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WA Production Heat 2 Review 2024

WA Production Heat 2 is a distortion plugin that does more than just distortion while it works with every style of music. This is a successor to WA Production Heat. It can produce everything from intense fuzz to mild overdrive and delicate amplification with frequency monitoring. It has two distinct distortion effects with separate parameters that let you target separate frequency ranges and receive different outcomes.

The entire idea of HEAT 2 is to apply twin distortion before reshaping the signals to give your audio power while maintaining musicality. The ten distinct categories of modeled distortion serve as the foundation for this. Not only that, it comes with a wide variety of presets to get you quickly started. All of these models have movable drive levels. You may effortlessly create every timbre, from subtle harmonics to distortion that blows the doors off, by using a variety of various distortion types. Try blending between the 10 different types of processing using the central slider to see how they affect the character and timbre of the final product.

For some fun with a fuzz box, combine two of your favorite distortion and saturation models. With the ability to modify the two distorted signals with high and low pass filters, this distortion plugin produces a more melodious output than many others. Adjust the parameters to your preferences within the newly designed interface, which has been redesigned to sit well next to our other creative plugins. With a top-to-bottom approach, the audio processing is now much clearer, making it simple to follow the signal flow and produce amplified overdrive.

The controls are used to divide the UI’s main section into two equal parts. Each halves represents a different distortion effect. For each of the two distortions, there are Makeup settings, Drive, High-pass, and Low-Pass filters. You can maintain separate settings for each half while selecting from ten different distortion kinds (labeled A to J).

The blend between the two distortions is managed by the Blend button in the center. You can control input, output, and the combination of distortion type input signal and output using the controls at the bottom of the interface. The distortion outputs are shown as waveforms at the top of the user interface, with each side being color-coded for clarity. For convenience, there is a latency-adjusted bypass option at the top left, and you can also turn off each distortion separately. The plugin speeds up the workflow for everything from fat kick drum to leads to synths and offers a variety of factory presets.

The newly enhanced live frequency meters at the top of the interface clearly display the signal’s real-time processing in progress. This makes it possible to accurately monitor any changes you make to the level or kind of distortion. An orange waveform represents the output of the right-hand module, while a yellow waveform represents the output of the left-hand module. This makes it simple to distinguish between the two sorts of distortion you’re adding to the signal and to identify precisely which facets of it the filters are focusing on.

WA Production Heat 2 is distortion like you’ve never felt before. This is something you must try in your workflow to give your productions that extra juice.