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Best Soundbars for Bedrooms 2024

Are you looking for a soundbar that will fit in your bedroom? You’ll want one of the best soundbars for bedrooms that produces clear audible sounds and is well-suited with your device, whether you want to boost your TV sound for tv shows or prefer listening to music directly from your Smartphone. The benefits of using a soundbar are numerous, ranging from better sound quality and ease of setup to a low price. Some soundbar kits include subwoofers, which are a good option if you desire deep bass sound. In other words, investing in a bedroom soundbar will improve your listening experience.

Sony HT-A7000 7.1.2ch 500W Dolby Atmos Sound Bar Surround Sound Home Theater with DTS:X and 360 Reality Audio

Sony HT-A7000 7.1.2ch 500W Dolby Atmos Sound Bar...
  • A wider sweet spot lets everyone have the best seat in the house. Fully...
  • 360 Spatial Sound that adapts to your environment available with optional...
  • Sound Field Optimization calibrates to your environment for easy set up

Sony has a good track record with soundbars, and the HT-A7000 soundbar is no exception. This Dolby Atmos soundbar bundles two up-firing speakers, two beam tweeters, five front-facing drivers, and a built-in dual subwoofer into a single chassis, making it a 7.1.2 slab of sound. The Sony HT-A700 produces a broad and high soundstage, whether you’re watching immersive content or not in the living room, while maintaining musicality, presence, and detail audio modes, thanks to a mix of driver positioning and psychoacoustic approaches.

The performance is comparable to that of the Sonos Arc optical digital in terms of height and precision, but the soundstage width and forward projection are more convincing for sound effects compared to other sound bars. It’s not quite the same as having direct audio output from the speaker above or to the side, but it’s effective and visually appealing, adding to the whole viewing experience. With a taut, controlled, and powerful performance, the integrated sub is likewise a standout for your living space.

The A7000 excels in terms of digital audio formats and sound formats are supported, including Dolby Atmos (in both Digital+ and TrueHD versions), DTS:X, LPCM, hi-res wireless audio, and Sony 360 Reality Audio surround sound formats. With Spotify Connect, Apple AirPlay 2, Google Chromecast, and integration into a multi-room system – including Amazon alexa and google assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Google Home – the A7000 is as packed with streaming smarts as it is with speakers.

There are ports for eARC, analogue and optical audio inputs, and USB type-A, as well as two HDMI 2.1 pass-through connectors capable of 8K@60Hz, 4K@120Hz, and Dolby Vision HDR in this soundbar system. There’s also an analogue output for Sony’s Acoustic Center Sync, which connects a compatible Bravia TV to the soundbar’s center channel via the supplied connection. If you have a newer Sony Bravia TV screen, the Sony HT-A7000 is an amazing, future-proofed all-in-one performer with superb integration. This is the Best Soundbar for Bedroom in 2023.

SAMSUNG HW-Q950A 11.1.4ch Soundbar with Dolby Atmos/DTS:X Alexa Built in

SAMSUNG HW-Q950A 11.1.4ch Soundbar with Dolby...
  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Package Dimensions: 129.54 H x 27.94 L x 60.96 W (centimeters)
  • Package Weight: 27.216 kilograms

The HW-Q950A has the most channels of any soundbar on the market right now, with 22 drivers producing 11.1.4 surround sound, as well as support for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X 3D audio formats.

The Q950A has two HDMI inputs and one output (both with eARC support), as well as an optical input and a power socket. The soundbar’s microphone can be used to control the built-in Amazon Alexa voice assistant and can also be used to monitor background levels, as the Q950A has a handy feature that boosts the center channel for more transparent dialogue if ambient noise increases – though we doubt you’ll need audio quality.

The primary unit of the HW-Q950A isn’t small at 130cm, but it’s still shorter than many other top Dolby Atmos models on the market right now. There are two upward-firing, surround, and wide surround drivers in each of the left, center, and right channels. The wireless surround units each contain three drivers, one facing the front of the room, one upwards, and the last one facing the listening position. If you have a Samsung TV from 2021, you can increase the number of drivers even further by employing a Samsung function called ‘Q-Symphony,’ which allows the TV’s internal speakers to operate in conjunction with the soundbar package to give the soundfield additional height and space.

