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Best Turntable Slipmats 2024

Turntables are pieces of music equipment that are used to mix tunes and give them an edgy beat. However, whether you’re listening to LPs or making music, you’ll need a sturdy and effective turntable mat for improved sound quality specially for bass lovers. A turntable or record player mat should be durable, but not overly hard or soft. These are available in a variety of materials, but the most common are cork and rubber turntable mats.

A turntable mat may appear to be simple, but turntable mats have a number of advantages, including record preservation, stabilizing your vinyl setup during play, much better at reducing friction, and improving sound quality with a higher-definition listening experience. Using one of these disc-shaped mats between your platter and the vinyl can make a significant impact.

The best record slipmats for you will be determined by the type of turntable you have. The tighter bass response you get is affected by belt-drive, direct-drive, brass or aluminum components, and even the weight of the platter itself. With so many rubber turntable mat materials to pick from, you can obtain some control over the sound you want to achieve.

Martelli Round-About Set – 16″ Turntable

Martelli Round-About Set - 17" Turntable, Cutting...
  • Get ready for roundabout quilting with our Round-About 3-Piece set!
  • The set includes a Round-About base that rotates on 24 ball bearings, a...
  • Both the cutting mat and iron top feature our get-a-grip material to keep...

This Martelli Enterprises device comes in a three-piece set: a turntable base, a cutting mat, and a table-top ironing pad. It also contains 30-piece ball bearings that ensure a smooth rotation (it’s constructed of stainless steel). It’s a self-healing mat that cleans up easily with water.

The current butter rugs has a lot of versatility: it was designed for quilters, but you may use it for anything else. You can use it for scrapbooking or handicraft, for example. It’s designed in such a manner that you can choose from a variety of turntable pads in various colors and patterns.

Hudson Hi-Fi Premium Swiss Leather Turntable Mat

Premium Swiss Leather Turntable Mat - Black -...
  • Premium precision crafted leather construction
  • Upgraded platter mat with unique sound characteristics
  • Dampens resonance from metal turntable platters

Hudson Hi-Fi is the best slipmat for vinyl. Swiss Leather reduces noise, prevents static charge, and dampens the resonance of metal cymbals like a cork mat, but also broadens sound, opens up bass, and enhances clarity with unique sonic characteristics that you will only find in leather. Bonus points because it looks great on your board too.

The smooth and elegant nature of this mat can help you protect the disc by eliminating the possibility of mechanical damage that could occur. Therefore, it will prolong the durability of the turntable. The sound quality of a record is also greatly improved by reducing vibrations. When it comes to versatility, it may be the best turntable mat to go for – it can be used for all standard 12-deck turntables. In general, this product is a good choice for most turntables.

Resonance is noticeably attenuated as well, especially on metal cymbals. Leather helps achieve a better grip on the record, isolates vibrations, and produces a clearer, cleaner effect that can even have bass-boosting results. This mat will fit any 12-inch table. This leather turntable mat comes from Hudson, a New York-based company that manufactures various types of mats, as well as a wide range of products for hi-fi enthusiasts, to clean, stabilize, measure and improve sound insulation.

This turntable mats and slipmats can be considered a good replacement for traditional rubber, felt and OEM floor mats. To get the required reading, this mat is made of highly sophisticated technology. This includes RIAA specifications, anti-slip grooves, and a label gap. All of this is considered an ideal specification that ensures that the mat provides a perfect recording position on it. The belt will be compatible with the most popular turntable brands. This includes Pro-Ject, Rega, Fluance, and Music Hall.

Hudson Hi-Fi Acrylic Turntable Mat

Acrylic Turntable Mat - 11.75" Greenlit Vinyl...
  • Acrylic Turntable Mat for Optimal Soundstage & Clarity - Deemed by LP...
  • A Stylish Vinyl Platter Upgrade - Our audiophile grade turntable clear...
  • Acrylic Record Slipmat Built for Better Sound - Do your record collection...

This acrylic mat has an interesting design: a clear green transparent disc resting on your turntable will undoubtedly become one of the room’s most visible features. It comes with a detachable protective film.

This is a dense turntable platter mat that maintains a steady speed, reduces vibrations, and produces less splashy sound. It also produces crisp bass while dampening any background noises and mechanical sounds. Because the mat has a low static charge, it does not attract dust.

The thickness of this mat is 3 mm. Most record players consider this thickness to be a suitable option. Your LPs will stay flat on the mat thanks to the 5mm record label recess. It’s also a long-lasting item that may be used for a variety of purposes.

CoRkErY Recessed Turntable Platter Mat

CoRkErY Recessed Turntable Mat - 1-8" Cork...
  • Turntable Platter Mat for More Nuanced Sound: This record mat lets you hear...
  • Vinyl Platter Record Player Slipmat Built for Better Sound: Enjoy neutral...
  • Cork Turntable Mat for All Types of Record Players: We designed each vinyl...

