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Best Serum Presets 2024

In 2010, American DJ Steve Duda invented serum. Since then, it has become ubiquitous in music of all genres and has completely revolutionized the music production industry. Despite being one of the most capable and diverse VST synths available, its complexity can be overwhelming and time-consuming, regardless of whether you are an expert in synthesis or a beginner.

The good news is that there are many excellent xfer Serum presets available. So that you may make your music-making process go like butter, today we’re going to dive deep into the realm of best Serum preset packs.

Serum Presets Bundle

Improve your Serum in a wide range of genres! 15 of Plugin Boutique’s most well-liked and renowned Serum preset packs are available for you to add to your Serum preset library.

Icicle, the master of DnB synths, has created a stunning exhibition of sound perfection with Loopmasters Patchworx 107. This collection of presets contains crushing bass, blissful pads, razor-sharp percussion, bass serum presets, snappy kicks, and more for the Serum soft synthesiser from Xfer Records. With the aid of Icicle’s unmatched synthesis, give your next dancefloor menace an edge of pure professionalism.

Icicles is the primary artery in the beating heart of Drum and Bass, and his production skills are without peer. He has releases on Shogun Audio, Hospital Records, Soul:R, Renegade Hardware, and Critical. You can always be confident that you’re getting the greatest possible product from Icicle because of their thorough attention to detail, professional production, and willingness to try out new sounds. In addition to 64 bespoke presets, this enhanced Patchworx collection also includes 59 MIDI files and 64 Wav rendered versions, fusing the patches with the corresponding MIDI files for immediate aural inspiration and manipulation.

Expect 645MB of information in total. Ten Basses, Ten Reese Basses, Ten Pads, Ten Risers, Four Stabs, Four Leads, Three FX, Three Snares, Three Impacts, Two Kicks, Two Arps, Two Hi-Hats, One Beat, One Cowbell, One Shaker, and One Tom make up the 64 Serum Presets. 59 MIDI files and 64 Wav Loops (Midi + Preset) that were recorded at 24 bit and 44.1 kHz are also included.

This collection of sounds is perfect for you if you use the Serum synth from Xfer Records and want a highly usable set of finely crafted synth presets that are ready to use right out of the box. As a creative tool for producers wanting to create and perform their own musical parts using genre-specific sounds created by experts in their genre, Loopmasters brings you the Patchworx series. This is the Best Serum Presets in 2022.

SoundSpot Diverge Synthesis – Serum Keys

Serum Keys combines classic and contemporary sound design. Each preset has undergone painstaking refinement to allow you, the artist, more freedom to modify the sound.

Serum Keys has both soft and harsh keys, full control over texture, ambiance, and FX, to mention a few. It is multi-genre. The presets give you complete control over the feel and atmosphere of your playing style because they are all completely velocity ready and responsive to the lightest touches.

Serum Keys has 64 midi stems that you may drag and drop into your DAW if you are not a keyboard player. Serum Keys offers something for everyone. Serum Keys comes with 15 unique wavetables that you can use for your own sound creation and are fully compatible with Union. This is the Best Xfer Serum Presets in 2022.

Resonance Sound AZS Halcyon for Serum Vol. 1

Halcyon For Serum by Aiyn Zahev is a brand-new 128 patch sound-bank for Xfer Serum that uses the hybrid engine to combine the warmth of analog waveforms and filters with the edge and complexity of wavetable synthesis. Halcyon offers a range of musically beneficial sounds, from warm and luscious to computerized and edgy.

Acid, FM, Analog, and Complex wave bass styles are all strongly represented. There are many of trance plucks and Supersaws, as well as keys and synth brass sounds. There are some exquisite and intricate pads that are modeled after well-known digital keyboards from the 1990s, while others have a warmer, more analog tone.

Halcyon is excellent for dance music, particularly trance and house, and it will give you an endless supply of creative sound options for Serum. You can use the eight basic MIDI construction kits that are also included in your own projects, as heard in the demo. For added tonal variety, each patch contains a modwheel and two macro assignments. The patch levels have been carefully monitored to prevent internal or DAW clipping.