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Sample Logic Genesis

With sounds as silky-smooth as its simplified design approach, Genesis takes the pain out of pads. This sophisticated pad instrument quickly and easily makes pads. The days of laboriously processing, manipulating, and layering samples to create your ideal pad are long gone. The day has been saved by Genesis! With the click of a button, create rich, distinctive pads that produce custom instruments that come to life. With cutting edge tools and a huge library of source sounds for all genres of music composition, Genesis handles the hard work for you. Utilize the vast array of multi-sampled instruments to produce timbres that are continually changing and unique. Add a plethora of chains and FX that can be animated instantly for complete creative flexibility, all contained within a logical and comfortable user interface. Use LFOs, FX sequencers, and the automated core blender to generate twin core sounds that are all tempo-synchronized using Genesis’ sub-sections. Genesis is the only virtual instrument entirely dedicated to the art of pads with endless combinations of sounds, FX, and animations, offering 200 sound sources and hundreds more core presets. Your new go-to for ideal pads is Genesis, the only pad designer you will ever require.

A vast range of really usable and musical sound sources from a wide range of sonic timbres are collected by Genesis. Multi-sampled instruments with boundary-pushing variety are included in this collection. Organic textures are prominent, but Genesis goes above and above by incorporating vocals, wind and string ensembles, keyboards, and synths (to mention a few) into one comprehensive compilation. The Sample Logic design team has spent many hours researching and developing to push the playback engine to its limit, so these early sounds are just the beginning.

With its immediate generation of rapid, shoddy outcomes in response to commands, GENESIS makes creative design simple to produce. But if you want to unleash the engine’s full potential, you can also go deeply into the array of parameter pages. The two concurrent core engines are molded by four primary interface parts (Main, Edit, FX & Master) and a dynamic preset browser, which together form an effective management system for dealing with each core individually. You may quickly change between either core by adjusting the individual components. Once you’ve customized the intricate instrument settings to your liking, switch back to the main view to only access the crucial settings, keeping your workplace organized and uncluttered.

With the Genesis engine, conjure original works that produce pads that genuinely inspire—rich symphonic ensembles, pleasant motionscapes, otherworldly synths, and amazing sound-designed ambiences. Animations and limitless variables can add motion to your sounds. Let Genesis stimulate and inspire you because great music productions are built on great pads.