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Best Trombone Cases 2023

The trombone is a unique brass instrument that is distinguished by its size and shape. Trombones are made up of various pieces that can be easily separated. These components are all extremely delicate and require regular care and attention in order to function properly over time. A solid trombone case is vital for musicians who travel to performances or rehearsals on a regular basis to safeguard the fragile pieces. Soft and hard cases are the most common types of trombone case reviews.

Gator Lightweight Trombone Case (GL-TROMBONE-F)

Gator Cases Lightweight Polyfoam Trombone Case with Removable Strap and Rubber Interlocking Carry...
  • Lightweight Rigid Nylon Exterior with Interlocking Rubberized Carry Handle
  • Removable No Slip Rubber Shoulder Strap with Reinforced D-rings and Clips
  • Spacious Front Accessory Pocket

The GL-TROMBONE-F trombone case is one of the most durable on the market today. The GL-TROMBONE-F is an excellent option for people who do not want a trombone case that is too hefty to handle. The case’s toughness is the product of a high-quality nylon shell with a rubber carry handle. The GL-TROMBONE-F has a non-slip rubber shoulder strap that relieves pressure on your hands while carrying the case for lengthy periods of time. The cases are made of plush-covered EPS foam, which gives enough of padding to protect your trombone from the elements. Some people are turned off by the fact that the case is soft rather than hard like carbon fiber, but while hard cases are typically unbreakable, softer cases like the GL-TROMBONE-F are considerably more practical and easier to transport.

The GL-TROMBONE-F is ideal for students, as the wheelie bag case is designed to fit smaller student instruments. Although the product is not specifically designed for students, the case may appear to be a little tight for full-size instruments. This subway handle case is designed for students who are just learning to play the trombone. It allows you to easily take the case to your session.

The GL-TROMBONE-lifetime F’s warranty is one of its best features, and it compares favorably to other trombone cases. Make sure to read the fine print to find out exactly what is covered under the warranty agreement, as basic wear and tear is unlikely to be covered. This is the Best Trombone Case in 2023.

Crossrock CRA860TBBL Trombone

Crossrock ABS Woodwind Hardshell Case-Fits Tenor Trombone-Removable Shoulder Strap, Storage...
  • 【ABS MOLDED CASE】Extremely durable and scratch-resistant ABS case that protects against shock and impact, that accommodates all kinds of tenor...
  • 【CONSTRUCTION】High density hard foam core inside with blue plush lining. Heavy-duty metal valance and hardware with a soft handle.
  • 【STORAGE COMPARTMENT】Storage compartment to store accessories and other valuables.

The Crossrock CRA860TBBL trombone case is tough and durable, having a sturdy molded ABS shell. The heavy-duty metal valance creates the toughness. The Jazz Trombone is ideal for people who enjoy the look and feel of a classic trombone case. Most Bb tenor trombones will fit in this case. The trombone is safely protected from any outside influences thanks to high-density cushioning and a plush lining within the case.

The Crossrock CRA860TBBL is lighter than you may think with foam padding, at only 9.9 pounds. Hard cases have the disadvantage of being heavier; however, the Crossrock CRA860TBBL defies this tendency with its thin design. There are two accessory compartments inside the case, in addition to the space for trombone parts. While this is a smaller quantity of storage than some other circumstances, it is sufficient.

The Crossrock CRA860TBBL has a padded shoulder strap that makes the trombone gig bag much easier to move the instrument on public transportation, as well as providing an alternative to carrying the case in your hands. The case’s handle is made of a solid molded handle that is incredibly durable and will reliably carry the case without breaking. A two-year limited warranty agreement is included with the Crossrock CRA860TBBL to provide you with adequate purchasing protection. Make sure you read the agreement’s terms so you know what you’re covered for.

