Best Vibrato Pedals 2021

TC Electronic Shaker Vibrato Pedal

TC Electronic Shaker Vibrato Pedal
  • TonePrint- instant access to custom pedal-tweaks made by your idols!
  • True Bypass - zero loss of tone
  • 2 vibrato types - choose your favorite flavor shake

The fact that the TC Electronic Shaker is our “Best Budget Pick” does not imply that it is without flaws. It’s simply being sold to you at an absurdly low cost. Many people consider this to be the best vibrato pedal ever because of the high quality of the effect while yet giving more functionality than many other pedals costing twice as much. Let’s have a discussion about it.

There are two major modes available. The first is your standard “always on” vibrato, and the second is Latch mode, which allows you to regulate the effect solely when holding down the switch. The four knobs are the standard speed, depth, tone, and rise controls. When the beast is turned off, you also get a true bypass. When employing parallel effects loops, there’s also a Kill-Dry option that removes the dry signal. It’s also built like a tank.

The TonePrint functionality is perhaps the nicest feature of this pedal, which is already rated one of the best without it. Custom created settings by a variety of pros can be downloaded (for free) and uploaded to the pedal via a computer cord or even “beamed” from your smartphone.

Check this out: you can use Bluetooth to send presets from your phone to the pedal via your guitar pickup, allowing you to perform live on stage. That’s incredible.

True bypass, buffered bypass, no noise or tone loss, a very constant and good quality vibrato… and all of this is before the TonePrint bluetooth beaming… This is by far the most cost-effective option, if not the best overall.

Boss VB-2W Waza Craft Vibrato Pedal

Boss VB-2W Waza Craft Vibrato Pedal with 1 Year EverythingMusic Extended Warranty Free
  • Premium edition Waza Craft pedal delivers the ultimate BOSS tone experience
  • Custom mode features a totally new vibrato sound with unique filter wave
  • Standard mode provides a true reproduction of the vintage VB-2 Vibrato sound

The Boss VB-2W Waza Craft Vibrato Pedal is our Editor’s Choice for the best analogue vibrato pedal. The first version of this design, the VB-2, appeared in 1982, and the redesign, thanks to its one-of-a-kind sound, is once again popular.

The Boss VB-2 was first released in 1982, however it was a commercial failure. BOSS withdrew it in 1986, yet the guitar effect pedal had its own distinct sound and became a highly sought-after collectible subsequently. In those years, there weren’t many stompboxes that provided actual vibrato pitch modulation effects, so the VB-2 was unusual. There were only tremolo and volume modulation pedals available at the time.

The current VB-2W has the same all-analog circuitry as the original to create vibrato and pitch-shift, plus a new updated vibrato option and real-time tweaks to improve your sound. In regular mode, you’ll get a near-perfect replica of the original vibrato, however in custom mode, you’ll get something altogether different. When compared to some of the other pedals we reviewed, the four-knob control structure is a touch tough to operate. There are four knobs: one for pace, depth, and rising time, as well as one for latch, bypass, and unilatch.

The unilatch mode is quite useful; it only applies the vibrato effect when you press the pedal, giving you complete control over your sound. This pedal received few complaints from customers. It produces a fantastic sound, and everyone was pleased with it. It is, however, on the pricey side, which is to be anticipated for something with such a long history.

Fortunately for vibrato pedal fans, Boss has revived the VB-2 with the Boss Waza Craft. It’s without a doubt one of the best vibrato pedals of all time, with all of the original sounds plus a new custom mode and additional features from prior pedals in the family.

Behringer Ultra Vibrato UV300 Classic Vibrato Instrument Effects Pedal

Behringer Ultra Vibrato UV300 Classic Vibrato Instrument Effects Pedal,Green
  • Experience classic and mind-bending, dimensional vibrato effects of the '60s and '70s
  • This BEHRINGER product has been designed to compete head to head with leading products on the market
  • Dedicated Depth, Rate, Rise and Mode controls for awesome sound shaping

The Behringer Ultra Vibrato UV300 Classic Vibrato Instrument Effects Pedal is our best authentic vibrato pedal because it produces a sound that sounds like it belongs in the 1960s and 1970s. We like the cool green hue, which is sleek, stylish, and intuitive. It’s light, weighing just over 12 ounces and having a small footprint.

This pedal was created by Behringer to compete with the finest of the best while providing a more vintage sound at a cheaper price range. It has a three-knob design that allows you to alter the rise, rate, and depth characteristics, as well as a switch that allows you to switch between unilatch, bypass, and latch modes. There’s also a handy LED indicator that indicates whether the pedal is on and when the charge is low. Some reviewers criticised the case because it was made of plastic.