The Q950A provides a powerful listening experience with plenty of sonic energy, features, and speakers. The Q950A will likely not disappoint anyone searching for a Dolby Atmos speaker that can offer large, punchy music and supremely clear vocals, even if it isn’t the most nuanced or spacious performance. This is the best bedroom soundbar in 2023.

JBL Bar 5.0 Multibeam – 5.0 Channel Soundbar with MultiBeam Technology and Virtual Dolby Atmos

JBL BAR5.0 5-Channel Multibeam Soundbar with Dolby...
  • Dolby Atmos and MultiBeam surround sound gives you an immersive and...
  • Certified for Humans – Smart home made easy for non-experts. Setup with...
  • Punchy bass without the need for a separate subwoofer thanks to four...

Without cramming your lounge with separates, JBL’s soundbar is the closest you can go to a big-screen sound experience. The 5.0 MultiBeam is reasonable price tag without feeling cheap, which is quite a feat. It’s compact enough to fit beneath practically any television, but it’s sturdy and well-made. It also crams a lot into its small footprint: five 48 x 80mm racetrack drivers, four 75mm passive radiators, and a grille that goes from ear to ear, with two more racetrack drivers on the hood for height effects.

It employs Dolby Virtual Atmos instead of full-fledged Atmos, yet it nevertheless manages to fill a room with sound. Even when turned all the way up, the sound quality is excellent, with no harsh edges at all. We’d prefer a touch more clarity and detail, particularly in the deep bass frequencies, as well as a more open treble response, but this is a full-bodied presentation that won’t tire you out, even at high volumes. This could be the right answer if you have a large area to fill but only have enough space for a soundbar rather than separate speakers.

Sonos Beam Gen 2 Compact Smart Soundbar

Sonos Beam Gen 2 - White - Soundbar with Dolby...
  • Beam, evolved A faster processor enables support for Dolby Atmos and...

Over the original, the Sonos Beam (Gen 2) includes Dolby Atmos support, HDMI eARC compatibility, and a new design. Even though we weren’t quite convinced by the simulated Atmos on offer, it nevertheless sounds great and fits wonderfully in compact areas. The Sonos Beam (Gen 2) is the best soundbar you can get if you’re short on space.

Its small size allows it to easily fit beneath your TV, whether you place it on a TV stand or mount it to the wall, and its elegant style blends in with your decor. It adds simulated Dolby Atmos, HDMI ARC connection, and a new design to the company’s original Sonos Beam soundbar. The Sonos Beam (Gen 2) has a wide soundstage and immersive audio performance, despite the fact that it lacks the upfiring tweeters required for ‘real’ Dolby Atmos (and hence the sonic height isn’t as spectacular as the Sonos Arc).Hi-res audio streaming is possible thanks to hdmi cable, making the tv speakers suitable for music listening as well.

The improved version of the Sonos Beam, the Sonos Beam Gen 2, is a 5.0 setup. It has the same design as its predecessor, but it now supports Dolby Atmos. It provides a broad soundscape to immerse you in your audio content thanks to its side-firing speakers. It has a fairly balanced sound profile, though the bass has a lot of extra punch, which can muddy vocals and lead instruments. It also lacks low bass technology, though a subwoofer and satellites are available separately from the manufacturer.

Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound System with Universal Remote Control

Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound System with...
  • Connector Type: Lightning
  • Included Components: Bose Solo 5 TV sound system
  • Universal remote control

This soundbar setup is an excellent alternative if you want to upgrade your TV speaker with a soundbar. A soundbar, two batteries, an optical cable, and a universal remote control are included in the box. This soundbar is 2.6 inches long, 21.6 inches broad, and 3.4 inches deep, so it can be placed almost anyplace. It is 3.7 pounds in weight. The front grille is made of metal, whereas the rest of the vehicle is made of plastic. In addition, there are two speakers in the grille of this soundbar.

