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Best Tents for Music Festivals 2024

You may be preparing yourself for years of festival enjoyment without the risk of waking up damp and shivering with one of the best festival tents. Camping is typically the sole viable option for festival lodging because it’s convivial, reasonably priced, and adaptable. Even if the festival season is still a few months away, it is time to organize your tent and other festival gear.

After obtaining the ticket itself, purchasing a quality festival tent should be high on your priority list. You’ll enjoy camping more if you spend your money on the best festival tent. A beer jacket won’t keep you warm at night or protect you from the chill, and the sun’s 5 a.m. siren cry won’t rouse you up. If you choose a fantastic festival tent, it will also feature a porch where you can store your homemade beer and inflatable chairs.

Even though you could bring almost any tent to a festival, some are better than others. The best pop up tents could be a quick and simple answer, but if you choose one that is too basic, you run the danger of having an uncomfortable stay. Today’s finest hiking tents are small and light, but they aren’t designed for socializing.

The cheapest tent you can find should never be purchased and left alone on the campsite. That is absolutely unacceptable. Instead, look for a mid-range tent that will last you for a long, provide you with decent quality, and provide you as much space as you need. This will allow you to use the tent for weekend camping throughout the rest of the year in addition to a number of festivals.

Quechua 2 Seconds XL Fresh & Black, Waterproof Camping Tent

Quechua 2 Seconds XL Fresh & Black, Waterproof...
  • Easy assembly/dismantling : Free-standing structure. 2-second pitching....
  • Capacity : 57.1" x 82.7" bedroom. Maximum useful height: 41.3". 1 storage...
  • Easy to transport : Size of the bag: Ø 29.1" x 3.5" / 38.7 L. Weight: 9.5...

Even though the Decathlon Quechua 2 Seconds XL Tent has been around for a while, most people still consider it to be the best festival tent. Early morning sunlight is diffused by blackout material, allowing you to sleep off your hangover until the main act takes the stage. The festival tent from Decathlon also has air vents for fresh ventilation and is wind- and waterproof. This festival tent outperforms its price range, while the Vango and Heimplanet alternatives farther down the list are better weatherproof. The Quechua 2 Seconds XL Tent is quick to set up, however it takes longer than two seconds to rise. Place your boots and drink on the porch, then tuck your earplugs away in the mesh storage compartments of the bedroom.

The Quechua 2 Seconds Easy Fresh & Black tent may disappoint, though not significantly, if the name implies that it just takes two seconds to set it up. In our experience, Decathlon’s claim that it can be set up in a minute is very accurate. The process of pitching it only requires pegging out the four corners and tugging on two red drawcords until everything clicks into place. If the weather looks threatening, though, you can continue by adding a porch area or more guy ropes for more stability.

The setup and breakdown of this tent are both simple, and it has additional features as well. It has two layers so that condensation won’t be a problem, it has excellent blackout materials so that you can peacefully sleep off any late-night overindulgence, and it has a big two-person sleeping compartment with three mesh pockets for storing belongings. Although we have some concerns regarding its durability over the long term, given the price, we still believe this is a great option for taking to festivals. This is the Best Tent for Music Festivals in 2023.

Coleman Tent Coastline 3 Plus

Coleman 3+ Coastline Tent, Green/Grey, 3 Person
  • Tunnel tent structure offers a suitable space to weight ratio
  • Spacious sleeping area that can accommodate large packs and boots
  • Polyester 185t flysheet, sleeping area: 4.2 sq.m, storage area: 3.78 sq.m,...

The best option for those wishing to camp out after the festivals have given their last orders is this best music festival tent in 2023, which is also quite reasonably priced. Although it is heavier and more expensive than the Decathlon Tent at number one on our list, we believe it is more resilient and waterproof. It is also large enough to accommodate three people.

Choose the Coleman 3+ Coastline if you frequently experience cramped conditions in tents. To maximize ventilation, it has three entrances, big mesh windows, and roof vents. A porch where you can put up seats and your loudest Bluetooth speaker is the storage space. The inside part will stay dry if you have the misfortune of pitching up in the rain thanks to a “dry-setup” structure, which has a superb waterproof rating that matches the Vango below. In conclusion, the Coleman 3+ Coastline Tent is a great festival tent that will last you for several years.

