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What is THX AAA technology? How does THX AAA work?

What is THX AAA Technology?

George Lucas established THX in 1983. Lucas requested Tomlison Holman, with whom he was collaborating, to create a technique that would enable the audio for Jedi to be replicated at the best quality for screening places. Nothing more than a quality assurance method, THX is all that it is.

Quality assurance is a technique for avoiding errors and flaws in manufactured goods as well as issues while delivering such goods to customers. The initials “TH” stand for Tomlinson Holman, while “X” stands for the eXperiment.

Achromatic simply means “without color,” and the Triple-A you find on amplifiers stands for achromatic audio amplifier. In other words, it’s intended to be as neutral and distortion-free as possible at the highest volume settings.

To be clear, THX doesn’t create gear or software for the audio industry. It is also not a form of recording technology. Simply said, it’s a business-to-business organization that accredits amplifiers with AAA technology.

How does THX AAA work?

This came about as THX looked for a method to enhance the numerous advantages of what are known as Class A amplifiers while removing some of the disadvantages. Although they consume a lot of power and produce a lot of heat, Class A amplifiers offer an ideal compromise between high-quality sound and little distortion. These machines are frequently quite large and unusable since power transformers and heat dissipators are necessary.

THX made the odd decision to address this issue by looking at the technology found in less ideal Class B type amplifiers. While Class A amplifiers can handle a signal’s whole waveform, Class B amplifiers basically divide the signal into two portions so that they may be processed independently and then reassembled. Small quantities of distortion result from this flawed rebuilding method. However, despite this flaw, the procedure is more effective, allowing for reduced power use and heat production.

By fusing the superior quality of Class A amplifiers with the cutting-edge efficiency of Class B amplifiers, THX aimed to achieve the best of both worlds. Technology known as “Feed Forward” is used to do this. In essence, the distortion produced by the type B method, which is more effective, is inverted by this technology, canceling out and eradicating the distortion. The end result is an audio stream that is significantly louder and more powerful while maintaining its clarity and integrity.