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We’ve spent hours researching speakers. We’ve identified the best speakers for bookshelf, best soundbar for home cinema, bluetooth audio streaming, and everything in between.


Best 6×8 Speakers in 2023

Many car manufacturers employ 6/8″ speakers in their vehicles because they are easier to put in compact locations than 69″ speakers while delivering equivalent sound

Best Gym Speakers 2023

In this review, we highlight the top gym speakers that provide explosive beats, deep bass, and crystal clear sound performance, making them ideal for energizing

Best In-Wall Speakers 2023

In-wall speakers are the way to go whether you’re wanting to create the ideal home theater or want an amazing everyday music experience. You can

Best Satellite Speakers 2023

Behind or to the sides of the listening sound experience are satellite speakers. These little speakers can help you achieve a more polished and fuller

Best Karaoke Speakers 2023

Karaoke is a fantastic way to strengthen relationships with family and friends or even to just have fun on your own. You’ll want to ensure

Best Bass Bluetooth Speakers 2023

Bluetooth speakers are fantastic. They are quite portable due to their small size, and the sound quality is improving all the time, rivaling that of

Best Soundbars for LG TV 2023

While every soundbar will work with any TV, some combinations are better than others, thus our selections for the best soundbars for LG TV are