and loudest!) amplifiers in the business. Yet another model that delivers is the Marshall AS50D. The Marshall AS50D is a workhorse on stage and for smaller, more private performances. It has features and power that are unmatched.

The control panel has a similar appearance to previous Marshall amp control panels; it has an XLR input and is simple to use and understand. This behemoth has a very transparent tone with that distinctive Marshall sound. Overall, the Marshall AS50D is one of the best acoustic guitar amplifiers on the market since it provides excellent value.

The AS50D is a reliable stereo combo amp with two channels: one for the vocal mic and one for your instrument. A second phantom power switch can also be found on the vocal mic channel. The two 8″ speakers and a 1″ high fidelity tweeter offer your acoustic guitar a gorgeously accurate, luscious, and full-bodied tone.

Remember that the Marshall AS50D weighs 35 lbs, making it heavier than the other options on this list, but that’s also true of its features. You can eliminate any unwanted feedback that might arise by using the anti-feedback notch filter. This amp’s 50 watts make it ideal for small, private shows, but it can also be used with a PA to power large onstage performances. In our opinion, investing in a reliable 50-watt acoustic amp at this price point is an excellent investment.

Both its guitar and microphone channels have independent EQ settings and inbuilt effects on this amp. You can choose how much of the effect you’d like to use on either of the channels by adjusting the stereo quality reverb knob. Turning the knob all the way to the left will only apply the effect to channel 1, while turning it all the way to the right means it only applies to channel 2. Two different knobs allow you to adjust the chorus’s pace and depth. This is the Best Acoustic Guitar Amp in 2023.

Fender Acoustasonic 40 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

Fender Acoustasonic Guitar Amp for Acoustic...
  • The Fender Acoustasonic Guitar Amplifier features 40 watts,...
  • This unique amplifier is the only Fender guitar amp to feature a "whizzer"...
  • Enjoy extra ambiance with the instrument channel's built-in reverb

The Fender Acoustasonic 40 is a wonderful option if you’re looking for a reliable, lightweight, and sturdy acoustic guitar amp for less than $200. This amplifier emits an incredibly pure acoustic tone since it was constructed with trusted Fender circuitry and expertise. With 40 watts, it may be utilised with ease in a big rehearsal space or for a small audience. This amp offers excellent value for the money it costs because to its clean controls, two independent 1/4′′, XLR-capable channels, and mic and AUX inputs.

The Fender Acoustasonic 100 is a relatively small and portable amp that is convenient to transport to and from a jam session or performance because it weighs only 17 pounds. With the two channel setup, you have access to inputs for your guitar and microphone, enabling you to sing and play simultaneously, whether you’re rehearsing by yourself or playing for a small audience.

Whether you plug in your acoustic guitar or even other acoustic instruments like the ukulele, its 6-inch speaker offers a rich and well-balanced sound. This is also due to the speaker’s unique whizzer cone, which better accentuates higher frequencies. A 3.5 mm aux input is quite useful because it enables you to connect your phone and play a backing track. Another lovely, subtle touch and a welcome change from the many black amps available is the brown and wheat finish.

Despite the fact that 40 watts may not seem like much, it is a respectable output. It actually has a sweet spot where you can use it both as a monitor onstage on big stages when the amp can be connected to a more potent PA system, as well as standalone for intimate audiences and big rehearsal spaces.

You may adjust the bass, midrange, and treble on each of the two channels using the three-band EQ controls. Additionally, this amp has the renowned Fender reverb effect, which gives your tone a luscious mood and depth. The reverb settings are different for the two channels, just as the controls. This amp and the following one on the list are both excellent choices if you’re looking for the best tiny amp for acoustic guitars.

Orange Crush Acoustic 30

Orange Crush Acoustic 30 1x08 inch 30 Watts
  • With an XLR input this channel can be used as a second guitar input or...
  • The 10” Voice of the World speaker is designed especially for the Crush...
  • The 3.5mm Aux-In can be used to plug an MP3 or other similar audio device,...

With more than 50 years of experience in electronics and guitar tones, Orange has a very well-established legendary status among musicians. The Orange Crush 30 is the brand’s first foray into the world of acoustic amplifiers, and they did a bloody fine job of it (hey, just paying homage to the brand’s British roots). They appear to have thought of everything with this model: it’s lightweight, portable, battery-powered, and has a fantastic, pure tone.

You can use it to practise in the comfort of your own home, busk on the streets, or even play on a large stage. And it’s all so tastefully presented in a straightforward, understandable design with basic controls. This amp’s thoughtful design gives us the impression that it was made specifically with acoustic guitarists’ needs in mind. If you ask us, we’d give this product an A at its pricing point!

With the Orange Crush 30, the company has continued its illustrious legacy of combining delectable characteristics with a strong sound in a straightforward, beautiful package. You may simply transport it to your performances or practises because it only weighs 17.8 pounds, which will not strain your back. Its two channel arrangement provides an input for each channel, one for your instrument and one for a microphone, though it can also be utilised for an additional guitar.

