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Toolroom Infinite Review 2024

The first plugin from Toolroom Records, Toolroom Infinite, was created by Mark Knight and James F Reynolds. There are two distinct approaches available with this set of eight pre-designed effects. Infinite includes eight effects that are perfect for track transitions, presented in either a sophisticated or a simple one-knob mode, and is designed for both beginners and professionals. With the simple one-knob option, you can start adjusting by selecting one of the more than 40 presets, but if you want to dig further, you can quickly switch to complex mode.

Mark Knight’s efforts to streamline his own studio time—both in terms of the time spent building presets for various projects—led to the creation of the straightforward design. The compact design of Infinite yet packs a powerful punch, and it’s encouraging to see this strategy of delivering simplicity while also incorporating a vast array of skills. There is no getting around the fact that dealing with multiple plug-ins and features you might want to use in your current track can be pretty time-consuming when it comes to the realm of production, regardless of whatever DAW is your tool of choice.

You may access the individual effects, such as delay, reverb, filter, and more, in the more complex mode. Each effect has been precisely crafted to perform at its peak during transitions in your tracks, saving you time and ensuring that your creations are successful.

Along with features like the 40 presets, 14 assignable parameters, and 9 custom modulation and production effects offered by the plugin, Infinite also includes a more complex offering for advanced producers to do more within their DAW. This is a wise move for a business looking to attract more long-term users because it expands its reach to hit skill levels of all ranges and gives users more functional opportunity to use the app on more complex levels. The macro functionality known as “Complex Mode” enables you to attach various effect parameters to a single macro, modify and control its inner workings as discrete components, and adjust the relationships between them as you go. Each parameter can also be automated separately.

Eight effects are included with Toolroom Infinite:

Delay which allows you to create your own endlessly looping repeating patterns. You can control your own speed while enjoying the rhythmic possibilities provided by the digital delay.

Crunch uses various saturation circuits to give your tracks color by adding flavor and character to your most intriguing moments. These circuits have been skillfully modelled.

LFO gives your track motion and modulation.

Reverb – The reverb unit, which is modeled as a “hall,” will let you disperse and spread out your transitions. You can choose to make the reverb transparent or colorful.

White Noise cranks up the suspense and give the audience a pleasant payoff.

Filter makes room for the drop by using a -24dB/Oct hi-pass and low-pass filter section.

Formant filter adds drama to your build-ups.

Width parameter creates dimensional EFX.

Overall, this is a strong plugin that can be used to modulate and automate to your little heart’s content because it changes the playing field for all musicians. Toolroom Infinite will save you space and time when working on your mixes!