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Sugar Bytes Looperator Review 2024

You need Sugar Bytes Looperator plug-in if you create electronic music. It may be used as an insert effect to treat any of your audio files, or you can load up a loop and alter it in a countless number of ways. To add subtle movements that give a loop life or to produce full-on auditory anarchy, utilize the effects sequencer Looperator, which lets you specify multiple effects settings for each step of the sequence. You can never have too many creative tools for producing original sounds and textures, and the Looperator plug-in from Sugar Bytes does just that.

If you frequently produce and work with loops in your compositions, working with Looperator in standalone mode will come naturally to you. As soon as your loops are loaded, you can slice, stutter, mangle, and rearrange them as you choose before exporting them for use in your DAW or DJ program. Simply load Looperator as a plug-in on any track when you’re producing in your DAW. It will split the input signal into 16 steps while maintaining sync with your DAW for amazing live performance potential.

Your audio is chopped up and created into something new via Looperator. You can get rid of the traditional effects like filters and reverbs as well as bizarre loop and vinyl modifications during the process. When using Looperator, you appear to have spent a long time perfecting your track when in reality, all it took was a single button click.

The Looperator plugin, like all Sugar Bytes plugins, comes with a delectable selection of presets that are a wonderful place to start. A user-constructed favorites list can be rapidly called up via MIDI note or Program Change input. The input audio is initially divided into 16 stages by the loop slicer. A six-track sequencer controls Slice playback and five effect channels below the slice input lane. Simply sliding the modules up or down changes the signal flow through them.

Which slice is played again on each step is determined by the Slice track. This isn’t all that exciting with one-bar percussive loops, but as soon as you apply it to something that changes as it goes along, like a musical riff or vocal sample, it becomes a lot of fun. Each of the five effects channels can be configured to activate one of 20 preset settings or one of four user-configurable settings for each sequence phase. While the User settings allow for manual tweaking of the effects, including different modulation possibilities, the Presets are fixed and meticulously created always to produce usable results.

Multi effects presets for well-known processors like Reverb, Delay, Vinyl, Tape Stop, Distortion, and Tonal Delay are available on the FX 1 and FX 2 tracks. Pitch shift, half speed, and phaser. A synthesizer, ring modulator, and other instruments are added to the list by the user settings. Loop, Envelope, and Filter make up the final three tracks. The envelope shaping effects handle everything from gating to subtle pumping, and the various types of filter include a vowel filter. However, we believe Loop will appeal most to electronic music producers because its preset steps make it incredibly quick to create effects like snare rolls, double kicks, and stutter edits that would otherwise be difficult to program. Looperator is a strong, user-friendly solution that may fit on almost any dance track.

Sugar Bytes Looperator will make your songs more creative and should be in your toolkit.