This soundbar features two settings that may be simply changed using the remote control. The dialogue mode improves the quality of each word, allowing you to follow the conversation without adjusting the volume. Another important characteristic of this soundbar is that it comes with three different types of connections: auxiliary, coaxial, and optical. Furthermore, it provides reliable Bluetooth connectivity up to a distance of nine meters. This function allows you to listen to music on your mobile devices. It also includes an instruction manual in a variety of languages.

YAMAHA YAS-109 Sound Bar with Built-In Subwoofers

Yamaha Audio YAS-109 Sound Bar with Built-In...
  • Easy setup with HDMI or Optical connections
  • Built in subwoofers for deep bass in 1 slim sound bar
  • Clear voice for enhanced dialogue clarity. Output power: 120W

It’s no surprise that this well-known company offers yet another excellent soundbar for compact spaces. The Yamaha YAS-109 is a small upgrade over the YAS-108, and it costs a little more but is one of the best deals. Enjoy a few extra features as well as all of the 108’s fantastic integrations as a home entertainment setup.

Unlike most of the other alternatives on our list, Amazon Alexa is built-in to the YAS-109, allowing you to control it without using your hands. It can control your smart home devices, obtain whatever content you desire, play whatever you desire, and control Fire TV. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi can also be used to connect wirelessly. A subwoofer may be connected via the subwoofer out, and it also features HDMI in and out (ARC), as well as optical and AUX inputs. The form is tiny, just like the 108, yet it’s a strong soundbar.

The DTS Virtual:X system (which is superior to Dolby Atmos support!) The sound is well dispersed. The built-in subwoofers amp up the bass, while the clear voice setting ensures you can hear even the smallest whispers coming from your TV. Yes, the Yamaha YAS features a built-in subwoofer system, making it one of the best soundbars with one. Every arrangement in the location, on the other hand, will not allow you to compromise on your surround sound experience expectations. That’s a guarantee!

Wohome S9920 100W Soundbar for TV with 6 Speakers

Wohome Sound Bar, 38 Inch 100W Soundbar for TV...
  • 38 Inch Pro TV Sound Bar: it is large size allows the soundbar to have more...
  • Powerful 6 Drivers: with 4x 3" full-range speakers and 2x treble speakers,...
  • 4 Sound Equaliser Modes: built-in DSP & Virtual 3D Surround Sound; you can...

The Wohome S9920 has four 15W full-range speakers and two 10W tweeters that provide 105dB of strong sound. Enjoy two bass reflex tubes for deep bass throughout your entire entertainment experience. It has three sound modes: movie, news, and music, as well as DSP technology for clear, precise sound processing.

A 3.5-millimeter audio cable, remote control, optical cable, power converter, mount kit, and instruction booklet are included in the package. This item is a 2.1 channel soundbar with an integrated subwoofer. As a result, you won’t need any additional speakers for audio return channel. This soundbar provides consumers with an unrivaled audio experience thanks to its 105 decibel output. This soundbar is 38 inches long and will fit any TV with a screen size of 40 inches or larger. The product measures 38x3x4 inches in size and weighs 5.5 pounds.

DSP technology, which ensures clarity and precision, is another important element of this soundbar. You can simply switch between music, news, movie, and default sound styles using this tool, which offers four sound modes. The default mode also allows you to alter the treble and bass. The Bluetooth operational range for wireless streaming is up to 30-feet, and the Bluetooth remote can support up to 16-feet. Your PC, tablet, or smartphone can all be used to play music. You may use Bluetooth to link Amazon Echo to play music. This soundbar also has USB, AUX, optical, and RCA inputs, among other features.

VIZIO SB2821-D6 Soundbar

VIZIO Sound Bar for TV, 28” 2.1 Surround Sound...
  • 2.1 Sound Bar System The 2.1 Sound Bar System features powerful speakers...
  • Expansive Audio Upgrade to premium audio with VIZIO’s 28” 2.1 Sound...
  • Wireless Subwoofer Rich, powerful bass transforms movies, music, and TV...

A 28-inch soundbar, audio cables, remote control, wireless subwoofer, and wall mount kits are included in this set. With this 2.1 audio channel soundbar, which has a sound pressure level of 95 decibels, you can simply improve the sound quality of your TV. Not only does this soundbar have excellent speakers, but it also has a wireless subwoofer. As a result, it can produce high-quality sound, resulting in a superior home audio experience. Because it has a wireless subwoofer, your home will be clutter-free. This product is ideal for anyone who enjoys watching action movies or listening to metal music. With its wireless subwoofer, this soundbar provides better sound quality and clearer conversation.