Regatta Malawi Pop Up Tent

Regatta Malawi 2-Man Pop Up Print Festival Tent -...
  • 2 man capacity
  • Pop up technology allows quick and easy pitching
  • Waterproof Hydrofort 70D flysheet with 3000mm hydrostatic head

This is a wonderful choice if you’re looking for a cheap pop-up tent for a long weekend of music festivals. The Regatta Malawi Pop Up Tent has two options for use: share it with your significant other and get cozy, or sleep alone and have extra storage for your festival gear.

You shouldn’t trip over them because they are simple to open and have visible man lines, unless you’ve been drinking more Jäger than Tommy Lee. In order to prevent it from flying merrily down the field, mark that base as well. Even though it is a single-layer tent, you should expect some morning dampness. Nevertheless, it is waterproof enough to keep out rain. Overall, the Regatta Malawi Pop Up Tent makes festival camping simpler for you and your money account if you have a tight budget and short fuse for camping gear.

This inexpensive festival tent will do the work if all you need is a place to rest your head after a long night of partying and you don’t care about luxury. Regatta’s Malawi Pop-up Tent requires virtually little setup time; it simply pops out of the bag and needs pegged, allowing you to take in all the festival’s sights and sounds. Regatta’s tent is another small and lightweight option for our list of the best festival tents. It has mesh ventilation points to help with breathability, but since it’s only one layer, you might have to deal with some condensation in the mornings. Also, be aware that it will take some practice to pack it back up.

Coleman Tent Pinto Mountain 5 Plus

Coleman Tent Pinto Mountain 5 Plus, 5 Man Tent...
  • Two XXL Black Out Bedrooms: With 99 Percent of daylight being blocked out...
  • Lightweight, Sturdy and Easy to Pitch Family Size Tunnel Tent: Full head...
  • Extra Large Living Area: Spacious enough to take a family table and chairs;...

The Pinto Mountain 5 Plus XL is enormous in comparison to the other models in our round-up of the best festival tents, making it ideal for car camping. However, this is actually a very useful thing at a festival. It is spacious enough to comfortably sleep five people and is full-height so you won’t have to stoop or bend to get into it.

BlackOut bedrooms, which block out 99.9% of light and keep temperatures 50°C lower during the day and 10°C warmer at night, also contribute to this comfort. There is also a very clever drop down component that creates a completely flat entrance, as well as a long enclosed porch for entertaining and relaxing when the weather turns gloomy. That’s really good for preventing tripping when you’re a little tipsy from all the festival cider. The specification sheet also mentions additional rain skirts to prevent flooding and taped seams as standard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good festival camping tent?

Blackout material is always blackout cloth. Blackout fabric was mentioned, right? Nothing is worse than being awakened at five in the morning by the sun, especially if you have a headache from the previous evening.

Many of the modern festival tents come with blackout fabric. If you don’t want to start your day that early, you must block out the sunrise in your tent because it is not only incredibly early (before 5am), but also surprisingly bright and hot. A good night’s sleep will keep you energized for the remainder of the festival and will make it easier for you to deal with any hangovers (while we’re here, we’d also suggest investing in a good camping mat or even one of the best camping beds; you might think you can get by without it, but you will regret it).

It’s important to take into account the type of festival attendance you’re planning. The tent you should bring should be smaller and lighter the farther away the place is from the nearest parking lot. When you have to move your tent across the fields while also hauling clothing, sleeping bags, and possibly a camping cooler full of refreshments, things can get a little challenging. On the other hand, having extra room for a multi-day festival is quite helpful, even just to keep extra costumes and beer (particularly if the weather changes).

Last but not least, a festival tent must be water-resistant enough to withstand rain, which can come down in full monsoon fashion during festival season. This implies that having a good groundsheet and adequate ventilation are essential for preventing your stuff from smelling like a wet dog. While we’re talking about bad weather, remember to never believe the forecast and bring a waterproof jacket because freak storms and torrential rain enjoy attending festivals just as much as you do.