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Best Turntables for Scratching 2024

For those aspiring to be professional DJs, a turntable is an essential piece of equipment. While other DJ equipment such as DJ mixers and CDJs are available, turntables are the most commonly used by pros. The reason for this is that many people desire the true scratching sound that can only be produced on turntables.

The DJ turntable is the nexus of a DJ’s craft. Due to its freewheeling and wild nature, DJ turntables might be classified as a rebellious branch of sound engineering. It’s a prerecorded music orchestrator that uses a digital turntable. The devices are CD players with a slip-pad disc that functions similarly to a platter on an analogue turntable. Basically, they use it to create new music for parties and gatherings by combining sounds. Turntables are a staple of hip-hop culture, and they’ve evolved into the primary tool for making soundtracks for new songs and parties. Since then, the turntable has taken numerous forms, ranging from vinyl to current digital CDJ decks.

The issue is that obtaining a turntable that is ideal for scratching can be difficult. This is particularly true for beginners who are still honing their skills. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest turntables for scratching records.

Technics SL-1210MK2 Professional Turntable

Technics SL-1210MK2 Professional Turntable
  • Quartz-synthesized direct-drive turntable
  • Continuous-pitch adjustment up to &plasmin; 8%
  • 0. 01% wow and flutter, -78dB rumble

If you have a larger budget and are seeking for a DJ scratch turntable that can meet the most professional demands, the Technics SL-1200 Direct Drive table can be the right choice for you.

Matsushita Electric Industrial Corp. (now Panasonic) launched Technics in 1965 as a manufacturer of audio equipment for both Japan and the rest of the globe. The SL-1200 was first introduced in 1972, and the 1200 MK2 version arrived seven years later, in 1979. Instead of the rotary knobs that distinguished the original 1200, the second edition of the SL 1200 incorporated a slider control for pitch.

A coreless direct drive motor powers the table, allowing it to achieve pinpoint precision while avoiding the speed changes or ‘cogging’ that certain other direct drive motors suffer from. In addition, four insulated feet contribute to outstanding stability while reducing vibrations.

An s-shaped tone arm ensures pinpoint accuracy, and a pitch control feature lets you simply modify the pitch by +8% or +16 percent. The scratch turntable’s excellent build quality ensures that it is sturdy enough for any application and that it provides the kind of dependability that is required for long-term usage by the most expert specialists. This is the Best Turntable for Scratching in 2023.

Pioneer DJ PLX-500 Direct Drive Turntable

Pioneer DJ PLX-500 Direct Drive Turntable
  • Headshell with Cartridge and Stylus
  • Turntable with Direct-drive Motor
  • USB Output - Black

The Pioneer PLX-500-K’s high-torque deck is great for scratching, making it a DJ favourite. To play and remix digital files, DJs can purchase a rekordbox DVS, a compatible DJ mixer, and the RB-VS1-K Control Vinyl. It is robustly made with great vibration dampening and perfect audio playback making it significantly hefty. The platter can accelerate to a steady speed faster with this high-torque deck. Faster start-up speeds in a direct drive turntable are often valued by DJs.

An electrical speed selector is included with the turntable. For DJs, this makes the PLX-500-K turntable even more useful. You may vary the speed between 33, 48, and 78 RPM with a simple touch of a button. It is also one of the few turntables on the market that can play records at 78 RPM. DJs who play music from before the 1960s frequently love it.

The Turntable is a mid-range scratching turntable in terms of price, but it produces amazing sound quality and has a lot to offer on top of that, making it one of the best alternatives on the market. A direct drive motor ensures smooth and consistent playback, and speed adjustment allows you to choose between 33, 45, and 78 RPM for playback. The s-shaped arm provides for precise tracking, a dust cover keeps undesired particles off the surface, and pitch control allows for a +8% pitch adjustment.

It has USB output, allowing you to effortlessly digitise your vinyl collection. A USB cord and the DJ software’rekordbox’ are also included. Overall, the turntable’s varied characteristics make it a good investment for anyone working with a limited budget. This is one of the Best Turntables for Scratching in 2023.

Numark PT01 Scratch | DJ Turntable for Portablists With User Replaceable Scratch Switch

Numark PT01 Scratch | DJ Turntable for Portablists...
  • Ultra-Portable, Feature Packed – Portable 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM DJ...
  • Robust, Reliable – Built-in adjustable user-replaceable Scratch Slide...
  • Rich, Dynamic Sound – Scratch Everywhere with PT01 Scratch’s...

The Numark PT01 Scratch is a portable vinyl turntable with three speeds: 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM, which is an unusual feature. A Scratch Slide Switch is also included in the PT01 Scratch. This turntable’s Scratch Switch is fully adjustable and user replaceable. You can effortlessly adjust the DJ Scratch Switch to your liking with either hand.

The Numark PT01 Scratch is now available in portable and lightweight configurations. With the provided AC adapter, the Numark PT01 Scratch can be plugged into a power outlet. It can also run on the six batteries that come with it. This turntable is compact enough to fit into a backpack and can be utilised at any time when you’re on the go, weighing only 4.3 pounds.

With a pre-balanced tonearm, the PT01 Scratch is ready to use straight out of the box. You won’t have to worry about putting the tonearm together because it’s as simple as plug-and-play. Furthermore, the tonearm is robust and provides optimum rigidity. It also features a magnetic anti-skating mechanism that reduces cartridge vibrations and distortions.