This Vizio soundbarVizio soundbar includes DTS TruSurround and DTS TruVolume, which are technological enhancements to sound quality. The former provides a truly immersive surround sound experience, and the latter maintains a pleasant and stable volume level. Furthermore, this soundbar is compatible with Blu-ray players, DVD players, and movie theaters. You may also link this soundbar to your smart devices to stream music via voice remote.

The SB2821-D6 is a terrific, low-cost buy from a quality manufacturer for folks who adore bass in their little space. Enjoy a top-of-the-line 2.1-channel system with a wireless 5.25-inch subwoofer. Enjoy Bluetooth streaming, a sound output of 95 decibels, and less than 1% total harmonic distortion. It has a crisp, room-filling sound that tries to replicate a traditional surround sound configuration. It has Dolby Digital, DTS TruSurround, and DTS TruVolume technology. It measures 28 inches in length and adds a fashionable touch to any decor.

Bowers & Wilkins Panorama 3 Wireless Dolby Atmos Soundbar

Bowers & Wilkins Panorama 3 Soundbar with...
  • GREAT SOUND FROM A SINGLE COMPONENT - With (3) 0.75in decoupled...
  • EFFORTLESS CONNECTIVITY - Experience exceptional sound clarity by...
  • WIDE RANGE OF MUSIC UNDER ONE PLATFORM - Access your favorite music,...

Bowers & Wilkins’ first Dolby Atmos soundbar is a standalone item that produces 3.1.2 channels of audio processing from a single unit, with no surrounds or subwoofer upgrades available. Instead, alongside its verticle height drivers, it incorporates dedicated subwoofer drivers on the top face.

The Panorama 3 is only 6.5cm tall, so it should fit beneath most TVs, but if you prefer wall installation, a bracket is supplied in the box. For older TVs, connectivity is via a single HDMI eARC port and an digital optical input. If you utilize the latter, Bowers & Wilkins has integrated technology that allows the soundbar to ‘learn’ important TV remote control commands, allowing all users to enjoy the same unified experience as those who use eARC. The Panorama 3 doesn’t come with its own remote, instead relying on app control, however it does come with Amazon Alexa for hands-free voice requests.

AirPlay 2, aptX Adaptive Bluetooth, and Spotify Connect support streaming, while the Bowers & Wilkins Music App supports high-resolution listening and gives listeners access to streaming services such as Tidal, Deezer, and Qobuz.

Despite the fact that it supports Dolby Atmos in both Dolby TrueHD and Dolby Digital Plus versions, it does not (at the time of writing) support competing immersive codec DTS:X audio support. Bowers & Wilkins emphasizes that the Panorama 3 is designed to be improved over time, implying that DTS:X support may be introduced in the future. Multi-room functionality will be added shortly after launch to make it compatible with other Panorama soundbars, Zeppelins, and Formation products, though not as part of a multichannel system.

It provides a vibrant and detailed Dolby Atmos presentation, if not particularly expansive, and its built-in low-end, which is unique at this price point, lends welcome weight to energetic action films and music. When things get busy, it struggles to retain coherence and clarity, and it only does a good job musically, like most soundbars.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using a soundbar in a bedroom?

Soundbars offer improved audio quality, making your TV shows, movies, and music more enjoyable. They are space-efficient and easy to install, making them ideal for bedrooms where space may be limited.

What soundbar features work best for bedrooms?

Look for compact soundbars no wider than your TV, wireless subwoofer options, and Bluetooth for streaming audio from your phone or tablet. Some soundbars are optimized for clear dialogue at low volumes suitable for smaller rooms.

How do I set up a soundbar in my bedroom?

Setting up a soundbar is generally straightforward. You’ll need to connect it to your TV using the appropriate cables (HDMI, optical, or Bluetooth). Ensure your TV’s sound output is set to the soundbar. Some soundbars also come with remote controls or smartphone apps for further customization.