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Best 3.5 inch Speakers in 2024

In general, 3.5-inch speakers can be located on the dashboard or almost anywhere in older automobile models. In terms of high and mid-range frequencies, the bottom line is that they can make a significant difference. As a result, if you’re searching for speakers to go with the ones on the back deck or doors, these are your best bet. We’ve collected a list of the best 3.5-inch speakers so you don’t waste your money on low-quality aftermarket speakers.

Pioneer TS-A878 3 1/2 Inch 2-Way Speakers

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The Pioneer TS-A878 is a great choice among audiophiles since it delivers on all fronts. Whether connected with an external amplifier or a simple head unit, these high-quality speakers deliver rich, clean sound.

These 3.5-inch car speakers don’t have the same punch as larger speakers, but they do strike the sweet spot for treble sounds. It strikes the perfect mix between size and sound quality.These speakers also contain built-in two-way crossovers, which ensure that the mid and high frequencies are directed to the appropriate drivers for balanced audio clarity across the audible range.

The sound quality of these 3.5 speakers is significantly superior to that of most OEM speakers. They are compatible with the majority of Volkswagen vehicles, making them ideal for them. The results are stunning when they’re coupled with an external amplifier. This is the Best 3.5 inch Speakers in 2023.

JBL GX302 3-1/2″ 75W 2-Way GX Series Coaxial Car Audio Loudspeakers

JBL GX302 3-1/2" 75W 2-Way GX Series Coaxial Car...
  • Peak Power: 150W
  • RMS Power: 50W
  • Plus One,, polypropylene cone

These 3.5-inch coaxial speakers have a stylish design and deliver excellent performance. JBL uses Plus One technology to make the woofer cone appear larger than it is, providing a fantastic sound experience in the mid-bass frequencies.

Edge-driven balanced tweeters on the JBL speakers extend the range of higher frequency response, allowing you to hear more of your sound. Because of their low impedance of 2.3 ohms, they can draw more current from the amplifier, resulting in increased clarity.

However, it is unable to give continuous power to the 2.2-ohm technology within the pairs. They can also take 50 watts RMS to 150 watts RMS at peak, giving you the finest possible experience. These JBL speakers offer excellent power output and sensitivity, but they lack the bass that a dedicated subwoofer would provide. When you listen to music on your car stereo at a high volume, you’ll notice this. This is the Best 3.5 inch Car Speakers in 2023.

Kenwood KFC-835C 40-Watt 3.5-Inch Round Speaker System

Kenwood prioritizes design without sacrificing functionality. The clean quality sound across all frequencies is the key selling point of these modest speakers. These small speakers aren’t the most powerful, but they won’t let you down.

The name is well-known in the audio industry, and the dual-cone 3.5-inch speakers will provide you with amazing sound for your road trip. Despite a tough structure and a broad, balanced sound quality, these speakers are affordable. For a double win, use these extremely sensitive speakers to get the loudness you need without consuming too much power, voice coil technology and frequency range. They have a low power rating, with a maximum RMS output of only 15 watts.

Suitable for car owners who want a good performance on sounds in the high-frequency band. You’ll be able to amplify not only the high frequencies, but also the mid-frequency sounds, thanks to the woofer.

JL Audio C2-350X 3.5-Inch 2 Way Speakers

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The JL Audio C2-350X is designed to deliver excellent sound and includes good replacement speakers for OEM wires. With a smooth mid-range response and profound low frequencies, this speaker is designed to give unparalleled efficiency.

The integrated crossover is a fantastic feature of these speakers. Furthermore, the crossover filters audio frequencies and ensures that the woofer and tweeter reproduce just the frequencies that they are capable of, resulting in balanced sound reproduction It’s also worth noting that the woofer cone is filled with Mica. Mica, you see, boosts the speaker cone’s strength and rigidity. A polyether foam surround is also included with the speakers.

These speakers have excellent mounting hardware. Because they are carefully constructed and engineered with optimum power handling capabilities, you can expect them to endure a long time. When replacing factory-installed speakers, you may expect a terrific overall sound.

Boss Audio Systems CH3220 Car Speakers

BOSS Audio Systems CH5730 Chaos Exxtreme Series 5...
  • 0.5 inch Piezo Tweeter, 1 inch Polyimide Dome Midrange
  • Poly Injection Cone, Rubber Surround, Stamped Basket, 1 Inch Voice Coil
  • Item Weight: 3.1 Lbs. (pair), Frequency Response: 100 Hz to 18 KHz,...