The PT01 Scratch portable turntable also has an easy-to-replace cartridge, which is a great feature. This turntable has the added benefit of a user-replaceable cartridge, making needle replacement a breeze. In terms of sound quality, the supplied needle is of acceptable quality and performs admirably when playing vinyl records.

The PT01 Scratch has a lot of cool features. The PT01 Scratch has a built-in speaker and a 10% pitch control, which is beneficial for playing 45-speed vinyl records, unlike many other turntables. You do not need to spend more money on an external speaker. External sound sources can be connected via headphone outputs and RCA line outs. The PT01 Scratch is a fantastic turntable for scratching and personal listening. Despite several shortcomings in its design, the Numark PT01 Scratch delivers excellent value for money. The PT01 also comes with a slew of appealing features at a reasonable price. It’s also a great entry-level turntable for DJs and a great way to learn scratching for novices.

Stanton T62 Straight Arm Direct-Drive DJ Turntable with 300 Cartridge Pre-Mounted

Stanton T62 Straight Arm Direct-Drive DJ Turntable...
  • A sturdy, professional-quality turntable with a high-torque, direct-drive...
  • Two available playback speeds (33 and 45 RPM) and two start/stop switches...
  • A pitch control fader lets you change the tempo/pitch with a range of plus...

The Stanton T62 is a heavy-duty, professional-grade turntable with a high-torque direct-drive motor. It also offers two playback speeds to choose from (33 and 45 RPM). This turntable boasts a direct-drive motor for more precise sound and faster playback rates. The turntable offers amazing sound quality and is difficult to top as a budget turntable!

The platter is rather light, and the slip pad helps to attenuate any undesired resonance or sound distortions. There’s also no noticeable motor noise or rumbling, which may be a problem with budget DJ turntables. There is a ground cable on this turntable, and there are no humming or whirring sounds.

The T62 has a sleek and minimalist design. It’s based on the original T60, which was a best-seller. It has a black top with grey controls that are evenly placed. The squared-off form is small and sits securely on four feet. The T62 turntable is not the most portable gadget, weighing in at 16.5 pounds, but it will fit into any home entertainment system or studio.

A pre-mounted 300 cartridge and a straight tonearm are used in the Stanton T62’s headshell. The 300 cartridge is of exceptional quality and completes the high-end look and feel of your T62 turntable, despite its low price. The tonearm is nicely weighted, resulting in better tracking and sound quality. Scratching is also a breeze with the tonearm’s design.

The Stanton T62 has a lot of appealing features. You receive a manual pitch fader to increase or reduce the playback pitch by 10%, twin start/stop buttons for two-person scratching, and RCA stereo outputs with accompanying RCA connections, just like many DJ turntables. The controls are responsive, and the start/stop switches are easily accessible.

Despite a few flaws, the Stanton T62 offers a comprehensive set of functions and high-quality components. The T62 more than makes up for its lack of features in terms of performance. The T62 is an excellent piece of equipment for most everyday users. Stanton proves that you don’t have to pay a lot of money to have good sounding gear.

Pioneer DJ PLX-1000 – High-torque Direct-drive Analog Turntable

Pioneer DJ PLX-1000 Professional Turntable
  • High-torque Direct-drive Analog Turntable with Low-noise
  • Professional Playback Quality
  • High-stability Design

The Pioneer DJ PLX-1000 Professional Turntable is one of the top DJ scratch table solutions available for people with a decent budget and more advanced needs. Pioneer is one of the most well-known and respected brands in the DJ table industry, and this particular table is intended for professional DJs.

The high torque direct drive motor ensures pinpoint accuracy, while pitch control options include +8%, +16 percent, and +50 percent. The s-shaped arm enables for precise tracking and includes rubber tubing to assist prevent ‘howling’ difficulties. Furthermore, you can choose between 33.33 and 45 RPM playback speeds.

The great sound quality and little noise are two of this table’s main selling factors. The utter lack of noise perceptible from the start/stop button is possibly the best example of this. Finally, for even the most dedicated DJs, the Pioneer DJ PLX-1000 stands out as one of the best scratch turntable selections.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Direct Drive Motor preferred over Belt Drive?

In turntables, there are various different types of motors. As a DJ, however, you should always choose direct drive turntables over belt drive turntables. The motor is located beneath the platter centre and is directly connected to it in direct drive turntables. This allows for more torque while also reducing wow and flutter. Scratching is feasible because the motor will continue to spin at the correct RPM even if the DJ plays the record backwards.

Belt drive turntables, on the other hand, have a motor that is located off the centre of the platter and is connected to it by a rubber belt. The torque of these motors is lesser, thus the platter speed fluctuates more. DJs should not use these belt drive turntables. A belt-drive deck can’t keep the platter rotation speed consistent and has a slower start-up time. This is critical for a DJ since even little pace changes can produce galloping. Belt drive motors are also susceptible to wear and strain, as the belt might break due to back spinning or scratching.

Why you should look for a turntable with a High Torque?

When you click the Start button on a turntable with a higher torque, the platter swiftly accelerates to its proper speed. At the same time, when you start scratching your vinyl records, it will not slow down. Direct-drive turntables typically have substantially higher torque than belt-drive ones.

With more torque, the platter speed is less subject to external forces like the stylus or your hand. Higher torque means the platter accelerates to its normal speed faster, resulting in less distortion when the record starts to play.