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Best Wireless Subwoofer Kits 2024

Owning a wireless subwoofer is a terrific way to cut down on cable clutter and optimize subwoofer placement for optimum sound. If you don’t have a wireless subwoofer, a wireless subwoofer kit that includes both a transmitter and a receiver will provide your subwoofers, amplifiers, or speakers wireless connectivity. In this article, we look at the top wireless subwoofer kits available right now.

BIC America WTR-Sys Wireless Transmitter/Receiver Kit for Hookup of Wireless Subwoofers and Wireless Powered Speakers

BIC America WTR-Sys Wireless Transmitter/Receiver...
  • 4-Channel wireless audio transmitter/receiver system
  • Enables easy wireless hookup for powered subwoofers & powered speakers
  • Solves wiring problems quickly & easily. Note- for powered speaker hookup,...

BIC America is a company that has been around for quite some time. They have a large product line that includes speakers, subwoofers, soundbars, and even wireless speaker kits. The BIC WTR-SYS is a 4-channel wireless receiver that allows you to connect several subwoofers or speakers to the same wireless channel. You may synchronize four receivers with one transmitter by purchasing four receivers.

Two RCA to RCA stereo cables, two Y-adapters with female ends that plug into the RCA male ends, two USB AC power adapters, and two USB cords are included in the package. Two external antennas, as well as Velcro strips for attachment, are included in the package. A 3.5mm stereo to RCA cable, which is not included in the packaging, is required to connect your computer.

Plastic is used to construct the transmitter and receiver. Both are lightweight and of decent quality, however some may argue that they are pricey for the construction quality. The antennas are fastened on, and according to BIC America, they help increase the range up to 80 feet with a clear line of sight, and 60 feet when the line of sight is obscured.

To begin, use the Y-splitter cable with female RCA wires provided to connect the transmitter to your AVR via the SUB out. Connect the female RCA to the transmitter using the RCA to RCA stereo cables. Connect the Y-splitter to the SUB IN port on the receiver and the RCA to the RCA on the receiver. Connect the transmitter and receiver to the power source and you’re good to go. The BIC America WTR-Sys has the advantage of being able to connect up to four subs to the same transmitter. Simply purchase another receiver and link it to the same frequency as the transmitter. This should allow you to use two or more subs at the same time.

The BIC America WTR-Sys performs admirably once paired and in use. The sound quality is excellent, with no perceptible deterioration in volume or quality. We utilized a distance of 5-20 ft, which worked wonderfully, despite the maximum distance being 80 ft. The sound lag is barely audible.

Overall, this wireless subwooferwireless subwoofer kit performs admirably. There is no discernible audio latency, and the sound quality does not diminish. It also provides a reasonable distance for setting up your subwoofer without having to worry about cords. Aside from that, an extra receiver can be purchased to connect more subs. This is the best wireless subwoofer kit in 2023.

SVS Soundpath Wireless Audio Adapter

SVS SPWADAPT Soundpath Wireless Audio Adapter -...
  • Easy to install and connect to other products
  • Place your sub anywhere, expand your placement options
  • Decrease clutter and tidy up your room

SVS is known for developing high-quality subwoofers that excel at reproducing low sounds. The SVS Soundpath is a wireless subwoofer kit that converts almost any powered subwoofer into a wireless sub while maintaining CD-quality audio transmission between your playback device and the output device.

Let’s take a look at what you get when you buy the SVS SPWADAPT Soundpath before we talk about performance. A transmitter, receiver, two USB power adapters, two 40-inch USB power cords, two 15-inch 3.5mm stereo to mono RCA male cables, two 17-inch 3.5mm stereo RCA male cables, and two 2′′ × 1′′ rectangles of 3M double-sided tape are included in the bundle.

The transmitter is tiny and light, making it easy to handle and put. With the exception of a few labeling variations, the transmitter and receiver are identical. Each item has a 3.5mm small stereo connector and a Micro-USB power input for communication. Each unit also has a blue LED indicator and a pairing button.

Inserting the input and output cords, applying power, and waiting for the blue LED indicator to signify when the transmitter and receiver auto pair is a simple procedure. If the self-pairing procedure fails, the process is restarted by hitting the reset buttons. It takes less than 10 minutes from unboxing to complete installation.

In terms of performance, the Soundpath succeeds on all fronts. The latency is acceptable, and you can compensate for it with a good receiver or processor that supports standard adjustments. Working distances of up to 65 feet are allowed. We were able to get the Soundpath to function at 50 feet, however both the receiver and transmitter require a clean line of sight. At this distance, little motions create signal dropouts and poor audio reproduction. The Soundpath should operate well for distances of 20 feet or fewer in most residential situations. The sound quality is excellent, with no noticeable popping or other difficulties.