The red metallic poly injection cones and rubber surrounds of the BOSS Audio Systems CH3220 Car Speakers provide a clear, smooth, and responsive sound. These 140-watt full-range speakers offer a peak power handling of 70 watts x 2, a four-ohm impedance, an 88dB sensitivity, and a frequency response of 100Hz-18KHz.

The voice coils are resistant to extreme temperatures, while the polyurethane cone is resilient and lasting. The piezoelectric tweeters in the speakers don’t need a crossover and can withstand overloads. These speakers are better than factory speakers, according to users, and sound good for their size. They’re simple to put together and have no distortion. Should you have any problems, BOSS Audio Systems offers a three-year platinum online dealer warranty.

However, they lack the low-end bass found in speakers of this size. While they may sound better than OEM speakers, they will not significantly improve the sound quality of your system.

KICKER 43DSC3504 3-1/2-Inch 3.5-Inch 30W 2-Way Speakers DSC35 DS35 Coax (Pair)

KICKER DSC350 3.5-Inch (89mm) Coaxial Speakers,...
  • UV-treated foam surround for longevity when mounted in sun a soaked dash
  • Thin mounting profile for tight window mechanism clearances
  • Minimal tweeter protrusion

The Kicker 43DSC3504 takes the top spot on this list thanks to its excellent design, which makes it simple to install in any vehicle. The foam surround that these speakers come with has been prepared to withstand damaging UV rays.

Kicker has also included a longer voice coil in these speakers. This coil technique guarantees superior audio quality. The tweeter included with these speakers is meant to be as little as possible. Due to its bigger voice coils, which can handle more power, you may attain high volumes. Surprisingly, the cone has rubber injected to reduce vibration and distortion while listening to music.

You’ll appreciate the slim mounting hardware profile. You’d be able to handle not only the mid-range frequencies, but also some of the lows. The threaded inserts on the back of the speakers, which enable for easy installation, are one of their best characteristics.

Rockford Fosgate Punch P132 3.5-Inch Full Range Coaxial Speakers

Rockford Fosgate P132 Punch 3.50" 2-Way Coaxial...
  • The Punch P132 is an impressive 2-way full-range speaker designed for...
  • The P132 3.5” 4-Ohm black speakers come as a pair, have a power handling...
  • Featuring a PEI dome tweeter with built-in crossover and injection molded...

Rockford Fosgate’s Punch series combines value and power. These OEM speakers include a durable polypropylene woofer cone with a butyl rubber surround that can withstand hours of high-volume jamming.

Despite their high price, these speakers can reach a frequency of 120Hz. In summary, these speakers do not supply you with the full range of information that the competition may offer. They have a frequency response of 120Hz to 22kHz and a sensitivity of 85 dB.

The rockford fosgate p132 punch produces a crisp, clear sound with adequate bass without being overpowering. They have a well-balanced sound and are worth considering as a replacement for your factory speakers if you want to increase the sound quality of the basket design. You’ll notice that these speakers can move more air than other speakers in this price range. The sound reproduction is nice and clear, however in order to obtain high levels, you may need a little more power to drive them.

Infinity REF3022CFX 3.5″ 75W Reference Series Coaxial Car Speakers With Edge-driven Textile Tweeter

Infinity REF3022CFX 3.5" 75W Reference Series...
  • Edge-driven textile tweeters
  • High quality product
  • Manufactured in United States

The Infinity Reference REF3022CFX speakers have a high sensitivity rating as well as continuous power handling capabilities. Polypropylene woofer cones are supported by a hi-roll rubber surrounding cone, resulting in a powerful performance from such a compact speaker.

The 12 inch balanced textile dome tweeters in these speakers deliver superb clarity, bringing out all the subtleties in your automobile audio systems with minimal distortion and harshness. It can also withstand about 25 watts of RMS power. These three-ohm speakers connect with your car’s speaker wire to provide your car audio a true four-ohm impedance. The sound system produces a little more volume.

If you need a coaxial speaker that will fit in a small vehicle, this is the one to choose. Its high-energy strontium magnet is designed for peak performance, resulting in a clear sound output.