The composite cork granule and rubber mixture used to make this mat. Turntable platter mats is more durable than a normal cork mat because of the substance. This one would make a suitable replacement for a felt mat. It isn’t expensive and outperforms felt mats in many ways.

The current mat is gentle enough to protect vinyl recordings. Additionally, it doesn’t attract dust and doesn’t make cleaning difficult; the dust can simply be brushed off. This pad makes it easier to grip the records and pushes the needle through. You’ll obtain a clearer background, a sharper image, a better dynamic range, and tighter bass as a result for home listening. It also prevents static load. The mat is universal for all turntables even if it is somewhat smaller (11.725 in) than a typical LP.

Hudson Hi-Fi CORKery Decoupled Cork N Rubber Turntable Platter Mat Audiophile Anti-Static Slipmat

CoRkErY Decoupled Cork N Rubber Turntable Platter...
  • Turntable Platter Mat for More Nuanced Sound: This record mat lets you hear...
  • Vinyl Platter Record Player Slipmat Built for Better Sound: Enjoy neutral...
  • Cork Turntable Mat for All Types of Record Players: We designed each vinyl...

Audiophiles choose the Hudson Hi-Fi Corkery inset mat because it has unique sound qualities making it the best turntable mat for static. This is one of the best cork turntable mat because your LPs will stay on the board and prevent you from sliding or moving in different directions. This Hi-Fi mat is made from proprietary composite cork and therefore this design is unique. With this turntable, you will get a sound with less noise, it will reduce static charges and it is perfect for all types of turntables. The CoRkErY is available in decoupled 1/8-inch and 1/8-inch versions.

A cork granule composed with a rubber blend improves the durability making it best turntable mat material, increasing by one level compared to common cork mats. If you want to replace a felt rug and don’t know which one to choose, this may be a good option. Due to the smooth surface, this product will keep your vinyl records safe and sound during the time you spend together. So if you have this at home, the fear that your beloved record is perfect and comes out full of scratches (which happens if you get a hard surface rug) will no longer have a chance to terrify you! But if his body is so soft and cuddly, will he be able to grip your puck as well as you want? Do not worry! Its grip is excellent, firm, but not that tight, really something to marvel at. So it will give you better dynamic range, tight bass, and a cleaner bottom.

Cork is a naturally non-conductive material that is breathable and lightweight, soft to the touch and, at the same time, quite durable. It doesn’t attract as much dust as other rugs and is still easy to clean. It will dramatically reduce static electricity build-up for a cleaner sound and is infused with rubber for durability. Because cork is not resonant, it works particularly well on lightweight, steel platters, acting to reduce friction and absorb vibration without overly damping it or producing a sound like felt.

Facmogu Turntable Slipmat Anti-Static Wool Mat

Facmogu 12 Inch 2mm Turntable Slipmat Wool Mat...
  • 【Touch Soft & Foldable】-- Light and easily adjustable, suitable for...
  • 【Reduce Vibration & Reduce Record Bumps】-- Designed to have less...
  • 【Functional Addition】-- Replaces old machine rubber mats and adds...

Facmogu’s Woolen Vinyl Record Player Mat could be a good choice to replace the old rubber mats in the machine and add these accessories for new “phonographs”. This product is suitable for vinyl record player with turntable to keep it clean. This Facmogu vinyl rotating mat can help you improve audio quality and neutralize movements whose function is to eliminate static electricity. Wool allows you to create warmer sounds, vibration energy, enhance mids, and create a wider soundstage. As a result, the musical experience is greatly improved.

At just 1.44 ounces, this excessively lightweight wool rug is soft while dramatically reducing shock and vibration for best slipmat for turntable. It’s foldable but still sits flat on the platter, although it can sometimes stick when changing discs. But wool can also increase the adhesion of discs during playback, creating a unique sound compared to other harder carpets.

Fluance Turntable Platter Mat

Fluance Turntable Platter Mat (Rubber Black) -...
  • The secret weapon for audiophiles looking to maximize their turntable...
  • Hear your records exactly as the artist intended. The dampening qualities...
  • Recessed center allows LPs to lay flat on the turntable regardless of label...

Fluance is designed with the unique ability to filter audio sound. The result is a clear sound just as the best slipmats for turntables. This best turntable mats is made in such a way that it can isolate unwanted and distorting micro-vibrations. The result is a clear sound that contains all the original voices and sounds. With the recessed center, you can be sure that your vinyl records will lie flat on the turntable. This means that the playback function will not be affected until you decide to turn off the music.