Protec MX305CT MAX Contoured Tenor Saxophone Case

Protec MX306CT Tenor Trombone (F-Trigger or Straight) Case
  • Lightweight rigid EPS foam frame, rugged 600D nylon exterior, and high quality plastic hardware
  • Dual corded handle design with padded handle wrap, convenient subway rope handle, and built-in padded backpack straps that can be tucked away
  • Hook 'n loop quick-lock closure, long lasting custom molded zippers, and adjustable shoulder strap included

The Protec MX306CT trombone case is incredibly tough, with a 600D nylon covering and a light but secure EPS foam structure. This case is ideal for individuals who are willing to pay a little more for their trombone’s guaranteed protection and upkeep. The Protec MX306CT trombone incorporates a hook’n’loop rapid closure system that makes packing your trombone considerably easier.

The Protec MX306CT’s handle features a dual-corded design with a padded handle cover. The ergonomically padded handle ensures that your hands do not hurt after holding the trombone for long periods of time, even if you are carrying it for great distances. If you need to take the train, the Protec MX306CT has a rope handle designed specifically for public transportation. This relieves the strain on your hands, allowing you to comfortably hold the trombone on your shoulders.

Most trombonists want for a tenor trombone case with pleasant supplementary features while shopping for one. The Protec MX306CT has a large front zipper pocket that can hold anything from sheet music to your belongings. Two inside accessory pockets add to the case’s storage capabilities. The Protec MX306CT is a one-stop shop for everything a trombonist needs to get from point A to point B.

The Protec MX306CT’s inside is designed to fit both F-trigger and straight horns, making it perfect for musicians who possess both. This adaptability is a huge plus, especially when compared to comparable trombone cases that only suit one model of horn.

SKB 1SKB360 Trombone Case

SKB Trombone Case
  • Model 1SKB360
  • Perfect fit valances with D-Ring for strap
  • Latches reinforced with backplates - these latches are mounted forever

The SKB 1SKB360 is a straight tenor trombone casing that fits small bore models with bells up to 8 inches in diameter. This case can give extra security for your musical instrument while also being quite affordable. This device also has a stylish black look that will blend well with any stage setup.

Backplates bolster the robust exterior, ensuring optimal protection for your instrument. The latches are well-secured, so you can rely on them to keep the case closed and secure. Its tough exterior will undoubtedly survive a lot of abuse. This product is lightweight, weighing only 7 pounds. The internal compartment makes it easy to store your trombone and accessories. You’ll also get bags for your neck and mouthpiece, which will keep them safe. The D-rings may be used to attach a strap for simple transport, and the big handles are pleasant and provide a sturdy grip.

Protec IP309CT Bass Trombone IPAC Case

Protec IP309CT Bass Trombone IPAC Case
  • Responsibly made: All materials tested to be free of Lead, DEHP, PAHS8, DBP, and BBP.
  • Weather-resistant exterior and wood frame: Made of extremely durable 1680 ballistic nylon and reinforced with zig-zag stitching with a lightweight...
  • Shoulder strap and large gusseted pocket: Strap features a large non-slip adjustable shoulder pad and strong metal clips. Pocket including built-in...

The Protec IP309CT is a soft-exterior trombone case with a bass trombone-specific design. It is widely regarded as one of the greatest bass trombone cases currently available. This case, made of a nylon and wood-shell structure with Nylex padding, is deceiving in its ability to withstand any conceivable instrument damage. The frame is not only light but also shock-absorbent.

The Protec IP309CT is a medium-weight case that is easy to move, weighing 10.5 lbs. The case is water-resistant, which adds an extra layer of defense against liquid invasions. The backstraps are one of the nicest characteristics of the Protec IP309CT. This allows you to carry the case like a backpack, taking the weight off your shoulders.

Another benefit of selecting the Protec IP309CT is the QuickLock feature. This method allows you to close the case without having to use a zipper. Although zips are still an important part of the case’s design, having this QuickLock option is useful. For a tailored fit, the case is made up of two modular body sections and three modular lid parts. The Protec IP309CT has an additional spacious storage compartment where you may keep all of your important goods, such as sheet music and other personal items. Bass trombonists will like the Protec IP309CT. There’s also a one-year warranty included. It is a good idea to study the warranty agreement’s terms and conditions so that you are aware of what is covered.