This amplifier has Orange’s exclusive 8″ Voice of the World speakers, which are renowned for their rich, full midrange and distinctively sweet, vintage top end. You could wonder if this amp can produce a loud, clear tone at 30 watts or not. Well, let us tell you that it sure does! One more thing we adore about this amplifier is the fact that it can also be powered by batteries. You can play your guitar continuously for three hours at its loudest volume when it is powered by 10 AA batteries before you need to plug in the power adapter.

You have more control over your tone with the Crush 30’s assortment of practical and thoughtful settings and effects. To blend it how you want, you may utilise the amp’s built-in chorus and reverb effects on both of its channels. Additionally, it contains a notch filter that enables you to block undesirable feedback frequencies for a more distinct, clear tone.

This channel also features an additional ‘colour’ option that improves your tone’s punchiness and presence by shutting out some midrange frequencies. Oh my goodness, that was a lot of thought put into it. The second channel contains an XLR input, a separate 3-band EQ control, a second phantom power switch, and a switch to swap between line and mic inputs.

BOSS Acoustic Singer Live LT Guitar Amp

BOSS Acoustic Singer Live LT Guitar Amp...
  • Professional acoustic guitar amp with premium sound and features
  • 60–watt bi-amp design with custom-designed 6. 5-inch woofer and dome...
  • Guitar and mic channels with discrete analog input electronics and...

This stage-ready acoustic guitar amplifier Powerful, small, and incredibly versatile describe the BOSS Acoustic Singer Live LT Amp. This bi-amp creates a full, end-to-end setup for a professional singer-songwriter-guitarist gig since it enables you to obtain the optimum sound from both your mic and your acoustic guitar.

You can tinker and experiment with your tone and effects to produce your own distinctive sound because of the extensive selection of settings, EQ, and effects. Even at loud volumes, the wattage is sufficient to deliver a clean, powerful, and natural tone. Although the price is a little higher than others on the list, we believe that it is justified by the technology and features it offers.

The Live LT is not the lightest acoustic guitar amplifier available (it weighs 26.4 lbs), but we feel that its professional features and performance allow us to overlook its bulky build. This two-channel amplifier has separate inputs for your guitar and vocal microphone, and both of these inputs contain discrete analogue input circuits to handle the two signals appropriately. The 6.5″ custom-designed woofer amplifies the warm, rich low-end and mid-range tones of your guitar, and the dome tweeter excels at capturing the high-end with breathtaking clarity. Any bothersome instrument feedback is cut out and reduced thanks to the phase filter and the notch filter.

This amp has a 60-watt output, which is a lot of power for its size. So much so that you may perform at a full-fledged professional gig to a huge audience without incident using it alone. Even at the maximum volumes, the 50-watt woofer and 10-watt tweeter accurately replicate your rich vocal tonality and authentic, genuine acoustic tone. You have separate effects for the guitar and vocal channels because they each have their own electronics. In our perspective, this lets you achieve a professional-quality sound from both your guitars and vocals without having to make a compromise.

The guitar channel’s delay, chorus, and reverb effects let you experiment with your tone, while the acoustic resonance effect does a remarkable job of bringing back the acoustic guitar’s original warmth. The vocal channel also has the delay and reverb effects accessible, as well as a unique “enhance” effect that enhances the tone of your voice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an acoustic guitar amplifier?
An acoustic guitar amplifier is a specialized device designed to amplify the sound produced by an acoustic guitar. It enhances the volume and tone of the instrument, allowing the player to be heard more clearly in various performance settings.

Do I need an amplifier for my acoustic guitar?
The need for an amplifier depends on your specific requirements. If you primarily play your guitar at home or in small, intimate settings, you may not necessarily need an amplifier. However, if you perform in larger venues, jam with other musicians, or want to experiment with different sound effects, an acoustic guitar amplifier can be beneficial.

Can I use an electric guitar amplifier for my acoustic guitar?
While it is technically possible to plug an acoustic guitar into an electric guitar amplifier, it may not produce the best results. Acoustic guitar amplifiers are specifically designed to accurately reproduce the natural sound of an acoustic instrument, providing a clean and transparent tone. Electric guitar amplifiers are optimized for electric guitar pickups and often have different tonal characteristics, including built-in distortion or effects that may not be suitable for an acoustic guitar.

What features should I look for in an acoustic guitar amplifier?
When choosing an acoustic guitar amplifier, consider factors such as power rating (to match your performance needs), portability, number of channels (for connecting multiple instruments or microphones), onboard effects (such as reverb or chorus), and connectivity options (XLR, line out, aux input). It’s also important to consider the amplifier’s overall sound quality and reputation for reliability.

Can I use an acoustic guitar amplifier for vocals or other instruments?
Yes, many acoustic guitar amplifiers include additional channels or inputs that allow you to connect microphones, other instruments like keyboards or violins, and even playback devices such as smartphones or MP3 players. This versatility makes them suitable for small acoustic ensembles or solo performances where multiple sound sources need to be amplified.

Are there any alternatives to using an acoustic guitar amplifier?
If you prefer a simpler setup or need portability, you can consider using a dedicated acoustic guitar preamp or a DI (direct input) box. These devices can be connected to a PA system, a mixer, or an audio interface, providing you with control over your guitar’s tone and enabling you to amplify it through external sound systems.