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World Discovery Bundle by Impact Soundworks

Javanese Gamelan

Do you want to write music that takes the people who listen to it to another place? Impact Soundworks’ Javanese Gamelan is the ideal virtual instrument for you.
With twelve real bronze instruments that produce deep and resonant tones, it allows you to hear the ethereal, mystical sound of Indonesian gamelan. You can adjust the tuning and scales to fit your preferences by using it with any VST, AU, or AAX plugin. Impact Soundworks’ Javanese Gamelan is a musical experience rather than merely a sample collection.

Chinese Guzheng

Plectra Series 5: Guzheng by Impact Soundworks is fantastic if you enjoy the sound of the Chinese Guzheng. You may play this vintage plucked string instrument virtually with breathtaking realism and passion. With your keyboard or MIDI controller, you may manipulate many articulations and techniques, including vibrato, pitch bending, picking, and bowing. Three mic spots can be combined to produce a custom sound. The best guzheng library for Kontakt is Impact Soundworks’ Plectra Series 5: Guzheng.

Turkish Oud

Experience the rich and expressive sound of the Turkish Oud with Plectra Series 4 by Impact Soundworks. The six-course, eleven-string oud played by Stelios Varveris and produced by Dimitris Plagiannis is faithfully reproduced in this virtual instrument. All essential playing techniques, including legato, tremolo, slides, mordents, and more, are available, and you may control them with your keyboard or MIDI controller. With two microphone placements and a complete microtuning engine, you can also fine-tune your sound. Turkish Oud from Plectra Series 4 is Kontakt’s best oud library.