The SVS SPWADAPT Soundpath is a fantastic device in general. Setup is simple, and it eliminates a major source of cable clutter in your home. One of our problems is that the blue lights are overly bright and always on. If they’re a problem, putting tape on them should solve the problem. This is the best wireless subwoofer kits in 2023.

iFinity Wireless Audio Transmitter/Receiver for Subwoofers and Surround Speakers

iFinity Wireless Audio Transmitter/Receiver for...
  • MAKES ANY SUBWOOFER WIRELESS: Install your subwoofer or active speakers...
  • ADVANCED WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY: Stereo audio is transmitted in a digital...
  • LARGE FREQUENCY RESPONSE: This wireless set transmits full frequency audio...

The Amphony Corporation is a digital audio firm. Wireless speakers, audio amplifiers, audio transmitters, wireless speaker kits, Bluetooth amplifiers, and wireless headphones are just a few of their goods. This list includes the iFinity Wireless Audio Transmitter/Receiver, a low-cost wireless subwoofer kit.

The iFinity Amphony comes with a transmitter, receiver, two AC adapters, and two RCA to RCA cables in the box. Both the transmitter and receiver have the same design. The build quality isn’t fantastic, and there’s a lot of cheap plastic. Even though they appear and feel cheap, they can last a long time if you handle them carefully to avoid inadvertent falls. A status light and a pairing button are situated on the unit’s top.

The iFinity Amphony kit is simple to connect. Plug both the transmitter and receiver into a power source and click the pairing button after connecting the cords to the receiver and subwoofer. The network status indicator should flash immediately and remain on once connected. Like the BIC America WTR-Sys, the iFinity Amphony lets you to couple up to four receivers with a single transmitter.

The performance of the iFinity wireless kit is good, despite its lower price. With a clear line-of-sight, the maximum operating range is listed as 200 feet. At a distance of 20 feet, the wireless kit performed admirably, with just minor differences in audio quality between the wired and wireless signals. When utilizing the wireless kit around other 2.4 GHz devices, the adaptive frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) feature also helps by permitting extremely minimal signal interference.

The iFinity wireless subwoofer kit is a convenient way to connect your subwoofer to an AV receiver, TV, or other playback device. Despite the fact that the supplied cable and the device are of low quality, this unit performs admirably. If you have additional RF transmitting devices in your home, adaptive FHSS should be a nice feature. This is the best wireless subwoofer adapter in 2023.

Yamaha SWK-W16BL Wireless Subwoofer Kit for YSP-5600 Soundbar Black

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Yamaha is well known for manufacturing musical instruments and studio monitors, but you can also use their wireless subwoofer kit to make them wireless. If you have a Yamaha audio system at home, the SWK-W16 wireless subwoofer kit is an excellent option. However, the range of this wireless subwoofer kit is fairly limited, measuring just up to 50 feet.

However, because it uses the 2.4 GHz frequency range, this wireless subwoofer kit’s overall performance is still rather good for most users. Just like other wireless subwoofer kit alternatives, this likewise relies on RCA for its connectivity. It also comes with a one-year warranty, which is comparable to others. This is the best wireless subwoofer transmitter receiver kit in 2023.

Klipsch WA-2 Wireless Subwoofer Kit with Easy Installation for Powerful Bass

Klipsch WA-2 Wireless Subwoofer Kit with Easy...
  • Compatible with ONLY Klipsch branded subwoofers with WA-2 port (Klipsch,...
  • Proprietary Klipsch/Jamo design that only works on Klipsch/Jamo subwoofers
  • Hassle free/Easy set up for powerful bass

Klipsch is one of the most well-known and reliable brands for premium speakers and subwoofers, which can be enhanced even further with their wireless subwoofer kit, which is available here.

This Klipsch WA-2 wireless subwoofer kit is ranked third in this article because its proprietary connector is designed particularly for Klipsch subwoofers. In terms of range, you can expect to utilize it for up to 75 feet, which should be enough for most people.

When it comes to the frequency band that this wireless subwoofer kit uses, it uses 2.4 GHz, which is enough for its range. Klipsch’s wireless subwoofer kit also comes with a one-year warranty, as it is a well-known and well-respected audio company.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Wireless Subwoofer Kit?

A wireless subwoofer kit is a device that allows you to connect a subwoofer to your audio system without the need for physical cables. It typically consists of a transmitter and a receiver that communicate wirelessly to transmit low-frequency audio signals.

How does a Wireless Subwoofer Kit work?

The transmitter connects to your audio source (e.g., AV receiver) and sends the subwoofer’s audio signal wirelessly to the receiver, which is connected to the subwoofer. The receiver then reproduces the low-frequency sound and sends it to the subwoofer, producing the bass effects.

Can I use a Wireless Subwoofer Kit with any subwoofer and audio system?

In most cases, you can use a wireless subwoofer kit with any subwoofer that has a compatible input and an audio system with the right output. Ensure that the kit’s transmitter and receiver match your system’s connectivity options.