While the turntable rubber mat do not completely eliminate static electricity, this turntable accessories reduce it and are almost indestructible. This is one of the best spinning mats in [year], as well as a great spacer for an acrylic or glass spinning mat.

Jake’s Turntable Mats Premium Leather Deer Hide Turntable Mat

Premium Leather Deer Hide Turntable Mat
  • Significant reduction in static and dust
  • Dampens resonance from metal turntable platters
  • Enhances bass response

Jake’s Turntable Mats’ record mat is manufactured from deer hide and is of exceptional quality for sound dampening. Deerskin is twice as expensive as conventional leather, therefore this mat is certainly an expensive alternative. Nonetheless, this particular type of leather has a number of appealing characteristics: it is flexible, supple, and has less static than other leather mats. It comes in a conventional 12-inch size, but it can also be customized to the platter size.

The best turntable platter mat can soften and improve the quality of the sound, as well as boost the bass tones. When you use this deer hide mat, there are no cracks or pops at all. It does not draw dust to the unit and provides excellent record protection due to the deerskin’s softness.

Buying Guide: Choosing the Best Turntable Slipmat

A turntable slipmat can enhance your vinyl listening experience, protect your records, and provide DJing benefits. Here’s a guide to help you choose the best slipmat for your needs.


Slipmats are made from various materials, each with different properties and benefits:

Felt: Traditionally used by DJs, felt slipmats offer the right amount of slip for DJ techniques like scratching and beatmatching. However, they can attract dust and may not be the best choice for casual listening.
Cork: Cork slipmats are known for their anti-static properties and their ability to dampen vibrations, enhancing sound quality. They are durable, easy to clean, and a popular choice for home listening.
Leather: Leather slipmats are durable and can add a warm tonality to your music. They also resist static and can be easily cleaned.
Rubber: Rubber slipmats provide excellent isolation from motor vibrations and are quite durable. However, they may not provide enough slip for DJing techniques.


The thickness of a slipmat can affect both sound quality and the feel of the record on the turntable. A thicker slipmat can provide better vibration dampening, but if it’s too thick, it can raise the record too high and potentially interfere with the tonearm balance. Most slipmats range between 1mm and 3mm in thickness.


While the design of the slipmat doesn’t affect its performance, it can add a personal touch to your turntable setup. Slipmats come in a wide range of designs – from simple, solid colors to intricate artworks or band logos. Choose a design that matches your style.


Ensure the slipmat is the right size for your turntable. The standard size for most turntables and slipmats is 12 inches in diameter, but it’s always a good idea to check the specifications of your turntable before making a purchase.


Slipmats can range in price from a few dollars to over $50 for high-end models. While more expensive slipmats often offer superior materials and construction, even a budget-friendly slipmat can provide a significant upgrade over not using one at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a turntable slipmat?

A turntable slipmat is a circular pad that sits on the turntable’s platter, providing a buffer between the platter and the record. Slipmats are typically made from felt, cork, rubber, or leather. They help to reduce static electricity, enhance sound quality, protect your records from scratches, and aid in DJing techniques like scratching and cueing.

Are slipmats necessary for a turntable?

While not strictly necessary for casual listening, using a slipmat on your turntable can provide several benefits. Besides protecting your vinyl records from potential scratches, a slipmat can help reduce static and vibration, enhancing the overall sound quality. For DJs, a slipmat is essential for enabling certain techniques.

What material is best for a turntable slipmat?

The best material for a slipmat depends on your needs:

Felt slipmats are traditionally used by DJs because they provide just the right amount of slip for cueing and scratching.
Cork slipmats are popular for home listening due to their anti-static properties and ability to dampen vibrations.
Leather slipmats are often favored for their durability and the warm sound quality they can bring to the audio.
Rubber slipmats offer excellent isolation from motor vibrations and are durable, but they may not provide enough slip for DJing techniques.

How do I clean a turntable slipmat?

The cleaning method depends on the slipmat’s material. For felt slipmats, gently brush off the dust and debris using a clean, dry cloth or soft brush. For more stubborn dirt, a slightly damp cloth can be used, but make sure to let the slipmat dry completely before using it again. Cork, leather, and rubber slipmats can usually be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Does a slipmat affect sound quality?

A slipmat can indeed affect sound quality, but the extent and nature of this effect depend on the material of the slipmat. For instance, cork and leather slipmats are known to enhance sound quality by reducing static and dampening vibrations. Conversely, a poorly made slipmat might introduce unwanted noise or vibrations.

How often should I replace my turntable slipmat?

The frequency of replacing your slipmat depends on its wear and tear. If you notice that the slipmat is becoming thin, worn out, or is no longer lying flat, it’s probably time to replace it. Regular cleaning can help extend the lifespan of your slipmat.