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Best RGB Computer Speakers 2024

We’ve got you covered if you’re like RGB lights and want the best speaker for your computer setup. When it comes to personal style, RGB lighting can be a little contentious, as it’s virtually the polar opposite of the minimalist aesthetic trend that’s been popular recently. However, you can’t dispute that RGB has a striking visual impact and is ideal for various gaming settings. For a truly immersive gaming experience, great sound is essential. It takes you to another planet by drowning out bothersome noises. You can hear where the gunshots are coming from as all of the footsteps and car sounds get more specific.

When it comes to computer speakers, there are a plethora of alternatives. They come in a variety of forms and sizes, as well as varying outputs. You must also pick between wireless and traditional wired speakers. Many current speaker sets include gorgeous RGB lighting that may be used to set the mood and create a peaceful setting in which to play. Although RGB lighting on speakers isn’t as prevalent as it is on other devices, things are gradually changing in the best rgb speakers for pc.

Razer Nommo Pro: THX Certified Premium Audio – Dolby Virtual Surround Sound

Razer Nommo Pro: THX Certified Premium Audio -...
  • THX Certified Premium Audio: Tuned to bring out the speaker's full...
  • Dolby Virtual Surround Sound Technology: Providing powerful cinematic...
  • Solid Firing Subwoofer: Downward firing subwoofer for desk-shaking,...

If you’re looking for some serious improvements to your gaming sound system, this could be it. The Razer Nommo Chroma Pro speakers include a 2.1 speaker and a variety of connectors, including USB, 3.5mm, optical, and Bluetooth 4.2, so they’re useful for more than just PC gaming. They can even be used to play music from your phone.

These are Razer’s massive, heavy-duty speakers that don’t mess about. They provide a loud sound that is sure to upset your neighbors while also providing a pleasurable auditory experience during your gaming sessions with the volume buttons. Like a black hole, a truly cool black finish appears to absorb surrounding light. At first appearance, the stereo speakers big tweeter protrudes from the top and appears to be intimidating. These speakers have a high-quality design, and at this price, they should.

The bass is quite powerful. To avoid music being spoiled by vibrations, you’ll need a sturdy firm desk for the speakers, which speaks to how loud and powerful they are. Although loud doesn’t always imply high sound quality, the Razer Nommo Pro speakers aren’t bad either. These are THX certified and have Dolby Audio support. To move between movies, music, and games, Dolby Audio experience offers a variety of options. A configurable equaliser is also included in the program, allowing you to tailor the sound to your specific preferences.

The Razer Nommo Pro speakers, as you might assume, include RGB lighting capabilities. Each speaker’s base features a modest illumination ring that can be adjusted using the Razer Synapse app. You can choose from a variety of simple or complicated effects, or use Razer Chroma to sync the lighting.

On the desk is a handy control dongle that allows you to plug in an AUX connection or headphones if you don’t want to utilize the speakers, such as at night. With the push of a button, this control module may switch between USB, optical, analogue, and Bluetooth modes. It only takes a few seconds to pair with a Bluetooth device, making it simple to listen to music from a variety of sources.

Overall, these speakers are a pleasure to use and a fantastic complement to any gaming setup. What more could you ask for than a stunning and attractive design backed by a rich, sharp, and bassy sound? Just make sure your neighbors are aware of the upgrade. This is the Best RGB Computer Speakers in 2023.

Logitech G560 PC Gaming Speaker System with 7.1 DTS:X Ultra Surround Sound

Logitech G560 PC Gaming Speaker System with 7.1...
  • Built-in LIGHTSYNC RGB lighting blasts game driven lighting colors and...
  • Explosive 240 Watts Peak power and unique driver design deliver a huge...
  • Integrated DTS:X Ultra surround sound renders 3D positional audio so you...

The Logitech G560 is a 2.1 speaker system made primarily for gamers. As a downward-firing subwoofer, it has two satellite speakers with RGB lights. The sound quality is fantastic, and the DTS:X 7.1 surround sound is fantastic. This set features a 240-watt maximum output and may be linked via cable or Bluetooth. The Logitech G560 Lightsync speakers are part of a sound system that is compatible with Logitech’s Lightsync Technology, which means they can not only provide RGB lighting but also connect to other Logitech devices.

Two RGB illumination zones are included in these little but powerful speakers, each of which can be controlled in a variety of ways from the software. You may customize the lighting effects on these speakers, including color cycle, breathing, and fixed colors, as well as synchronize them with your mouse, keyboard, and headset. The advanced options, on the other hand, are the true show-stoppers.

We found that these speakers provided a terrific gaming experience and also worked well for music and movies, with a maximum peak output of 240 watts, DTS:X Ultra surround sound options, and a number of equaliser settings. They can connect to your PC via USB, but they also operate with a 3.5mm connector and provide Bluetooth connectivity, so you have a range of alternatives depending on your needs.

Because of their shape, these speakers can light up a large amount of your gaming space, including the desk and adjacent walls. We were blown away by how bright these speakers can go, as well as how well the immersion works in games. These speakers are incredibly adaptable because to the range of settings available, and it’s fantastic to be able to combine sound and illumination in a single, capable package. This is the Best RGB Computer Speakers for Gaming in 2023.