While it isn’t as durable as pedals with metal cases, it should last a long time if handled with care. Some individuals liked the sound, while others thought it wasn’t quite as deep and rich as they would have liked, but that it was still a good value for money. At this price point, this is without a doubt the best vibrato pedal.

The Behringer Ultra Vibrato UV300 is the best choice for you if you want a vibrato pedal that adds a wonderful retro sounding effect to your performance on a budget. The UV300 is a fairly inexpensive item, thanks to the plastic rather than metal shell. For heavier stompers, this may not be the greatest option unless the UV300 plastic casing appears to be long-lasting.

Dunlop M68 Uni-Vibe Chorus/Vibrato

Dunlop M68 Uni-Vibe Chorus/Vibrato
  • Iconic chorus/Vibrato true to the classic late '60s tone
  • Simple three-knob interface
  • True bypass

The Dunlop M68 Uni-Vibe Chorus/Vibrato is our favourite chorus vibrato pedal. This pedal offers your music a timeless, vintage vibe by creating an effect that could have come straight from the 1960s.

The MXR Uni-Vibe Chorus/Vibrato is a tiny gadget with a simple three-knob interface that generates traditional vibrato (and chorus) tones that have been utilised since the 1960s. There are two settings on this genuine bypass pedal: chorus and vibrato. Because vibrato is just chorus without the direct signal blended in, pedals that deliver both effects are simple and ubiquitous.

The sleek design is appealing, and the 5.5 x 2.5 x 4.5” measurements provide the ideal footprint for convenient access while playing. True bypass ensures that your tone is as clear as feasible at all times. The easy three-knob controls let you simply change the vibrato effect’s speed, depth, and level, giving you a lot of control. To begin, select a vibrato or chorus mode. Then change the volume, speed, and depth to manage the rate and intensity. One of the best aspects of this pedal is its durability. T

The metal case is not only attractive, but it is also durable enough to prevent damage while travelling. People didn’t have many complaints about this pedal in general, though it was mentioned that it is heavy on the bass and mid-tones. Some consumers claimed that no matter how much they fiddled with the knobs, they couldn’t get it right.

BBE Mind Bender Vibrato / Chorus Guitar Stomp Box

BBE Mind Bender Vibrato / Chorus Guitar Stomp Box
  • Speed and Depth controls
  • Vibrato/Chorus Mode Switch
  • True Hardwire Bypass

The BBE Mind Bender was created in collaboration with Will Ray of the Hellecasters, a well-known American guitar band. His “WR” logo may be found on the bottom left of the pedal. Will Ray is a well-known and excellent musician, so it’s great to know that his knowledge went into the creation of this pedal. The Bucket Brigade Delay circuit is used in the BBE Mind Bender, which is an all-analog effect. It’s designed to look like the Boss VB-2 and the Way Huge Electronics Blue Hippo, two iconic and hard-to-find vibrato pedals.

This pedal is far less complicated than the TC Electronic Shaker. Right out of the box, you’ll find a sturdy little box with some pretty cool artwork, two knobs, and two footswitches, and that’s all there is to it! In the wild, you might come across two versions of this pedal, one with more colourful imagery and the other with a much more subdued style. Although the latter is a newer version, there are no significant differences between the two, as far as we can tell.

The knobs regulate chorus and vibrato, as well as other effects. SPEED adjustment is on the left, and DEPTH adjustment is on the right. The footswitch on the pedal’s bottom right switches it on and off (true hardwire bypass). The left-hand switch toggles between chorus and vibrato. As you increase the Speed of the effect, the LED light atop the pedal pulsates quicker, providing a useful visual indication, which is especially useful in a live event.

The Mind Bender is powered by a 9V battery (which is supplied) or a 9V DC power supply (which is also included, however the manual notes that it is for “North America Only”). The battery compartment is located on the bottom of the unit and is easily accessible.

The BBC Mind Bender is a genuinely unique and exceptional pedal, and the price is incredibly low considering how fantastic it sounds and that it includes a chorus and vibrato in one box. It’s also built like a tank, and if that wasn’t enough to reassure you, it comes with a 5-year warranty. The vibrato ranges from modest to regular to insane, and we’d be surprised if it didn’t meet your most extreme vibrato requirements. Despite the fact that the Mind Bender lacks the TonePrint’s adaptability and the TC Shaker’s, the Mind Bender deserves a spot on any top vibrato pedals list.