Sound BlasterX Katana Multi-Channel Surround Gaming and Entertainment Soundbar

Sound BlasterX Katana Multi-Channel Surround...
  • Under monitor Audio system: so sleek, yet so powerful
  • Aurora reactive lighting system: light up your setup
  • 5-driver design: expertly tuned acoustics

It may seem strange to utilize a soundbar for PC gaming, but worries will go after experiencing the Creative SoundblasterX Katana Soundbar. One of the best reasons to choose this soundbar over standard speakers is that it takes up far less space. The SoundblasterX Katana can be easily hidden behind a display or beneath a keyboard. It also has a subwoofer, albeit the sound quality isn’t as high as the soundbar and it’s somewhat big. Both are composed of high-quality plastic and metal and have a beautiful finish.

The Creative Connect suite sound software is compatible with the SoundblasterX Katana, allowing you to customize its sound profile to better suit your needs. There are also pre-built options available for individuals who like to make rapid tweaks. The SoundblasterX Katana is simple to set up, and you can start listening to high-quality audio right away. The RGB lights are unobtrusive, but they add to the overall appearance of the equipment.

Cyber Acoustics Bluetooth Speakers with LED Lights

Cyber Acoustics CA-SP34BT Bluetooth Speakers with...
  • Choose your mood with LED lights - Match the color of your gear, your room,...
  • Room filling sound – 2.1 speakers with subwoofer deliver 32W peak power...
  • Sleek, colorful design - Designed with a raked angle for an optimal...

Although the Cyber Acoustics speakers have a traditional appearance, they have excellent sound quality and prominent lights. Two 2.0-inch satellite speakers and a 4.25-inch subwoofer are included in this 2.1 sound system. The speaker cones are all surrounded by RGB lighting in a sleek black finish. Although the RMS power rating of 16 watts and the peak power rating of 23 watts aren’t particularly high, the sound quality is crisp and clear.

This set is simple to pair with your computer or smartphone using Bluetooth. It’s also simple to set up, with volume, bass, treble, and source buttons conveniently located on the subwoofer. You may choose from eight different RGB lighting colors, including red, blue, and purple, and set them to display individually or change continually.

GOgroove BassPULSE 2.1 Computer Speakers

GOgroove BassPULSE 2.1 Computer Speakers with...
  • VOLUME & BASS CONTROLS: Adjust the sound on the Full-range 5 watt satellite...
  • GLOWING GREEN LED ACCENT LIGHTS: Bright lights provide bold flare and pulse...

The GoGroove BassPULSE 2.1 is an excellent alternative if you want speakers with illumination but don’t want to spend a lot of money. This 2.1 speaker system has two 5-watt satellite speakers and a 10-watt subwoofer, all of which are illuminated by LEDs. They’re simple to connect via 3.5mm connector or Bluetooth, and all of the controls are located on the front of the subwoofer.

Steps and gunfire in Apex Legends are loud and distinct, thanks to the subwoofer’s excellent bass. This set is also notable for its distinct appearance. Both satellite speakers have transparent acrylic sheets with built-in LEDs. The subwoofer also has illumination built in. When you activate the LEDs, they illuminate and can then pulse in sync with the music if the bass is turned up. The GoGroove BassPULSE 2.1 is reasonably priced and available in a variety of vibrant colors such as blue, red, and green.

JBL Quantum Duo PC Gaming Speakers with Customizable Lights

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The JBL Quantum Duo Image speakers were created with gamers in mind. This 2.0 speaker set features RGB lighting around the speaker cone and sides, as well as a traditional dual-box form to save desk space. The front also includes crisscrossed black stripes, which look fantastic. These USB-powered speakers connect through a 3.5mm cable or Bluetooth.

The rgb speakers provides outstanding sound for such compact speakers, thanks to Dolby Digital and a proprietary gaming surround sound technology. The RGB lighting is eye-catching, and it has colour presets for changing the patterns. These speakers have a great design and are ideal for tiny spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are RGB computer speakers?

RGB computer speakers are audio peripherals designed to deliver sound while incorporating customizable RGB (Red, Green, Blue) lighting elements. They are often used to enhance the audiovisual experience of gaming, movies, and other multimedia content on a computer.

Do RGB computer speakers affect sound quality?

RGB lighting typically does not have a significant impact on sound quality. Most RGB speakers are designed to offer the same audio performance as non-RGB counterparts. However, it’s essential to read product specifications and reviews to ensure the audio quality meets your requirements.

How do I control the RGB lighting on these speakers?

The control of RGB lighting varies by speaker model. Many RGB computer speakers come with dedicated software or remote controls that enable users to customize the lighting effects, colors, and synchronization with audio or other devices.

What is the purpose of RGB lighting in computer speakers?

RGB lighting in computer speakers serves both aesthetic and functional purposes. It can create a visually captivating ambiance that syncs with audio, enhancing the overall entertainment experience. Additionally, it allows users to match the speaker lighting with their computer setup or personal preferences.

Do RGB computer speakers require additional power for the lighting?

RGB computer speakers generally receive power from the computer they are connected to, which also powers the RGB lighting. There is no need for additional power sources for the lighting effects.